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  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/rv-petrel-battle-midway-kaga-wreck-aircraft-carrier-ww2-paul-allen-a9161481.html Update: Akagi has also been found! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-50124313 Let's hope we see these carriers in the next expansion!
  2. Awesome, I will check that out. Thanks for the advice! I need to double check the motherboard to see if it will support the DDR4 ram as well. When do you think we will see the price change?
  3. Thanks for the help, I figured that it was the CPU. Any opinions on the i7-9700k? I am seeing that come up a lot in my research.
  4. I currently have: CPU: i5-4690 GPU: GTX 1080 RAM: 8gb DDR3 (upgrading to 16 along with CPU) What CPUs should I consider for improving my VR performance? Is my CPU even my biggest current bottleneck? I currently am running on lowish settings and getting ~30 FPS which occasionally dips to about 20 which just isn't very good. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I feel like this is the biggest game changer of the patch. I am definitely going to have to temper my flying toward the physical limitations of the pilot and not to the maneuvering capabilities of the plane. I have already had a pretty humiliating death in an online dogfight because of it! Really glad they added this, though.
  6. Glad to hear spotting ships in the Pacific will be much more realistic!
  7. Do any Kuban campaigns feature anti-shipping missions?
  8. Good to know, I will try out the Nvidia Shadowplay you mentioned. Thanks!
  9. The last dev diary said "Be warned by the way - because of the critical amount of changes, the track and mission format will be changed, so if you have interesting tracks convert them to videos beforehand." Is there a trick to doing this quickly so I don't lose my tracks? Thanks all.
  10. Sorry if I'm part of the source of frustration. You put up a great fight against my Camel and when I finally got into a good position I ended up ramming you! Still kicking myself on that one 😂
  11. Thanks, I will do that. I just messed with it some more and it seems to just be the Pfalz. Instead of fighting them, I decided to try flying it myself and the AI actually fought back (Spads). The rest of my wingmen turned tail and ran, however. EDIT: Seems it depends on the amount of fuel available. I gave the Pfalz and the Spads full fuel and they stuck around and fought
  12. How are you getting the AI to fight you? All of the quick missions I do result in 1 or 2 planes fighting but all of the rest dive to the deck and flee the scene.
  13. Someone should post these events on the IL-2 subreddit. I caved and got FC and had a lot of fun dogfighting with you all!
  14. Great! What about the blurred "bloody" vision that happens when you are wounded? Is it still as dramatically visually impairing as it used to be?
  15. Just curious if it still hinders your vision as much as in the past. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the feedback! What kind of future does this game have for multiplayer? If the single player is a bit wonky and the MP is dead, I worry about whether or not I'd get my money's worth. I really want FC to be great, I just need a bit of reassurance I guess.
  17. I am curious as to how the Great Battles AI is performing in the WWI birds. Do they provide a good challenge? Are the AI planes fun to fight against? AI is my biggest concern at this point as I have never liked the way the AI handles the WWII planes (flying in endless circles) so I wanted to see what you guys think of it as is.
  18. Finally got through by using my Amazon account. Paypal and just entering my card refused to work. Hope that helps people in the same boat I was in.
  19. No biggie, there are lot's of things to look forward to from FC, TC, and more trickle BoBP content until then.
  20. Let's hope we here something soon-ish and that its Pacific! I would be thrilled even if they have to do it in a somewhat limited fashion like in Burma as others have mentioned.
  21. We will know the next expansion before then, right? I seem to remember BoBP was announced several months before BoK was actually released.
  22. Thanks for posting this! His damaged flight helmet is on display in the National Museum of the Pacific War in Texas. I was in awe last summer when I saw it after recently reading his book. It was fascinating to see him sitting there with it and talking about the wound he received and just hearing how much he admired the Zero. Bring on IL-2: Pacific!
  23. I'm always happy to see improvements to the AI. I really want to enjoy single player more than I do, I think the steady AI improvements we're seeing will convince me to give it another shot. Improvements to the WWI AI will probably be the single greatest deciding factor guiding whether or not I purchase FC.
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