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  1. Good work. However why you decided that german victory in september ? Final score was not posted yet. Intresting pilots list, three of german pilots are chute jampers, some was not included. Unfortunately you not mention guys who eran the victory for them teams on twoseaters far behind the enemy line in the mud.
  2. Why rush ? BS IV was announced 13/08, campaign guidebook, 2!!! weeks later. Only yesterday i get reply from organizers about my side. Fully disagree with your approach.
  3. Let's see how many will come to the end of campaign)
  4. Adler Legion with limited staff is washes the planes and cleaning machine guns. S!
  5. INWAR SUMMER 2018 Salute gentlemen ! Before this time we did not get any understandable answer from BOS developers about some important for INWAR game bugs. I mean fix time. Because of this fact we decided to not wait common fixes and start campaign with them, so fuel limitation and ammo load at reserve airfields are not workin proporely. It is not our fault so we hope on fairplay and honout to your opponents and use them only main field supply. This time German side team will be under HQ with Finnish veterans of previous campaigns, Soviet side team command without changes. Day and time was changed, now flights will be sunday 20:30 Moscow/Helsinki time. 27.05.2018 - 20:30 Dry Run. Pilots will review the map and ground targets, commanders will try ground operations, but results will not count in the future. Event schedule. 1 stage: 3 june 20:30-22:30 (GMT+3) 10 june 20:30-23:30 (GMT+3) 2 stage: 17 june 20:30-22:30 (GMT+3) 24 june 20:30-23:30 (GMT+3) 3 stage: 1 july 20:30-22:30 (GMT+3) 8 july 20:30-23:30 (GMT+3) 4 stage: 15 july 20:30-22:30 (GMT+3) 22 july 20:30-23:30 (GMT+3) Briefing starts at 20:00 (30 minutes before flights as always). Main Teamspeak axa-ts3.servegame.com Reserve Teamspeak https://ts3rof.flying-barans.ru:7777 pass 1917 Rules and registrations for new pilots http://inwar.club/
  6. Hi ! Main game bugs we fixed. InWar developers are ready to start. Main problems are: we have no Blue (German) Side Commander, and we have no blue (german) team.
  7. I do not see a problem. Everybody, who have an intrest may come and ask any questions
  8. Thanks, but its not only mine. Group of russian speaking communities made this. =J13=Xarann is main author (he prepared the map in editor). I hope it will be interesting event. Unfortunately i cant not be here from the start, because of flying at Rise of Flight tournament before the end of the april. Right now, from time to time i helping guys to make posts this forum. Too few BOS russians can speak in english. S!
  9. Dear friends, IW developers dicided to start the campaign without project site. Right now it has status WIP. First season calendar: 1 week 15.04.2016 - night mission (19:00 GMT - 21:00GMT); 16.04.2016 - day mission (19:00 GMT - 22:00 GMT) 2 week 22.04.2016 - night mission (19:00 GMT - 21:00GMT); 23.04.2016 - day mission (19:00 GMT - 22:00 GMT) 3 week 13.05.2016 - night mission (19:00 GMT - 21:00GMT); 14.05.2016 - day mission (19:00 GMT - 22:00 GMT) 4 week 20.05.2016 - night mission (19:00 GMT - 21:00GMT); 21.05.2016 - day mission (19:00 GMT - 22:00 GMT) 5 week 27.05.2016 - night mission (19:00 GMT - 21:00GMT); 28.05.2016 - day mission (19:00 GMT - 22:00 GMT) Team speak: ts.axeman.su Server: InWar (password you will get via your commanders) Site: WIP http://iw.axeman.su/ Registration board: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OY-w6uN8w3qNl5MG-Mk3X8o6y1jf1_BwA03asEn13tQ/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=0 Next Tuesday 12.04.2016 20:30 GMT rules conference at TS ts.axeman.su , please come.
  10. Salute gentlemen ! Sorry for late answer, too busy IRL right now. From the each side teams are able to elect them Side Commander (SC) or staff of players who will prepare the tasks for pilots and present team. From our own experience those players are active squad leaders, authority persons. They have to: 1) wish to command 2) understand the rules in details with all nuances 3) have to be during the flights (but it is not necessary to be an active pilot) 4) responsibility 5) strategic and tactical literacy 6) have experience in team organization In a Multilanguage teams regular language is English, so at least one person (communication officer) who can speak, have to be at every squad.
  11. Q: Why you do not have format of campaign 24 hours 7 days ? A: We think that to make a simulation at this format impossible at least at current stage of BOS/BOM development. Main idea, teams at IW has at headquarters, commanders who using resources, plan each operations. This plan could be change online during the fights in according with current situations. Only commander can decide were side have to make an offensive operations. This could be only in session format, not 24/7. To make a good defensive/defensive plane IRL commander and HQ needs much time fore preparing and discussion. And the most important thing: each unit, each flight leader have to know the tasks, what and how to do. All pilots have to understand why they are here. The main word of this campaign - TEAM !
  12. A: "Total amount of planes is limited. We can add more types of planes, but most of pilots prefer Yak-1 and La-5. To give Lagg is not probhlem, but in this case we have to reduce amount of ater times of planes." =J13=Xarann
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