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  1. "At the moment, all buildings models for it are completed, including the unique historical ones" - DD 221 other than that im sure the map is probably nearly done with most cities completed or nearing completion, theres still that matter if theyve found the information that theyve been looking for with certain airfields back in late april, but i think they've gotten over that hurdle with the information the community provided.
  2. so the mustangs 3d model has been in the works since September and its FM began in January, is it safe to say that well get it fairly soon?
  3. id like to see some tempest liveries but that probably won't happen but happy to see anything else!
  4. thanks devs for all the amazing work!!! this update will be a good one!!
  5. Jason said around fall 2019 for final BoBP release and hasn’t said that it has changed yet, so expect it by then.
  6. I’m hyped to see some tempest skins!!
  7. god, i hope they also release the p 47 soon too!!
  8. idk all the cool kids are saying it. it must be something nice!!
  9. 262 SOOOOOOOOOOOOOON?!?!?!?
  10. attempt to create some more color gun cams.
  11. YES!!! glad to see the maps progress, gets me really hyped!
  12. also adding the smoke to the 50. tracers would be a nice aesthetic appeal
  13. Western Europe map nearing final stages DD?
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