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  1. I have IL2 BoS installed through steam. I tried to enter my Flying Circus key into stream but it says it's invalid, Not sure what to do next.
  2. I have the Vive working. Came here looking for best graphics settings for IL2. All it all you can't beat the immersion VR gives you. I am still new to IL2 so I am trying to land different planes. So far I landed a single plane. VR controls need a mention also... it is impossible to see your keyboard. I am trying voice attack. You control things with your voice. gear rases and lowers your gear. canopy is supposed to open/close the canopy but it fails most of the time. Still tweeking the software to make it work right.
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    I picked up IL2-BOS for VR. I need IL2-CoD in VR! Vive support please.
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