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  1. 10K limit promotes; -low altitude amateur fights -takes needed space from energy fighting and group formations -pushes everyone to get low - works good only for turn and burners not fun at all.
  2. Even schwarm is the reversed form of this formation, it was still worth to remember, had no comms with these guys, we strafed an enemy artillery position, saw that they were coming back home, joined them in their wings and took this memory. Good flight guys. /S Oz
  3. Oz*

    Splash 1 | G-2 in action

    thanks guys @shadow - yea man it was lol @hiro - nice deal for me, he should be in a dcs tournament now lets see how it goes for him @shepherd - its the german radio mod from il2 1946, someone converted it to bos, quite good, should be in forums, ll post a link when i find it
  4. Oz*

    Splash 1 | G-2 in action

    Thanks Hiromachi, we should fly together sometimes dude.
  5. I would love to read it if there is any reference about a 190 driver that did it in ww2. I would also prefer starting a scissor with the bandit within a barrel roll (hiding in gun solution) to save time and energy and switch to stallmate the fight if needed (or create a window for wingmen to assist) without being predictable, rather than a useless move that drains your energy that gives bandit a chance to repeat the attack, especially for a airframe like 190. see first act first shoot first work as a team or don't be a hero go change the coffee don't go below 190 standarts higher alt-more energy follow no more than 45* repeat with awareness
  6. - think with your ailerons, act with your rudders, pig.
  7. Well some thoughts need to be told : Speaking as one of your early access players; As I'm having lots of fun in BOS from the beginning like I do in the previous series, I advertised this great sim from the first announcement, suggested it many times to my wingmen or any future virtual flight simmers, talked numerous hours how it "feels for us" On the other hand, we all know that BOS is still inferior from CLOD and even from 1946 in some areas. From now on I probably not going to follow your premium option due to witnessing what have you done so far, I believe that you have some major cons those indicate that you may to re-think your strategy, - Premium System that brakes equality / skill based gameplay (it could be a little gift - a manual - a map rather than extra planes) - Idea of not finishing the current project like in CLOD and coming up with an another game rather than an expansion that divides the community, - Restricting graphical settings, - Basic skinning system inferior from CLOD, - Forcing people to play single player scenarios for a very long time which shows that you may need to listen your community bit more better in the future, - And the price that needs to be tonned down to handle the expectations.
  8. It's not a realistic game, can't be compared with the simulators, if you go with realism you might get some bad habits as well but, it's a free game, fast paced, good looking, optimized mmo, you can give it a try. Downside is, Unlocks, mouse control, constantly changing balance, weird damage model, constantly adjusted flight model etc... The thing is, it's a magnet for people that never tried flight simulators before. This is the big picture if you get it.
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