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  1. catchthefoxes

    P-47 D Skins

    No.22, 73rd FS, 318th FG made a clean and weathered version clean weathered
  2. catchthefoxes

    DD today?

    are external fuel tanks still on track?
  3. catchthefoxes

    DD today?

    yea i hope the bobp map comes with the d9 and 262 (i hope) but more probable with the p51
  4. catchthefoxes

    When the P51 will be available?

    Is it safe to say that the BoBP map will come paired with other planes as well? Like a D9 and 262? Or a p51? Doesn’t say it won’t 😋
  5. catchthefoxes

    DD today?

    well, ya never know.
  6. catchthefoxes

    color film

    ill definitely tweak with the saturation! thanks for pointing that out
  7. catchthefoxes

    Det's Hangar

    @DetCord12B OMG YES, glad to hear that I CANT WAIT FoR YOUR SKINS!!! (when your ready of course) 😀
  8. catchthefoxes

    DD today?

    oh is that what the people are witing for?
  9. catchthefoxes

    DD today?

  10. catchthefoxes

    DD today?

    P 47 M
  11. catchthefoxes

    DD today?

    I’m sorry but what is supposed to happen next week?
  12. catchthefoxes

    50.cal smoke

    maybe but there is still smoke coming off of them in every gun cam ive seen and i don't know why, maybe some rounds did produce smoke?
  13. catchthefoxes

    color film

    I use davinciresolve ! good for complex color grading and everything in between
  14. catchthefoxes

    color film

    THANKS ALL!! (added one i just finished now)
  15. catchthefoxes

    50.cal smoke

    I know modern day 12.5mm rounds don't produce smoke but there is obviously smoke coming off of those rounds, does someone know what is causing this? can the devs please add this? and more than every gun camera is proof that smoke did come off of the rounds back then.