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  1. Hi, it is a Leo... Plug and Play, awesome interface device! I've noticed that I needed the "BU0836X 12-Bit Joystick Board" due to the amount and kind of switches. I will build a second Switch Panel and use the BBI32 which can be seen on the pics. I don't fly in VR, even though I know I posted in the category. Be sure to read carefully and have a look at a few Leo... youtube videos to broaden your spectrum before ordering. And I say this because in case you want to use Pots... and/or certain types of buttons switches.
  2. Next phase is to connect wiring to the controller and then test time 🙂 1
  3. That would be quite interesting to have. I've constructed my own control panel and integrated a Audrino touchscreen display in it. It would be nice if I could use the display solely for that purpose.
  4. I'd like to know if this will ever be possible? Considering that when I often have to ditch due to fuel loss rather than being able to switch and stay in the air with a intact fuel tank. This would definitely be more realistic and drop the amount of lost aircraft. And last but not least, putting out fires in a dive... what do the rest of you think about that?
  5. One thing that i have noticed is that some Soviet guns have a higher rate of fire, making deflection Pilot Kill shots more probable. Often when I fly in a 109 for example and a Soviet flying through my sights with him managing or better yet being lucky passing between shots gets nerve racking... and then just to get splashed eventually since Yaks fly like kites 😂. I know that there many things for me to work on, spotting and aiming. And of course knowing which fight to get into and not. I'm still quite curious to know what the statistics are in regards to Pilot Kills between blue and red. That's only because most of the times that I do killed is for exactly that reason. I've heard time and time again that poor ol'190 pilot who gets head shot all the time. Doesn't matter what I fly though, I'm always getting a headache through getting my head shot off 🤣 I guess the morning coffee is good, that's why I can laugh about this right now. Otherwise I'm often quite pissed 😉
  6. The German Nose Cannon/108's were the most feared back then, and this fact coming from fighter pilots that were against the Germans. As like the Spit video being shot with a single round and the amount of damaged it caused. Now imagine, duel 108's with 6 to 10 hits! That shot aircraft should end up looking like a shredded coke can.
  7. Bombs on ground targets such as buildings do not do the damage as they should. I drop a 1k bomb "Direct Hit" and out of the 50 buildings in the blast radius i destroy 5-10 of them and maybe a few vehicles. The other point is using cannons including 108's with hefty hits on wings and fuselage and almost nothing happens. At least nothing that influences the engaged aircraft to crash or be disabled. But let there a single 20mm shout from a Soviet and your engine, wing or flight cerfaces are damaged or non-op. I've also noticed that pilot kills are greater on the axis side too.
  8. Am I nuts or is the soviet damage model unreal??? Speaking of Pe and Yak... numerous cannon hits including mk108 also and aircraft still intact and fighting. Please help me understand this. German aircraft aren't any where near as durable as soviet, which I understand. But, when ANY aircraft gets so many hits from these types of cannons it shouldn't matter what your flying. I have a video that is a perfect example of my comment here in which I'll post later. And the bombs, the bombs... they really should do the damage that they were made for. But I think that's definitely a known issue here.
  9. When ordering the gunners to engage targets at a far distance, ACOUSTICALY when he answers to the order he says "...Kurze Distanz/Shortrange instead of "...Lange Distanz/Longrange". That should be corrected since for Germans it could be irritating.
  10. Servus fellow pilots, Quick question, when is the next campaign going to start? I am looking forward to it!
  11. Привет. Я хочу извиниться перед всеми за моё поведение. Такого больше не повторится. Я буду следить за своими высказываниями и относиться с уважением к другим пилотам. Спасибо. Всем чистого неба.
  12. How do I go about unbanning myself from WOL? Most likely i have been banned for bad language. Funny how players are allowed to be obnoxious with others and then get butt hurt when the heat gets directed towards them. Anyhow, can anyone help? I've been to the WOL website but the I don't understand Russian...
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