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  1. Would it not make more sense that you take off from the airfield further away from the battle area, and the airfield near the battle area is where you spawn at altitude?
  2. Amazing footage! I never saw this great POV footage on youtube, or anywhere else on the internet.
  3. The trim doesn't work. Try mapping vertical stabilizer instead of trim.
  4. Flying anything other than 109 is a pain in the ass. Thank god that 109 has vertical stabs implemented.;
  5. I guess we can expect multiplayer in the next 6 months.
  6. Its probably again just gonna be a bunch of stuff "we can feel, but not see".
  7. I hope that we actually get something new this week.
  8. Ive got a medieval HD6670 (not even a gaming card) and im running on low 30 FPS, in the air up to 40.
  9. If im running it stock downloaded from steam with no mods installed at 30 fps, will I run it better with all of those mods and patches?
  10. I have to bump this one, it would be very useful if they implement that sort of sensitivity.
  11. Putting your settings to low doesn't give you any advantages in spotting.
  12. We want sie multiplayers!! Its still not 20 00 moscow time, we still got 6 hrs to go.
  13. Couldn't have said that better myself Killer, also you can get a fake trim on your 109, its called "Adjustable stabilizer" in the Plane controls tab. Enjoy! Also, when is that multiplayer coming?!
  14. cockpit looks great too, what are you talking about?
  15. There is no founders skin, thats a shame...
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