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  1. this is a pretty awesome update, though I have not bought FC i will in the future!! also, is it just me or have you guys taken motion blur out of cockpit view and left it in external view?
  2. catchthefoxes

    Playing with no Tracking device...

    trackhat, a PSeye camera and a snip of 35mm color film and tape
  3. catchthefoxes

    airfield strafing

    thanks! but which ones?
  4. catchthefoxes

    airfield strafing

    tbh I haven't finished my career for Moscow yet but I wanted to know if there are any airfield strafing missions where the main goal is to just attack airfields in any of the careers we have?
  5. catchthefoxes

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    agree! they seem to have more detail than the current ones we have for eastern front, I hope we get the same for late war pilot models.
  6. catchthefoxes

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    this is amazing!! when will this be up for pre-order or will it go straight to early access?
  7. catchthefoxes

    Developer Diary, Part 196 - Discussion

    this is pretty cool!! cant wait to fly that FW, also is the update close and will the PO 2 also have a 4K cockpit?
  8. catchthefoxes

    Bodenplatte...Next year (2019)

    I will doubt my doubt and say that maybe it'll be earlier than fall 2019, with each DD it seems that things are getting a little bit more efficient at their studio. also, we haven't heard anything from the devs about the release date since the November 2017 Q&A, so who knows.
  9. catchthefoxes

    Bodenplatte...Next year (2019)

    I'm guessing some people did which is strange but also some people thought early access wouldn't begin until 2019. also, Jason said that BoBP would be fully released "probably early fall of 2019" has this changed?
  10. catchthefoxes

    BOBP+ Give Away Draw

    Kuban, please😀😀 it’s the only one I’m missing
  11. catchthefoxes

    canopy glass on erla

    I hope this isn't just me but i wish the new 109 erla canopy was a little bit more reflective from the outside or that it could have a more "glass" or thicker like look to it. As it is now it looks like there is a thin film that encases the canopy. i don't know if this would be too hard to model, it looks like there is nothing there or that there's some sort of game filter where the glass is supposed to be. sorry if im nitpicking but i wish the glass was a little bit more glassy or whatever material they used.
  12. catchthefoxes

    Developer Diary, Part 194 - Discussion

    yes, they will add english and american radio chatter because they will also be adding late war pilot models for the RAF and USAAF and luftwaffe, it wouldn't make sense to have russian speaking british and US pilots, but obviously we dont exactly know when.
  13. catchthefoxes

    P-51D and P-47D variants.

    o well, as long as it has a bubble canopy and 8 50. cals, I'm a happy camper.
  14. catchthefoxes

    P-51D and P-47D variants.

    if its subject to change would it be too much of a big change if it was turned into a D 30?
  15. catchthefoxes

    Developer Diary, Part 194 - Discussion

    😍😍 man, I’m glad things are going well!! I can’t wait to fly the P 47 once it’s ready, this gets me really hyped!!!