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  1. You can wait for the official release of 8KX, when many people will sell their 5K + ...
  2. This is Chinese, please use the translation Pitool bate版必須手動更新 更新前建議完整刪除(包含資料夾)再執行新的pitool的完整安裝(此間需關閉頭盔電源,待安裝完成後打開pitool再打開電源讓其進行固件更新)
  3. After installing 17.0, the zoom IPD adjustment has no response (SHFIT + END OR PD). The file is not overwritten but deleted and reinstalled. It still has no effect.
  4. @TWHYata_PL 首先按住你要放大的倍數(例如HOME)必須在按住的狀態下進行調整 再用左側shift+END or PD調整左右重合 如果放大時無法對準目標則使用左側CRTIL+END or PD調整上下 “最後F12保存!非常重要” 英文翻譯機翻譯不出好的語句
  5. @ SCG_Fenris_Wolf $ zoomXoffsetLow = 0.217999846 $ zoomXoffsetMed = 1.70450997 $ zoomXoffsetHigh = 3.87649131 您如何獲得這些數字?我已經設置好了,但是我發現user_keymapping_zoom中的值沒有更改(檢查F12)。重新進入遊戲已經保存了數據,但是我想將更改後的數據提供給我的朋友。
  6. @ SCG_Fenris_Wolf非常抱歉,可能無法翻譯,我的意思是三個放大校準適度視角 2080ti缺乏性能,中等視野的穩定性足夠大視野的穩定性 我不得不用 $ zoomXoffsetLow = 0.217999846 $ zoomXoffsetMed = 1.70450997 $ zoomXoffsetHigh = 3.87649131 現在想知道數據medium Vision
  7. Thanks for your response, this means that VR players can't adjust its performance too high XD
  8. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\settings\default.vrsettings" Here he is modifying the 8192 file.
  9. After the update, is the cloud processing mainly done by CPU or GPU?
  10. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf Yes, I copy the new file and press F12 to save, but enter the menu to use the zoom function, still the mode of the eye
  11. Dear @SCG_redcloud111 I used the version of Normal FOV and overwritten it, but I still have a big eye when I zoom in. Is there any other place that I have to adjust? Please ask for your assistance.
  12. 已經解決聲音問題,更新後不能從pimax工具中開啟遊戲 必須從steam vr中開啟後一切正常
  13. 使用PIMAX放大並與VR ZOOM成為交叉眼睛,全局聲音消失 FFR仍在五分鐘內使遊戲崩潰,GPU使用率降至70%以下( but the update rate did not reach the set 72HZ )
  14. In this latest version, we Pimax parallel projection if there has been improvement?
  15. I am very interested in the parallel projection of PIMAX 5K and whether FFR is solved.
  16. I use pimax 5k+ After using the new driver, it feels that the 72hz is almost the same as the 90hz fluency (you only feel the difference when you traverse the head before using it) The minimum detectment came from 50 to more than 60 (in air combat) I think this will help, although I hope he can improve the usage rate.... (When the pressure is insufficient, the display card will not be used with maximum power, and must be given some pressure, such as super color to around 4096, when I use it When steam vr50% pimax 1.25, the usage rate is only up to 60%) However, when the usage rate is around 60%, it will still be detected. It is obvious that the remaining 40% is not fully utilized.
  17. I tested the test file about PP. The situation is as follows: The world is too small (it seems that driving the instrument is far away from me) Abnormal deflection angle (only slightly pressed once F1 is normal) Is it possible to do imaging is to adjust the IPD adjustment mode, adjust the rotation angle according to personal preference? PP correction is very good He made everything look so sharp, even the BF109 water temperature label that was not seen before was so clear. I can't wait for the official official PP repair.
  18. CPU 5.2G HZ is generated by me in the overclocking state (the motherboard is fully overclocked). The normal working condition is 5.0 (I7-8086K) I tried not to overclock to start FFR, the situation is still My video card is 2080TI The memory is 8G X2 3600MHZ
  19. 我的CPU最高速度為5.2G 測試STEAM 50% PI 1.25 72HZ 寬視野 當你進入遊戲菜單時,立即凍結(連續三次) 特定的CPU使用率沒有保持在高水平,關於漂浮50~70% 以上圖片使用STEAM 150% PI 1.25 中場視野 飛行凍結約五分鐘(但仍有聲音可以操縱)
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