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  1. MF-beepee

    My First Tiger Skin

    Awesome work on the skins Thank You!
  2. MF-beepee

    Will Tank Crew be fully integrated into BoX?

    The Unprofessionals server has Tank Spawns with tank objectives (capturable Tank Bases). And yes, there are airfields and aircraft.
  3. MF-beepee

    Skin 4k Pfalz DIIIa

    These skins are great! Thanks E69_julian57!
  4. MF-beepee

    Menacing Ferrets

    >S < Ogg. It is great to see you guys on the server. We usually come out on the losing side against you, but it is always a good scrap and lots of fun. We switch sides every month so we will be flying Luftwaffles all of January.
  5. MF-beepee

    Skinning resources

    Here you go : https://www.mediafire.com/file/szzehticrudjbbw/VVS_Markings.zip/file
  6. MF-beepee

    Sketch's Missions

    Thank You Sir!
  7. MF-beepee

    Alphas in 4k skins Or Where are my tyres?

    Brilliant! Thanks for the reminder about that BlackHellHound. I'm just getting into 4k skins for my squaddies.
  8. Hey all, I am not a very advanced skin artist and I basically just mess with paint jobs and decals My knowledge of Alpha channels is fairly limited and so I usually flatten the Alpha and just apply the curves to darken to my liking. However, when I do so on the 190s, I have noticed that I am missing my tyres (see below) I guess that I am using the 4k Alpha incorrectly. I am using GIMP. If it is not too much trouble, can someone please explain what I need to do to avoid this happening?
  9. MF-beepee

    Spitfire Rhubarb Story

  10. MF-beepee

    A Spitfire documentary

  11. Enjoyed the fly in last night. Cheers to all involved with mission building and hosting. 🍻
  12. MF-beepee

    Menacing Ferrets

    Saturday night is squad night for us. There will most likey be 3 or 4 of us stooging around from 20:00 EST (8pm EST). Bring your own beverages.
  13. MF-beepee

    So who else is looking forward to P-38 ?

    I am definitely looking forward to it. But then, I am looking forward to most of the BoBP plane set.🍺
  14. So I had this issue again after letting WIndoze 10 update. I went to Logitech and grabbed the latest X52 drivers. I then found out on trying to install them that it would not recognize the USB connection. After much trial and error I discovered that I needed to go into the device manager, right click on the X52 (under "Human Interface Devices"), click "update drivers" , then "browse my computer" and "let me pick" and select the generic "USB input Device" and hit the next button. And it worked.