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  1. FMF*Noemis

    Tactical Air War Videos

  2. FMF*Noemis

    Ju-52/3m g4e Introduction

    In 30 attempts - one successful. Thanks for the tip DD_Arthur https://youtube.com/watch?v=woO4ayDAbjY
  3. FMF*Noemis

    Ju-52/3m g4e Introduction

    Many thanks McKvack!
  4. FMF*Noemis

    Historic camouflage certificate

    In my humble opinion, here we are talking not only about motivation and recognition for the hard work, but also about the virtual pilots recognized and used more correct skins of their aircraft and thus be closer to the historical reality of WWII. I support the proposal of Lothar29
  5. FMF*Noemis

    Bf-109 G2 skins

    Good work, thanks mate!
  6. FMF*Noemis

    Bf-109 G2 skins

    Excellent work Lothar29!