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  1. IL 2 TEAM!!!! This looks fantastic!!! I can’t wait for this!! 😭😭 And FC vid is so good!!! Thanks =HH=Pauk 🙃
  2. Been a while since i've done one of these! hope you guys enjoy!
  3. thanks so much for this!!! im really exited to see this in game!!! also, i really like these video commentaries !!
  4. BWAAAAAAAAAAAA... BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... BWAAAAAAAAAAA... one day well get a trailer without any BWAAAAAAAA in it.
  5. im actually pretty exited for this module!! cant wait to see how it turns out!! does someone know a guesstimate of what the price will be?
  6. thanks all!! i really like the look of the four bladed one.
  7. Just wondering if the typhoon will have a 3 bladed prop or a 4 bladed one.
  8. YES!!! SUPER EXITED!!! i have a question though: whats the difference between the G6 and the G6 "late"?
  9. i want to spawn them at 900m but didnt find this options in the advanced weather options
  10. here ya go https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FSGaX-Vzl2u9h3Each0wPVb7kWXmhOHx/view?usp=sharing
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