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  1. I really wish this would be added to the original release but would there still be a way to add this as a retrofitted modification to the load out as they did in real life? if not, could there perhaps be a modder that could add it as a 3D mod?
  2. any upgraded P-47 would be nice!! The N-20 being the final variant makes it special imo. also, does someone know why they chose the D-28 rather than the D-30? i know it was answered somewhere.
  3. I know that it was used in the pacific like at Okinawa!!! Just imagine it in the engine and how well the devs would create it!!! Like if we had a PTO then imagine it there!
  4. yea just imagine it in the engine, no one could do it better than the IL-2 team, I really don't have much else to say other than just fantasies it!. OK see ya!
  5. OMG FUCK YES TAKE MY MONEY!!!!! also i hope we can get a proper sized map this time? if not its all good!! 🙃
  6. THE P-47!!!!! Still the prettiest warbird imo!! maybe they can give us a later variant in the future !!!🤞
  7. thanks all! yes! i used resolve!
  8. just some guncam footage for BOBP! hope you enjoy!
  9. looking for some air national guard F 47 skins! anything out there? or anything from 1948 forward
  10. catchthefoxes

    MId Air

    pilot need to keep his eyes open 😄
  11. AH HA!!!! thank u so much!!! i was trying to find that lol!! 😄
  12. so rn i have a really old logitech extreme 3D pro and i'm looking to slightly upgrade, as in i need a better joystick that has a throttle switch and twist grip built into the stick, i know vkb had one like that but i can't find it anywhere. so does anyone have affordable recommendation? my price range is from 100$ to 150$. thanks!!
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