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  1. Every time I've tried a Po-2 career I've been obliterated by AA. Some times I would fly low so the AA couldn't target me as fast, what was your strategy?
  2. If I could up vote this a thousand times I would.
  3. Could you elaborate? 1. well I mostly meant to bribe peasants and this is where your trust service pistol would come in handy so they couldn't stab you with a pitch fork or something. 2. well then Im not dropping $60+ dollars on just a couple of tanks, highly detailed or not... imo the amount of replay ability is not worth the price.
  4. 2. Im sure there were some cases of downed pilots being helped by locals since it is Russia after all maybe not so for enemy guards since relations were so bitter between the two 3. it is but thats why Im waiting because I dont wanna drop $60 dollars on a dlc that only has scripted campaigns and I dont play mp very much so I want to know im getting my moneys worth
  5. 1. The ability to bail out of a aircraft after a crash landing: I know previous games had this and I think it would be really useful in a situation where your plane is on fire but your to low to jump out, or when you have landed and are being strafed. I know you can just hit the end mission button as soon as you are on the ground but that feels kinda gamie and I like knowing my pilot/crew are safe before ending the mission. 2. The ability to bribe your way out of being captured: When playing as the soviets you earn cash for shooting down enemies or after completing a certain amount of sorties but it has no real purpose. it would be cool if after landing or bailing out over enemy lines you could use these accumulated funds to bribe guards to look the other way or the locals to get you across friendly lines, the player should not be punished for wanting to keep their pilot alive and this would benefit players who play on iron man greatly. (a currency could be added for the Germans as well, a weekly salary perhaps) 3. A dynamic tank campaign: This would be similar to the career mode we have for planes where you create a character who would be a commander of a tank and be apart of a tank squad, you could go out on patrols, defend convoys, and assault/ defend major positions. 4. More bombers: I'd like to see more bombers be added to il-2 nothing big although I would love to see things like B-17's in the sky but since the devs said that may be to hard on the engine I was thinking bombers like the il-4 and even the TB-3 which served on all maps we have in game, and the TB-3 could even be used as a paratroop dropper to counter the junkers transport collector plane. I just think the soviets are lacking in actual bombers in game and I dont wanna keep using lend lease aircraft and instead want to see more indigenous designs. 5. Service pistols for pilots: This is probably the least useful thing on here but would still be fun to see, say you just landed next to an enemy supply truck or arty position you could whip out your good ol'service revolver and try to get one last kill just like in the good old days of ROF. It would also be funny to see people fly up next to a damaged enemy fighter and try to pilot snipe them through the cockpit. Let me know what yuh think and what things you want to see be added to il-2!
  6. I was wondering this because I started a campaign as a lowly transport flyer on the BoM map and wanted to work my way up to bomber captain and finish on the BoK map. I'm using the vanilla career mode.
  7. I've started a campaign and all the missions are at night (no surprise) but my strategy is to let your wing men fly high and ahead of you (at least one) while you are around 200m. when your wing men get to the bomb target that will trigger the AI AAA and search lights to focus on them while you swoop in and bomb the targets. otherwise you'll be torn to shreds if the lights get on you.
  8. Yeah it would be for one squad so it wouldn't be that hard except for building the new face software. Idk just a cool idea.
  9. With the addition of the Po-2 it would be cool if we were able to play as the 43rd squadron (Night Witches) all they would have to do is add female portraits and maybe a custom skin for the ol' crop duster.
  10. I've just been wondering when BOK will be released on steam? and can I buy it off the IL2 website even though I have the main game on steam?
  11. Can some on pleas explain to me clearly how to find <game install dir>\Data\Startup.cfg and how to set mission text log to =1! it is getting really frustrating and any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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