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  1. @CSAF-D3adCZE: I think there are worse planes around then the G-6, anyway your basic statement is totally right. @Jorge_S: I switch the indicators/target-assist OFF when I don't have any enemy in sight, that way you can train spotting. Sorry, there is no easy chicken way here . The AI always spotting you is a major issue and a "simple" random generator wether it spots you or not should be doable here for the devs. One of my many Easter wishes .
  2. Really cool stuff, haven't ever seen that before. Also interesting information for mission-building.
  3. I researched planesets meticulously in 2005-2010 for the original IL-2. Results incl. Caucasus 1942 are available here: http://www.yogysoft.de/DL/pdt.xls VVS did not use any P-39 or La-5 in the Caucasus, but a lot of I-16, Lagg-3 and Yak-1. Only a very limited number of IL-2 with rear gunner and some A20. Luftwaffe used mainly 109G-2, no Fw190 and also quite some Bf110C and the other bombers (Ju87, Ju88, He111). PS: WOL is a fun Server with a lot of very able pilots .
  4. Probably these 5-10% are a correct estimate: Online player estimate: In TAW afaik there are <2425 players registered, so there probably less then 4.000 people playing online. Offline: There are normally <500 people in the forum at one given time. If these represent 1% of the sold games, you end up at 50.000 sold copies. PS: Personally, I like flying off- and online, but online is the icing of the cake of playing campaigns and quick-DFs.
  5. @IckyATLAS : You are right, but as you see the people here are very interested in superficial stuff like “flames and smoke”, not even in the battlefield marshal. That means “we” the community is not willing to pay for such basic stuff. That’s probably why a lot of such things are only done on a “must-do” level so the game is working. That was indirectly also mentioned in Jason’s interview. What I really look forward to is the battlefield marshal. Some functionalities I hope it will have are RADAR access or similar (to be defined in mission-file) and will report the situation to players in a configurablle way may have a “strategic” target which he tries to fulfill by defining missions (based on available definable ressources…) can predefine flights (could also be AI). That means, player will (after going to an airfield) choose missions (planetype incl. loadout plus target / loadout options) and get extra points if he achieves this target. marshal can communicate to all players of his side For me something like this would be a huge step towards more overall “real warfare” instead of “furball fighting and uncoordinated cruising-around" - espacially #1 and #3
  6. If really Africa/Med is not available, overall probably a "Normandy 1944" makes sense from a value-effort point of view for 1C: - Serves the US market & makes these customers a bit happier - Creates a new theater for tank battles which I think is a huge market (Jagdpanther, british tanks, ...) - relatively small efforts in technology (torpedoes, landing craft, glider towing, optionally guided missiles (Hs293) and V-1) - versions of existing aircraft are base for new stuff like P-47C, P-51B/C, Typhoon, Fw190A-6&A-7, Bf109G-6/AS - Add some 2-engined a/c like Mossie, Beaufighter, DC-3, Do217, Me410 - give us some juicy targets like allied ships, glider-planes (Horsa), German Kriegsmarine U-boats and Torpedo-boats ("S-Boote"), V-1 bases
  7. I voted Berlin, but Do 217 and Me 410 don't make sense. Better use a Mistel-version and above all - the soviet main fighter in 1944. It could also be delivered in all its variety... D, M, T, B Yak-9
  8. This poll is such a no-brainer that its result will even comply with historical reality
  9. Coconut, I returned to IL2 after a 8 year break in November. I also ran a server back in the old times ("by.sturmovik.II") and know about the hassles and the amount of work. Your servers have the best concept of everything which is out there, even if the majority of player prefers "Non-AI-Servers". I really enjoyed the times on coconutside Big thank you and "Chapeau" to you! Have a beer on me:
  10. From 12oclockhigh: There is no claim in the lists for a P-40 on that day. Anyway five Yak were reported by by II./JG52 that day, so either misidentification or Flak. Interesting that the VVS used the P-40 for Reconnaissance operations - probably because it was such a bad fighter .
  11. Hallo zusammen, bin seit November in BoS unterwegs, nachdem mich CoD im Jahre 2011 (?) in die Passivität geschickt hat. Inzwischen geht auch online ab und zu mal ein Abschuss und Bodenziele Schnetzeln läuft, aber im Team ist das natürlich alles viel cooler . Daher die Frage: Wo kann ich mitfliegen incl. Teamspeak-Anschluß etc? Randbedingung: Meist geht halt nur was zwischen 20oo und 22:30 bei mir und auch maximal 2-3 mal pro Woche...
  12. Hey Zorro, mir geht es ähnlich wie Dir… irgendwann im November hat es mich in den Fingern gejuckt und ich bin (inzwischen mit neuem Rechner) wieder am Fliegen. Hab sogar schon was abgeschossen – online ist meine Quote aber noch erbärmlich, selbst in der 109. Schon schwieriger geworden als in 1946 und die anderen sind echt fit 😲 . Mein TrackIR4 „Standard“ funktioniert genauso wie beim alten IL-2. Ich habe die Achsen entsprechend justiert. Nur ab und zu springt halt der Kopf trotzdem noch aus seiner zentralen Position in irgendwas-irgendwo-hinschauendes. Dann halt F12 = Rezentrieren drücken und es geht wieder. Trantor spielt laut PM auch mit dem Gedanken, die EJGr zu reaktivieren... die PM ist ab er auch schon länger her.
  13. Is there any statistics available on the distribution of starts in a) fighter b) attackers c) bombers d) transports? That would immensely help to see how "realistic" TAW is. My gut feelings says: Way more fighters in TAW then in reality, as these aces are "our heroes". That is the prevailing issue in all online wars I know together with players not cooperating as the military did in war. One solution we tried on by.sturmovik.II long time ago and coconut has on his server are AI flights. But that seems to create lag . Anyway, TAW and coconut are great stuff with TAW obviously being preferred by most players. The only thing I currently do not like about TAW is that missions stop unforseeable when one side wins. It is rather annoying to feel like getting kicked after 15 minutes of flying just 3 minutes away from that daunting attack you planned . From a players point of view, it makes sense to just finish these missions as planned no matter if they are decided already. But probably someone has a good argument against that...
  14. ... it was reportedly lost around end of 1943 in the Kerch-Eltigen operation which actually included some formidable aerial battles. Does anyone know more about this aircraft, i.e. unit it belonged to, pilot, date of loss etc. ? I found the following claims: 07.12.43 Fw. Hans Ellendt 4. JG 52 Curtiss P-40 W. Kap Tusla: 200m 08:58 13.12.43 Ltn. Heinrich Sturm 4. JG 52 Curtiss P-40 E. Eltigen: 200m 09:46
  15. Flew 2 missions so far, cool stuff! Thanks a lot! Actually, Hartmann was in 9. Staffel (Karaya) as part of III. Gruppe. They never returned to the Kuban after Kursk / Zitadelle. Lipfert as Staffelkapitän of 6. Staffel was under command of Barkhorn who was Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG52 then. So, perfect G-6 skins for teh Kuban are Lipfert, Barkhorn, Wolfrum, Batz, Sturm, Fönnekold, Waldmann, Sachsenberg. Anyway, there were also quite some G-4 in the Gruppe until the Wehrmacht retreated from the bridgehead to the Crimea in October 1943.
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