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  1. If your motherboard to use more than three years, replace your battery cr2032 mercury, and update your bios inside the right time
  2. Does the boot screen require you to press F1 or DEL? If it is possible to try to replace the CR2032 mercury battery on the motherboard
  3. No, when I wol his usage is very level, down less than 5%, unless there are other body to be rendered, will increase by about 5% This is the operation record of my STEAM super sampling at 120%. Because it will stutter when it encounters multiple people, I reduced it to 90% to keep it at 85% utilization rate. The other one is the 90% utilization rate of STEAM VR in WOL (the middle drop is because I left the window to use LINE screenshots)
  4. There is no problem with your translation, I can understand it. It seems that the translation of Chinese into English will have a problem of grammatical confusion; English to Chinese will not have this phenomenon
  5. I am in Taiwan, using the built-in manual update
  6. The current WIN10 2004 version needs to be updated manually, you can find it in WIN 10 UPDATE WIN10 (hardware accelerated GPU scheduling) must be turned on to use the catalyst normally PITOOL 261 can be found in PITOOL in the PIMAX Forum 目前的WIN10 2004版本需要手動更新,你可以在WIN 10 UPDATE裡找到它 必須開啟WIN10 (硬體加速GPU排程)才能正常使用催化劑 PITOOL 261則可以在PIMAX論壇的PITOOL裡面找到 If you did not update to the 2004 version, then your hardware acceleration is early, this time the hardware acceleration of the 2004 version is a new feature
  7. After pushing the WIN10 2004 version, I tried GPU hardware acceleration (must restart the computer after switching) My device uses PITOOL 261 version, CPU 8086K overclocked 5.2G 16G RAM 2080TI Set the rendering quality under PITOOL 1 Catalyst 10 144HZ parallel projection is turned on Smart projection is turned on, steam vr 100%> is very bad, there will be severe stuttering when the picture cannot reach 72HZ in WOL, this time it happened with two eyes instead of single right eye. So after searching the forum, I tried new settings Rendering quality 1 Catalyst 10 90HZ Parallel projection is turned on Smart projection is turned off, steam vr 90%> very good, GPU utilization rate reaches 85% (99% at steam vr 100%, but as soon as the load exceeds the screen, it will start to stutter, so I (Reserved 15% usage rate) WIN10 2004 is very compatible with the catalyst function. It is recommended that you pilot PIMAX VR And I wish PIMAX 8KX supporters receive the helmet as soon as possible (I am also a PIMAX 8K supporter and upgrade 8KX pre-order) I am afraid that there is a problem with the quality of the translation, so I leave the version in my native language below. Please correct it if there are any translation errors 在WIN10 2004版本推送後,我嘗試了GPU硬體加速(切換完成後必須重新開機) 我的設備使用PITOOL 261版本,CPU 8086K超頻5.2G 16G RAM 2080TI 在PITOOL下設定渲染質量1 催化劑10 144HZ 平行投影開啟 智能投影開啟,steam vr 100%>十分糟糕,在WOL中畫面無法達到72HZ時會有嚴重的口吃,這次是兩眼一起發生而非單除右眼。 於是搜索論壇後我嘗試了新的設置 渲染質量1 催化劑10 90HZ 平行投影開啟 智能投影關閉, steam vr 90%>非常棒,GPU使用率達到85%(在steam vr 100%時達到99%,但只要超過負荷畫面就會開始口吃,所以我預留15%使用率) WIN10 2004與催化劑功能十分搭配,建議各位PIMAX VR飛行員投入嘗試 並祝PIMAX 8KX支持者早日收到頭盔(我也是PIMAX 8K支持者 並升級8KX預購)
  8. At that time the monitor players look to, they will become white and the body is enlarged, and later was corrected to the official server discretion So he is not cheating, is not only unfair but at VR greater maximum zoom ratio that time, so better than the 32-inch monitor interpretation
  9. This vulnerability is caused by an official of a redesign, since I have been using the VR will 3Dmod, at first he did not see the so-called Airport enemy aircraft, then he will see is because the rendering of the official revision; even if you see Airport get the enemy movements, you have to spend a lot of time flying in the past, but you sure can always use a wide range of locks put the enemy continued to fly to the airport? I think you should be a bucket of vomit Pool
  10. Why do we need a higher level of lock release? What we need is clearly recognizable picture, requirements and monitor the players the same, this is not too much, our request is stand on the same starting point. Also, since you have the VR device, and that you put to flight IL2 trip, you can be keenly aware of the difficulties and dilemmas we VR pilots, instead of theories to try to monitor the comments VR
  11. @Jason_Williams @Han So you have a plan to repair the image of the team cross the pimax zoom in this update do? He is very important to the performance of our pimax
  12. You can ask the same guild E69_geramos109, he's cheating posts created it all, to thank him for VR created a huge damage (why we use VR MOD? Energy and time because the official did not get him in as good as MOD)
  13. god..... This guy appeared again... This time you want to say which function is cheating?
  14. After the new 4.007, it has been completely regarded as a MOD, unfortunately I must enable PP again to play with teammates in WOL
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