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  1. Thank you for your explanation, indeed I lost my wing. Then it was no irregular manipulation like cheating, but a lucky shot. 100% damage, instant kill and avoiding my rear gunner to shoot- in one!
  2. Yesterday on Combat Server, how this is possible? Was shot down flying a Me 110 by one single hit = 100% damage in 1 second and killed … my rear gunner isn't firing ??
  3. Just preordered, thank‘s a lot, looking forward to fly the Me 410!!! 👍🏻
  4. Tested the Hotfix and must say …. "great". It seems to be the most realistic version, zooming in and out is ok. Thanks to the developers to fix the disturbing 100 km visibility and zoom-bug so fast. Great patch, great flight-sim … bought last days "Flying Circus" too, so now I have the whole stuff !!
  5. Mainz, Taunus rechts oben, Rhein Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, Langener Waldsee rechts, Odenwald mit Melibokus rechts hinten Darmstadt, A5, Melibokus
  6. It's over!?! It's really over now? Where's map #9? Oh my God…..what to do now instead?? Do I have still friends, family...? Thanks all for 84 hours fun ... and pain. …. taking a deep breath this morning ...
  7. As Custard said before … these two are in final tests as you can see (due to intelligence informations). For sure - no doubt!
  8. Thanks to the SG2 for inviting me to the formation flight this evening, with 11 x Ju88 to Maikop Depot. It was my second flight with your squad, we damaged target nicely, but had some losses due to red fighter cover there. Great fun again 😉
  9. 🤣 great story....sorry for Ivan and Vasily. See you on your‘s Pe-2 six 👌. (you are a poet 😉)
  10. Was so fascinated by the 12 x Ju88 flying together and focused to keep the formation that I missed the AF completely. Bombed the snow somewhere...but was great fun!
  11. In mission #328 we had only a few player each side same time, so team is just able to focus one or two targets. One of our blue team was killed at northern frontline, knew by chat that we are attacking southern tanks. He switched to red and attacked us there. Strange for me, sorry.
  12. It shouldn‘t be allowed to switch sides in one mission. First you fly in one team, know the focused targets and plans, and then you switch side and fight with this Knowledge and advantage against und your former teammates!??!
  13. Who is pilot 'catadiopre'? In mission #226 he was circling over blue Airfield Morozovskiy with his 109G2, killed blue teammate PPSH41- just taking off with He111....then exit, don't see him in Mission results or statistics?
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