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  1. The most interesting aspect of this movie is that @3:35 , at least the Kommodore-machine "Doppel-Winkel + Tilde" has 20mm-gondolas. I always thought they were not used any more in August 1944, when this movie was taken because by then, the G-6 was a rather lame duck...
  2. Basically I did not distinguish between day- & night-units. Fighters "only" flew daymissions, bombers shifted more and more to the night later in the war. By 1944, day-missions were very risky for bombers, that's why even the workhorse of the Eastern Front (Ju-87) got pulled out more and more between summer 1943 and end of 1944. BTW: German nightfighters even used ground-based RADAR in 1943, pretty interesting actually that such sophisticated stuff went on in the East.
  3. I cannot believe that the airfileds of 272NBAD were of such major interest for the Germans, probably they were together with other forces of Soviet 8th Air Army. Here u go: September 1942, Stalingrad Front 8 Air Army 206, 226, 228ShAD, 220, 268, 269, 287, 288 IAD, 270, 271, 272 NBAD, 23, 282, 633, 655 SAD, 8 RAP, 714 LBAP,... ShAD = Sturmovik Divisions, IAD = Fighters, SAD = Mixed, LBAP = light bombers. Opposing forces = Richthofens Fliegerkorps VIII. Core units: Tusow: Stab JG 3 (To Pitomnik 13.9.42) Tusow: I/JG 3 (To Pitomnik 7.9.42) Tusow: III/JG 3 (To Pitomnik 10.9.42) Tusow: I/JG 53 (To Pitomnik 10.9.42, to Italy 28.9.42) Froloff: I/ZG 1 (To Obliwskaja in 9.42) Tatzinskaja: I/KG 51 Tatzinskaja: III/KG 51 (To Sarabus 28.9.42) Morosowskaja: Stab KG 55 Morosowskaja: I/KG 55 (To Saki 14.9.42) Morosowskaja: II/KG 55 Morosowskaja: III/KG 55 Tanzinskaya: Stab KG 76 Tanzinskaya:I/KG 76 Tanzinskaya:II/KG 76 Tanzinskaya:III/KG 76 Morosovskaja: I/KG 100 Obliwskaya: Stab StG 2 Obliwskaya: I/StG 2 Obliwskaya: II/StG 2 Obliwskaya: Stab StG 77 (To Beloretschenkaja in 9.42) Obliwskaya: II/StG 77 (To Beloretschenkaja in 9.42) Tusow: Stab SchG 1 Tusow: I/SchG 1 Tusow: II/SchG 1 (6., 7./SchG 1) Tazinskaya: 4./SchG 1 Morosovskaya-West: 8./SchG 1 (To Tusow in 9.42) Novocherkassk: Erg./SchG 1 For approximate numbersper type, you can go to the above mentioned planetable on my website.
  4. Well... I think you will not get a lot of lovers for night missions, better do some day stuff. But anyway - as you like it What we talk about here is probably the central offensive 13.-25.12.1941? Soviet units (LBAP = light bomber regiment): Central Front (left ground army, right air support) 1 Shock Army 711 LBAP 5 Army 705 LBAP 33 Army 606 LBAP 49 Army 686 LBAP 50 Army 611 LBAP Directly attached to front 12, 31, 43, 46, 47, 77 SAD, 32, 38 BAS, 38 Recce At that time, the Luftwaffe had absolutely no nightfighters or similar stuff, so no aerial opponents for night bombers. SAD = Mixed Air Divisions. PS: At that time, the Red Army was still very inflexible with their organization of aerial forces.
  5. @Juri_JS: Right, It is still there but not directly accessible. Here is the (super-useful!) link: http://www.yogysoft.de/pawel/_kursk/index.html Haven't heard fromPawel for years, and still am very grateful for being allowed to hosts this . I could try to do similar stuff for the Crimea or the Kuban... but it is real work 😮
  6. You can check my website for Rumania summer 1944 :). What specific campaign do you plan to work on? Probably I can help you for the Eastern front.
  7. "abaria" is accident, now I understand! I hope I find this "form #9" :).
  8. This is from 2nd Guards Bomber Air Corps. Can someone please translate it? I cannot even make out the letters - probably guessing is easier for a native speaker
  9. Very nice! What software do u use? Some hints: 1) Downsample your ingame / selfmade sequences so they fit better to the historical stuff 2) Spit IX vs. Hs129 is very unusual, Hs129 @ >500 meters also ==> better kill some 109, 190 Schlachtfliegers PS: Oberleutnant is written with one more "n" then in your name
  10. Yes, actually in the early stages of "Fall Blau", some Hurricane II were involved: A whole IAD (roughly equivalent to a German Jagdgeschwader) plus later a fourth IAP (equivalent to Gruppe), but they were very quickly decimated. The Jagdwaffe claimed about 50 Hurris during June - August 1942 in the Southern sector. On 1st of August only three combat-ready planes remained; all Hurris were destroyed when the Soviets left Kalach-on-Don.
  11. Tz tz tz ... zis faia efrisink tugessa is TOTAL UNGERMANISCH. I will indeed issue an order to Kurtl: Immidiätlieh tshäinsh zis! Ähemm, sorry, the Nazi just broke out of my inner team Seriously: I understand it from a "simplified production" point of view, but as a pilot I'd rather be able to spay arund a bit with the 131 and then give the big punch when 100% sure to hit...
  12. I am not able to fire the 13mm and the 20mm separately. Is this a bug in 3.012c or a historic feature of the Dora (and also the F-8, btw)?
  13. @Eldur: Und wer bist bzw. warst Du damals? Hier besagte Tasse - schon etwas verblichen
  14. Ui, hier gibt es ja Reaktionen . @Bremspropeller: Ostler... stups mal Trantor an, er wollte das DSGVO-Thema klären und dann wieder loslegen. Ist aber auch schon ein paar Monate her. Und dann waren da noch Angus und McFly, beide hab' ich hier schon mal gesichtet... VOW ist einfach der Klassiker, hab immer noch eine Tasse von denen im Schrank LOL. Was wohl aus den Machern geworden ist? @Juri_JS: Ja, das fände ich auch schön. Und Bessarabien war die Beste bis dahin: Landschaft, Größe, Texturen, Flugplätze, Authentizität... Aber es war ein Haufen Arbeit und umsonst mache ich das nicht nochmal, das war irre. - ich war ja auch besessen 😜. Außerdem waren wir bei Bessarabien ein Team - 3 Mann im Kern (ich für die Map, Caspar für die Texturen und ein Franzose für die Höhenkarte) plus ein paar andere... EDIT: Caspar hat natürlich auch noch die ganzen neuen Objekte gemacht (rumänische Häuser, Schloß Stanca etc pp) sowie die ultrageile Hs-129! Veteran66: Danke für den Hinweis, jetzt kann ich Dich wieder einordnen :). Bilde mir sogar ein, Deinen echten Namen zu kennen... O.B. ?
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