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  1. Start the game, join the server. Then go in one of the voicechannels (Red/Blue) But everyone that flies are not on vocie or on that discord. So therefore you can announce when and where you are flying.
  2. ' Join Combat box Discord https://discord.gg/hAkXck
  3. Vill du flyga med svenskar så är det svaf.net elller masterarms.se Vi I svaf flyger mest il2 medan MA mest håller på med dcs. Men ingen av oss tror jag håller så mycket på med rollspel.
  4. Would gladly get both the tacview and the track! One of the best fights I´ve had, especially in VR. S!
  5. From coconut on discord "Stat server keeps doing strange stuff. I´m keeping it offline for now. "
  6. Oh, I hope it's just a month. I really enjoyed my time flying there.
  7. Well, I've been buying almost all your have, and will buy the missing parts soon, but why don start a kickstarter or go fund me, in that way we Gan send a few bucks time and again, or at least I would. I mean, this is The sim.
  8. Would it be possible to get the map back on your webpage? Thanks
  9. So worth the wait, now I can put a bandaid on my blisters after hitting F5 all night and get back to flying. S!
  10. Oh dear... Well we clearly don´t see eye to eye. And it would be rather pointless to keep posting about the patriarchy, woman issues and so forth, If you do want to continue I´d rather take it on PM. As for bending and twisting words to make it useful for you. Well if works for you be my guest. (Question, what does SJW stand for?)
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