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  1. I believe they will be coming, it is something the devs have mentioned working on. Perhaps we will get in during the BoN development cycle.
  2. I'd buy this in a heartbeat if made into a collector plane!
  3. Sad as it may be, you make a good argument. It really all depends on how much data they already have. Are they guessing at a couple of instruments or all of the things you mentioned? I am certainly ok with them making some educated guesses in places, but you are right about there being a certain threshold to even be able to make educated guesses. I don't have much experience with 1946 (I got on the flight sim wagon while Kuban was in development), but I think a lot of us can agree the standards of 1946 don't match with Great Battles and that the PTO should not be a simple copy/paste of the very old and likely inaccurate flight model of the past.
  4. Frustrating though it may be to get sniped, I have never had an issue with it. You notice happen more on planes where the pilot has less protection and it is very easy to aim directly for the pilot in FC aircraft where the hitbox is spot on. It can be annoying to be instantly deleted, but you can't really make a convincing argument that the game doesn't handle it accurately. The AI gunners on certain aircraft can be way too good (cough Pe-2 cough) in my opinion, but that is a separate issue.
  5. My interpretation is different. I get no definitive no from his most recent statement and will continue to hope for the best. Everyone can read into those statements however they wish. Regardless, I enjoy all the conversation around Japanese aircraft and people's ideas for the series.
  6. Him saying "This is why I have delayed any attempt to make a Pacific themed product to this point. " "I will continue to search any resource I find including government sources for actionable and useful info on Japanese aircraft, especially their cockpits in my spare time" and "I still hold out hope that we can sail the Pacific at some point in the future. " does not sound like a 'flat out no' as suggested.
  7. Can you link to where they "flat out said no"?
  8. It is pretty ignorant to think that no one cares about something people are asking for literally every single day around here. You definitely do not speak for many people.
  9. Exactly, all the more reason to do it. Shoot, people complain even when the documentation is good. Why let that stop them from anything? People gripe, just a fact that will exist regardless. And if people want to be total sticklers about flying something perfectly accurate, they can fly the better documented American planes while people like me fly Japanese stuff knowing it is made to the highest quality with the material available. As I mentioned before in this thread, I won't know what isn't done perfectly and neither will anyone else really.
  10. Reading around the forum, it almost seems like passing on a PTO expansion next time around would be riskier than doing it. People are clamoring for it constantly and I think there is some fatigue setting in with 5 expansions now featuring 109s and 190s and the like. At some point they will need to move on. Of course there is also Italian planes they could do, but it really seems like people are generally more interested in the PTO.
  11. I'd love to help in my free time, I'm just not sure how or where to look. As I mentioned earlier, I am curious if US Navy archives (or archives of any allied country that participated in the Pacific theater) might be of some use here. Maybe there is an inquiry process available to the public of those countries. I will try to find out when I have some time.
  12. Hopefully we can find out for ourselves! Fingers crossed for a B-25 collector plane soon!
  13. That's a shame, but I understand. Still, is it possible that US documentation on captured Japanese aircraft could provide us with information on the cockpit layouts of these planes? I think that is something the devs have said they are struggling with.
  14. Definitely. I would love a channel scenario on Combat Box. That sound a lot more balanced and plausible than a BoB scenario. I am really looking forward to what CB does with the Channel map.
  15. Is it possible to request all of that information from the USN archives? I'm curious if they have some good information on Japanese planes. I'd imagine they have information on any planes the captured and tested.
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