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  1. Hello everyone! Recentely I've had some issues with launching IL2 BOS through Steam. When I launch the game I see the new application icon on the task bar of windows 10, but the icon appears blank (no icon shown), but when I click it the red star of the IL2 logo immediately appears. However no screen of the game appears, it just stays launched but nothing happens (just the windows screens that were already opened before launching the game), after awhile windows message appears that IL2 has crashed. While this is happening Steam shows IL2 as running. I cannot play the game anymore since no screen of the game shows, it's pretty weird since five or six days ago it worked flawlessly, the same Steam version I'm currently launching. For fixing I already tried uninstallying and then installing the game again, and also cleaned the download cache of my Steam, the last thing I did was check the local files integrity through Steam (the integrity was good). The driver for the video card is already up to date for the latest driver release on Nvidia website. About my computer specs I'm running IL2 on: - Windows 10 Profesional - MSI Z270 gaming pro carbon - i7 7700k processor (overclocked at 4.8GHz) - 16GB RAM of Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz - Nvidia GTX1080 8GB (Asus Strix model) - 1920 x 1080 screen resolution @ 60Hz I know it's not something that happens to all Steam games as all other games in my library work, and they launch correctly. Any help will be gladly appreciated and I thank you all in advance for reading my problem, hopefully will be soon sorted out
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