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  1. I would like to thank all BAX participants and organisers for the event. I hope Jason and 777 recived new facts about community and understand that all common and possible bugs at FC have to be fixed as soon as possible. Funs need to have more FC planes to make the game it more intresting and various. ... comes to the homeport.
  2. Hi Sahaj, not now, sorry) S!
  3. Personally wish anything from mid 1943, with active using Hellcats and Corsairs.
  4. I will not discuss this and other info from secured resources which is only for Entente team. Stay confidentiality, otherwise you will lose team trust. You can ask me personally what you need. Salute!
  5. Hi! I am for intesting event, and if you will say that you have only 5, we will discuss moving Entente pilots for Central team and reducing the flying time. I am not complaining, i am showing the facts for everybody and what we should to do to make this event outsanding for everyone. I am against routine and one side playing, skills have to matters, not quantity. Regards!
  6. Gentelmen! I do not know situation at Central team, but for entente team i can say exactly that right now we do not have even half necessary team. We need to fill 37 slots for all 6 hours. To fly more than 3 hours is difficult for most most of pilots. So total team activity must be more than 70 regular pilots. I even not take in accout reserve pilots. Please be active on mission avaliable sign (nesseasry info at Jasta 5 forum), in other case i WILL RISE this friday evening the question to organizers about reducing fome two 3-hour session to one with changing main session time or rebalancing both teams moving pilots from one side to another. Your command need time to prepare the plans for flying for EACH Bloody April participant. Hurry up!
  7. Good evening! Friday 3 April 9:00 PM (GMT) Jasta 5 Discord Entent HQ Channel Bloody April X organisation meeting for Entente squadron commanders and mercenaries. Discord https://discord.gg/h8MRmyN S!
  8. For Bloody April X Entente team http://www.jasta5.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=14641&p=44700&sid=e5c5feb849ab327e1a9944e2e0fddffb#p44700 Salute!
  9. Entente lost planes faster also because of amount of coming pilots. If I am not mistaken, at start we had 30:20.
  10. I guess you're right, but may be we will see something after TANK release, i hope.
  11. Good work. However why you decided that german victory in september ? Final score was not posted yet. Intresting pilots list, three of german pilots are chute jampers, some was not included. Unfortunately you not mention guys who eran the victory for them teams on twoseaters far behind the enemy line in the mud.
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