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  1. let me know if i can help, I will down load your TARGET profile and try it out.
  2. you are missing the context. squad night, looking for target, target decided to be air field (this is the problem), group up low level bombers and fighter cover, put 1 in the air to cover form up from base attackers (and one came in and lawn darted into field), everyone else takes off, we all fly to air field where there happen to be 4 on the end of the run way, order everyone not to shoot sitting aircraft but not allow them to take off, bombers start bombing and cover kills everything that tries to get in the air. that is how we run a base attack, problem is that we have read the rules and the rules do not state "no attacking the active airfields" they say "once wheels up they are fair game" and we try to comply but there is a different set of rules being enforced and i get a ban for killing a plane that is taking off. I do not care about the ban, I care about the application of the rules because if the people enforcing the rule do not care what the written rule are then we as a squad can expect a lot of BS in the future from more unwritten rules and that is a a moral killer. at no point have I asked for the ban on me to be lifted, I expressed my concern that the enforced rule is inconsistent with the written rules, the responses have run from you have no honer to it is our privilege to make the rules up as we see fit. so peace out and cheers!
  3. no pivot involved, and the overwhelming evidence you site also points in my favor in that the guy was taking off if you read the sorte report i did like 6% damage and then got credit for 94% at the end where he crashed, so you can tell he was moving AND i STILL CONTEND THAT THIS CONSTITUTES WHEELS UP. As to the rules being stupid I have never said anything like that I have contended that my actions were in line with the written rules and have disagreed with the application of said rules. the thing I have backed off from was that we did target the airfield and dropped bombs on it and it seams that on this server this is not legit. on other servers it is legit. and again we had bombers that were attacking the field and I do not see that letting the enemy have a free shot at our bombers is reasonable just because they are near the field. this is what I gather is the rules for this server and am fine with it but the written rules are confusing at best and contradictory to this interpretation at worst. I guess that my take away from all of this is that on this server do not attack the active airfields, but i would like to suggest that the written rules are changed to reflect this.
  4. Thank you for the information. cheers!
  5. @ Otto_Bann yes mister small mind, I'm not getting much from my conversations with you so i think you and i are done. this is confirmed? If so i apologize, we went to that base to bomb it and if it is not a legit. target that was a bad call on my part. we just came off of a coconuts server where the air bases are legit targets so we expected them to be targets on this server also.
  6. now that would be good information, is it true?
  7. I would agree with this, I don't really like vulching or being vulched but if I'm escorting bombers for low level attack on an enemy airbase I'm not going to let them get into the air to shoot down my bombers. so the rules say they are fair game once wheels up and that is what I did. in the end I just read and try to follow the rules as written and in this case they are confusing. we understood that the air field is a legit. target is that incorrect? define wheels up (that is the wording in the rules) to me he was wheels up. and to be clear we were attacking the air field and as I understand it that is a legit target. we made it a point not to hit sitting targets per the rules, also your attitude is not helpful.
  8. what you call being a d!@k is very subjective, as the leader of JG51 we were strafed on our field during takeoff we group up and fly over to enemy air field and when we get there find 4 aircraft sitting on the runway, I issue orders to squad not to strafe sitting aircraft and wait until they are wheels up to shoot them, we do that and this happens. no one being a D!@k here but you. if the rules say anything other than that they are fair game after wheels up then there might be an argument. he was off the runway and cleared a structure so I would assume that he is wheels up how the server classifies that I do not know. fair enough the new rules will read "do not engage enemy with in ? km of their airfield? also does this also apply to bombing an airfield? are there any other rules that you would like to add since you are the judge of honor and what is and is not a pitiful strategy? we have rule to define what is and is not acceptable, in this case the rules call it fair game. thanks I tend to agree, but my real point is that the rules as I read them say what I did is ok. the ban on me does not matter in the overall picture, the question that I was asking is what should my squad expect in the future if we are making combat box a regular part of our squad night and we can expect more rules to be pulled from the air we may need to plan on going someplace else. BTW the people calling me a D!@k for bringing this up are not helping. ok again fair enough, in this case the air plane was at the end of the their takeoff run and in the air to the best of my ability to judge it, not on a taxiway or spawning area. if the rules are no vulching I'm ok with that but I would suggest that the rules need to be made clearer. lol hi Elanski
  9. I have read the rules and it states that straffing planes on the airfield is not allowed, on my first trip to combat box I waited until a plane was off the ground on its takeoff run (assume wheels up) and shot him down, this led to me being banned if this is correct some one needs to better define the rules but also that seems a little petty.
  10. I'm currently working on a TARGET script to limit the virtual Throttle output to max combat under normal conditions and this works great. I'm also adding a "turbo" button that allows the virtual controller output to go to max throttle output, this works also the only issue I'm having is that the virtual throttle output does not update until after the physical throttle is moved and then it will output the correct axis output. i'm using the SetCustomCurve () function and have tried to use the AXIS() function to force the virtual controller to flush the value out with no success. the relevant parts of the code are: MapKey(&Throttle, LDGH, EXEC("safe_point = (((Throttle[THR_LEFT] + 32768) * 100) / 65535);printf(\"safe_point = %d \\xa\", safe_point); ")); //save the current throttle setting as the safe_point MapKeyR(&Throttle, LDGH, EXEC("Set_Safe(safe_point);")); //call to set throttle safe curve on release of button MapKey(&Throttle, SPDB, EXEC("Set_Emerg();")); //call for emerg power throttle curve MapKeyR(&Throttle, SPDB, EXEC("Set_Safe(safe_point);")); //call to set throttle safe curve on release of button defined functions: int Set_Safe(int sp) { SetCustomCurve (&Throttle, THR_LEFT, LIST(0,0, 50,50, sp,sp, 100,sp)); //set the safe throttle point curve this is a dead band from sp to 100% throttle SetCustomCurve (&Throttle, THR_RIGHT, LIST(0,0, 50,50, sp,sp, 100,sp)); AXIS(DX_ZROT_AXIS, 10, 1000); //force the THR_LEFT output to the setpoint AXIS(DX_THROTTLE_AXIS, 10, 1000); //force the THR_RIGHT output to the setpoint printf("safe_point = %d \xa", sp); } int Set_Emerg() { SetCustomCurve (&Throttle, THR_LEFT, LIST(0,0, 50,50, 75,75, 100,100)); //enable emergency throttle curve by removing the dead band SetCustomCurve (&Throttle, THR_RIGHT, LIST(0,0, 50,50, 75,75, 100,100)); AXIS(DX_ZROT_AXIS, 10, 1000); //force the THR_LEFT output to 100% AXIS(DX_THROTTLE_AXIS, 10, 1000); //force the THR_RIGHT output to 100% printf("safe_point = 100 \xa"); } the AXIS functions are not giving me any errors but are also not changing the virtual controller output, any ideas? Thanks
  11. ok Thanks Psyrion, so has anyone found a way to keep the Tacview program recording, it wants to cut off when the track file in bos reaches 500mb (anywhere from 10 min to 20min) so a timer is of limited use.
  12. how do i change the length of the track recording file?
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