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  1. I've been using both the flare guns and personal weapons without an issue using Oculus Rift. I've mapped separate buttons on my joystick for equipping personal weapon, firing it and putting it away (3 buttons). Of course I still have to aim with my head, which might not be ideal, but I've still been able to actually shoot down enemies with the pistol without any real issues. Note that unequipping a flare gun / personal weapon is a separate key from the ones you press to equip them, maybe that is the issue?
  2. I just like to imagine I'm wearing goggles as I should be, though I know WW2 pilot goggles atleast in most cases probably restricted FOV less than some VR sets.
  3. Rothary

    Faux Hakenkreuz

    I would personally probably just prefer normal crosses like War Thunder does with Finnish markings, as they still make sense as actual symbols and are thus less obvious as a replacement for swastikas. The current ones are still fine, though, and I don't really see any real reason to change them or to get rid of them. In Finland we just simply don't care
  4. That's fine but personally I honestly don't see how the map could be improved much further apart from no man's land (though I don't see 3D trenches ever becoming a thing in this game engine for technical reasons and don't frankly understand why so many people were expecting them). Ground/field textures are are far better in my eyes, forests look a thousand times more natural and better follow the shapes of the fields below making the scenery significantly more natural and pleasing to look at for me. The biggest difference are the cities which are now actually visible from further away while making ROF cities look outdated by atleast a decade when compared side by side details-wise, though I understand that cities aren't necessarily something you actually spend time flying around during missions. I also much prefer the FC colours over the overly washed out palette of ROF, but that (as with the map itself) is clearly a very subjective thing and we'll have to agree to disagree.
  5. To me the FC map is a huge improvement over ROF one so I cannot agree that the map doesn't represent any progress, I took some comparison shots of the same locations in ROF vs FC for reference: https://imgur.com/a/XVItrN6 Also the AI in ROF makes singleplayer in ROF unplayable for me (and I don't play multiplayer), because they only ever do one thing which is roll and dive, which they repeat over and over until they're too low to do it anymore without crashing down. It's simply impossible to fight with the ROF AI without them immediadly granting you a massive altitude advantage for free. This is far from the case in FC atleast in my experience. Edit: forgot to mention one feature about the map that makes a surprisingly big difference to me - when flying high up you can actually see the shoreline (and even the coast of England if you're high up near the edge of the map), sight of which really makes me personally feel like I'm flying over northern France - not just a random area far inland full of fields, which is how ROF feels like for me.
  6. Surprisingly quiet here today
  7. You can actually see Britain far outside the map
  8. I just checked the Albatros D.Va cockpit in VR, comparing it to the Fokker D.VII cockpit and I honestly cannot say that I notice any difference in quality what so ever. Are there any particular details that throw you off that I might be missing?
  9. The instrument bar is also oval on all reproduction examples I can find (as well as being green), so I trust this is the case for the original real ones too.
  10. Atleast the Finnish Defence Forces have already found a big improvement in training results thanks to virtual training. The idea is that you go through the theory virtually so that before you go train in the field, everyone already has an idea of how it's supposed to be done and what they're supposed to do themselves (since they've already done it virtually). Results show that those who did virtual training before training in the field learned new tricks faster and more efficiently, performing better in following exercises than people who had to learn the theory either in a class room or directly in the field. That being said, keeping everyone serious for a 2h virtual training session was already quite a challenge in our experience. Doing an entire two week exercise virtually is almost bound to get out of hand. Such large virtual exercises are imo hardly useful for individual soldiers, but I suspect they likely focus more on practicing the large scale strategic action, which is indeed significantly cheaper to do virtually than for real, while being barely different in practice for the people focusing on the large scale.
  11. Yeah I had to film it vertically with my phone, since the phone doesnt fit in front of the lense horizontally. Note that I can only film through one lense at a time, while the headset has two (one for each eye), which allows you to see the virtual world in 3D through the exact same mechanism you see the real world in 3D. Your field of vision really just feels like you're wearing goggles. And yes, the resolution is better than it appears on the video, while still not exactly being high, but you can read most dials without having to lean forward.
  12. Already posted this short vid of mine in the FC thread about mirrors, but I'll post it here again to help people understand how VR works / what it actually is
  13. Been playing this for a bit now since its early access release. What you should know is that it's not trying to be a full on U-boat simulator where you fight a war going on long patrols from start to finish, navigating your way across the seas like the Silent Hunter series. This game is about playing with other players as a crew operating a relatively realistic U-boat (while simplified to be managable with the tiny player crew). What the game currently has is a simple mission of sinking an X amount of tonnage of merchant ships. You spawn in the middle of the sea in a general area of your choosing (such as North Sea or Norwegian Sea etc) with a convoy somewhere in the area. Your job as a crew is to find that convoy and attack it without getting killed. The mission may be at night, day, dawn, maybe with fog or rain or clear skies (you'll be able to adjust this in the next patch) That being said the game is a bit empty with just this one scenario at the moment, but working as a team trying to find that convoy is rather fun. Captain orders your crew to dive, you all clear the bridge and close the hatch as you get in and slide down the ladder, one guy opens the aft flood tanks and you open the bow ones after switching to electric motors, while third guy controls the dive planes. Boat starts sinking once ballast tanks are full and dive planes guy tries to steady the boat at periscope depth, while others close the flood tanks and someone else mans the hydrophone and starts listening, keeping everyone else informed on what he's hearing, while someone else may try to keep track of our position on the map since we dived. Spotting a ship at last with your binoculars while on the bridge and informing everyone else about it feels really exciting. Someone puts on Ride of the Valkyries on the record player and the hunt is on. You can also have several U-boats (I think up to 4) in the same game, which you can try to contact with the U-boat's radio, though we haven't had much luck with that yet. Overall I'm really enjoying the game despite its current rather rudimental state, though it has been rather unstable for me crashing quite frequently, even causing blue screen a total of three times. I suppose you can't expect too much from two inexperienced developers whose first game just entered public early access for the first time. I'm sure things will smoothen out over time. More info (and the active devs) can be found at the game discord https://discordapp.com/invite/SH2Rg42
  14. Well here's another one using Sopwith Camel. When using VR you of course also have two views rather than just this one my phone is filming, since you have two eyes and the headset has two lenses. What this means is that the VR world appears to you as 3D through the exact same mechanic real life appears as 3D. This feels really amazing in VR because as a result you can tell distances a lot better. Flying in a very tight formation becomes significantly easier , you can really tell that you're flying high up and you can even see just how big the aircraft actually are. The immersion is really only limited by the lack of physical feel for what you're seeing, which for some people might cause motion sickness. VR really is one of those things that you just gotta try for yourself to really get the idea. Note that you can only move freely this far away from the actual cockpit if you're not using the setting that restricts your VR view into the cockpit. Without the setting you can for example simply lean to the side to clip through the canopy of your WW2 plane. What the setting does is simply make you drag the entire world with your view if you go beyond the limit, so if you for example try to push your head through the canopy, you'll be simply pushing the canopy (and the entire world) with your head, which might feel a bit funny.
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