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  1. When zooming in, the Icons getting smaller and smaller. As you said before, it would be nice to have an option to adjust size.
  2. unfortunately the Icons on map are still to small, hard to identify, resolution of monitor is 2560 x 1080.
  3. Fritz_Faber

    What is your favourite plane

    Me 410 .................................
  4. Fritz_Faber

    Tactical Air War

    The question is what we are expecting in playing IL2? It‘s not Sim City and not X-Plane, it‘s a Simulation of WW2. War isn‘t fair at all. Glorious and tragedy, sportsmanship and brutalism, fascination of flying and suddenly being shot down is part of air war. We are killing s.o. all the time, the better the higher the score. What do you like to fly, a Game or a Simulation of War? If server forbits parachute killing and bombing rear Airfields it‘s a Game, isn‘t it? War ist totally risky...
  5. Fritz_Faber

    Tactical Air War

    I was killed by a Pe2 just spawned in this campagne. When bailed out three reds tried to kill me on chute. Sportsmanship isn‘t a thing for everybody, not here not in real live. I think „He“ will not repeat this reading the comments... ceep cool all and show TAW that‘s worth to stay here!
  6. Fritz_Faber

    Tactical Air War

    You‘re right, I didn‘t notice that, that shouldn‘t happen. First I was proud of my super gunner Team, but now I have to apologize their behaviour 🙏🏻
  7. Fritz_Faber

    Tactical Air War

    Dropzones are bugged. Mission 285 we dropped 3xJu52 at DZ Akhtyrskaya, no reports after Paras have landed, not reported in missionsummary. Anyone else realized that?
  8. Fritz_Faber

    Tactical Air War

    I guess, the He111 was me HDG 320 from Krasnodar.... maybe you're right. but look at my flight-report, He111 was totally damaged, had to ditch without enginepower... think about, He111 is a large plane, is able to take some hits. Dropzones are bugged. Mission 285 we dropped with 3xJu52 at DZ Akhtyrskaya, no reports after Paras have landed, not reported in missionsummary. Anyone else realized that?
  9. Fritz_Faber

    Tactical Air War

    Yes was fun...and we got the airfield👍🏻
  10. Fritz_Faber

    Cinematic - Kerch-Eltigen

    Great video , well done, I like the epic music and intensity of the story 👌
  11. Fritz_Faber

    Tactical Air War

    Agree, great fun capturing Ryabinki by 8 (?) x Ju52. I flew in second Group - 6 x Ju52 in close Formation from start to landing, escort fighters around saving our ass. Coldmans advices '80% Throttle....drop 3-2-1...go left 3-2-1' let us keep together. After extra circle with lights on and flares we landed like ducks, one behind the other in Formation, without collision. THX guys!! looking Forward for the Videos ;-)
  12. Fritz_Faber

    last BoBP plane?

    Nobody is talking about the Me 410 ???
  13. Fritz_Faber

    Tactical Air War

    Blue Team 'Coordinated Attack Anapa' yesterday evening (GMT) we have had a wonderful example for two high-effective, coordinated raids on AF Anapa, by which we destroyed the AF in 40 min to 100%. I don't know exactly, at least about 15 Fighters, Jabo's and Me110 were going together, we've had minimal losses. Sometimes Blue side is able to communicate ;-)
  14. Fritz_Faber

    Tactical Air War

    Attention Non-Experte, Newcomer!! THX to the Team for the great fun, creating that campaign! Congratulation to the red Team. Interesting discussions here, about how to win, to balance this and that, to organize the own (blue) Team better.... It feels better to win than to loose, so try to optimize ;-) Some patience has to be given by the experts to Newcomers like me. Thx for that! Please keep in mind, we are a small crazy community of virtual pilots, spending tons of hours, to have fun. Some are better, some are learning. We all want to participate in such campaigns in the real atmosphere. AF's with starting, landing, taxiing planes at same time...it's great. Or missions like 8x Ju52 paratroopers escorted by hundreds of fighters. Thats fun, I don't care in such moments who will win the map. The german LW in WWII lost in last years more pilots by accidents than in fight, due to poor experience. ​Same is here, ​So keep cool! "Blue Commanders", don't be too harsh to the own Team, words in Chat like "Idiots" for them who decided to fly another raid...hmmm. Don't wonder, if no one of the Team will give you CAP by your next Mission. Otherwise, I hate it, if s.o. is starting by not using the runway or ignoring the right direction. A bit more discipline would be great. Thx DAX for your post, agree 100%. And all experts, don't make it too perfect, let some space for guys like me. Happy Christmas to all. ​
  15. Fritz_Faber

    Tactical Air War

    Yes 8,8 cm Flak, Ju52 Paratroop Mission to Ventsy was great fun, thx for Pictures and Video. I like the undercover-action, "feet grass" around the trees, sometimes we get the AF ;-)) ... sometimes we fail - as next day ;-((