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  1. If you use steam vr, you can find the quick space setting in the developer settings. Use the maximum space to make the pesky guardian disappear
  2. This is an old article, was indeed not support; but this has been revised to solve the problem
  3. pimax can't use FFR in IL2 if you use it you game will be crash Is pimax only
  4. Did you use FFR, if he is turned to cause random freezes
  5. 你說的是steam vr的守護空間嗎? 也許你拍一張照片才比較好判斷是什麼問題
  6. Thanks to the team’s efforts, we pimax players can finally release 30% of the efficiency wasted
  7. I own 8KX, yes! When PP is turned on, the performance and clarity are severely degraded. If it is because of adjustment difficulties, why not imitate the previous VRMOD to give players personalized adjustment settings?
  8. So is the software allowed to play in WOL? Does it solve the problem of zooming images?
  9. The setting resolution has nothing to do with the helmet resolution (the only thing that can be operated is the super sampling of STEAM VR)
  10. Using the phone's camera function observer, you should see two invisible purple spot, if not, on behalf of the lens must fall apart bonding The fixed point of a lens in the picture falls off, which makes STEAM VR unable to catch the base station
  11. use it,and you gpu can use 95%~97%! You will again led backlight can be adjusted from 1 to 4 (1 recommendation, the original value is 2)
  12. If your motherboard to use more than three years, replace your battery cr2032 mercury, and update your bios inside the right time
  13. Does the boot screen require you to press F1 or DEL? If it is possible to try to replace the CR2032 mercury battery on the motherboard
  14. No, when I wol his usage is very level, down less than 5%, unless there are other body to be rendered, will increase by about 5% This is the operation record of my STEAM super sampling at 120%. Because it will stutter when it encounters multiple people, I reduced it to 90% to keep it at 85% utilization rate. The other one is the 90% utilization rate of STEAM VR in WOL (the middle drop is because I left the window to use LINE screenshots)
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