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  1. For trail or smoketrail effects for sure. But for explosions and hit effects it's not enough. > Movement: For an explosion you need to have a high velocity bitmap in y-direction slowing down over a short period. So you need direction, start speed and end speed - interpolated by time > Brightness: Its not enough to set the brightness in DDS files, because they are fixed. For a fire effect you need to set the initial brightness at very high, ending to a darker tone over time. This and the color adjustment. You can achieve this also using several bitmap files, but the first solution is gpu friendly > Alpha: is okay. i missed this. You need some more options for decent special effects, like a fixed ammount of used particles and what they should do (how to move or interact)
  2. Thank you for the explanation. I noticed these txt files too. You can just set some general values for some ongoing particle streams, like smoke trails and change their bitmap-file. But you can't adjust important particle settings like wind behavior, initial movement, final movement, rotation, gravity, brightness, color changing, alpha fade in / fade out or additional bitmaps. If we had these values in a txt-file, we could make some effects much, much better.
  3. The effects-settings are stored in *.efx or *.epl files. If you know how to edit or to open these files, then you can change these effects.
  4. It's a pity, that we are only able to change the textures of these effects.
  5. Irgendwie sehen die Effekte in diesen alten Aufnahmen deutlich realistischer aus wie in so gut wie allen neuen Filmen. Schon wie nah die Soldaten an diesen großen Granateinschlägen stehen. 😱
  6. Also mal ein RIESEN DANKESCHÖN an die Mod-Bastler!!! Endlich verstehe ich mal einen Ton, was die Flügeltypen da sagen. Und nicht nur das: Es klingt auch richtig gut! Trägt ungemein zur Atmosphäre bei. Also nochmals: Dankeschön und weiter so! 👍
  7. i can confirm this. I was able to find my targets this way.
  8. I experienced this, too. But not on Expert-Level, so i could use the map with Aircraft-Markers (i fly in VR so this is a good compromise to the worse view i have with the resolution and screen door). What i always notice, is that the target-enemys are some kilometers further away from the action point, flying in circles. So i got closing up and finished the mission with shooting down these targets. I had this several times in the first BOS campaign. So maybe this is a bug.
  9. Yes, when i unpause the game, it resets itself. It's not that bad when paused, but on the surface, when taxiing, it's irritating and nauseaing.
  10. Thank you for explaining! I don't think this is the reason. It would also appear, if i had bad fps, right? So i had a PWCG-Mission with tons of objects and the fps were getting down in some situations. But this issue didn't appear, because the game was not paused. It is definitely not fps-related.
  11. Of course you can continue fighting with a smoking 109 in multiplayer, because you don't have to get back again to save your life. In a SP campaign things are different. If your 109 starts to light a cigarre, it's time to get back as far as possible, until your engine dies of lung-cancer. And this means end of mission and maybe end of your carreer.
  12. Yes, it can sometimes easily lead to some frustration, when only one single bullet lost its way to my position and "accidently" hit my engine through the entire plane after 45 minutes.
  13. Don't know. I always turn off ASW because of the prop-double-vision issue. But i can clearly say, it doesn't matter if i play it on low or high or with or without ASW. My System is a i7 2600 with a GTX 1070 and 32 GB RAM. What is a "catch up jump"?
  14. As i mentioned. The drift appears only when the game is paused or the plane is landed. While flying, everything is completely fine. No drift, no odd behavior, no other tracking issues. So i think it's not a tracking problem, but some sort of a bug.
  15. I do like the 109 flying capabilities. It's easy and stable enough for me. The only real disadvantage i experience with it is that mostly only one hit ends the day. I don't know if it's different in online challenges, because i play SP only. But almost every time i got hit, my engine is severely damaged and within minutes i'm eventually forced to go down. So the result is, that i do avoid any close contact with a certain chance of getting hit, including to run home to mommy for a while. :D
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