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  1. I have a question. Can we use a hybrid? As in, can I map some in game and use your fcf files for other controls?
  2. I wonder what the Germans called them?
  3. Thank you! I have just purchased a Warthog after using an X52 for a long time. This will take some getting used to, but your scripts will help. 👍🍻
  4. Alas...It was just my connection dropping out
  5. Master server is down for me...could it be??
  6. Check this out : https://www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/junkers-ju-87-stuka-utm_sourcepenultimate.html
  7. Someone did say that further up the thread, they wanted dots for far ranged aircraft. I did not state my case clearly, but what I meant was, if that is implemented by the devs as a non optional aid to spotting I would be more unhappy with that. I agree it is not perfect now with the disappearing planes at mid range, but it's still playable an not an immersion breaker to me. And it's a game, not reality. Even the scalable side of things like in BMS is unrealistic to me, but as you say, it will be acceptable to others. TLDR : I just hope this thread does not
  8. 100 %. Whatever the solution, please don't go for more " gamey" solutions or add icons and dots (and yes I know it can depend on the server admins for icons).
  9. Kirchellen 23rd March 1945 https://ncap.org.uk/frame/1-1-74-2-82 If you subscribe you can zoom. You can also purchase hi-res scans from the website
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