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  1. I got it to work last night! but much like you said @PatrickAWlson they started off looking like a formation but then all crashed into each other over the target location! It was interesting to see not only bombs but planes showering down over the airfield they were attacking...… but not the desired outcome haha! Thank you @JimTM for the advice I will experiment with the activations.
  2. That's quite possible, should I just object link the whole lot then do you think?
  3. Thanks for the example Jim Essentially this is the setup for spawning an enemy after 5 mins then 2 secs later receiving an attack area command. This is exactly the same setup I have with my Maps and it does not work for me, they just fly round in circles like morons! Below is how mine are setup.
  4. Hi there Ace pilots! I was hoping you could help me with an issue I can't seem to be able to resolve, I'm making my own Dog Fight maps, during which I have set for A.I planes to spawn after certain intervals. I can successfully get them to spawn, but once they do they don't follow any commands. What I'm trying to do is Spawn, move to and area and attack, but what happens is they spawn and just fly around in circles doing nothing unless provoked. Example of what I have setup: Mission Start MCU - Timer - Spawn - Timer - Attack Area.
  5. The only time I see to be able to Finish Spectate is if I crash and die and that's the same as the other players. If I'm still alive but the plane is grounded I can't re-spawn.
  6. Problem is I am hosting the mission and my friend is still in the mission playing. I cannot crash land and come back into the game, I have to sit in a broken plane waiting for the mission to end. I was hoping there was a button I could press to bring me back to the plane select window.
  7. Hello fellow pilots! question for you aces, if you crash land on a Dogfight fight map but don't die, is there any way to get out plane and respawn? Also repairing planes on air field doesn't seem to do anything, is there a special button I have to press?
  8. Yes I have started saving my completed A.I commands for use at later date. Are you aware of any premade one's that can be downloaded?
  9. Hello Fellow pilots Does anyone know of a MOD that increases the sound of explosions and impacts? at present the loudest thing in head headset is the Radio chatter and the engine, but when I get hit the sounds are pretty pathetic. I'd like to have a loud impact noise and possibly the sound of the engine screaming when plummeting to my death. Any ideas?
  10. No they are just timers - I was following a tutorial on you tube, I don't recall there being anything before hand. Should I attach a mission begin MCU?
  11. I would be interested in seeing an endless generator
  12. Hi all thanks for responding, I've been following the Mission Editor videos on you tube by Vapor8bit, during the second video he sets up some MCU's which is what I've done but alas they don't do anything. I have set commands for take off (planes) and I've also set a waypoint for the tanks including a 5 sec timer before giving them the command. I gather A.I logic is not affected by having the mission set as Dogfight? Not sure if pictures are really going to help>?
  13. Hello I'm new to using the editor, I've been following the Mission Editor and Server manual. I've created a simple Dogfight map, but I wanted to include A.I targets on the ground having a battle between tanks and some aircraft taking off from airfield. I've setup the MCU's and events for planes, waypoint and attack zones for tanks, but when I play the mission none of the A.I follow commands they all just sit still. Any ideas what I'm missing?
  14. Hey @SYN_Vander I was one of your first test Pilots back in Feb last year, I stepped away from the game for a while and recently returned, noticed your project is still going strong! Good for you Sir! Myself and a friend depend on your mission generator to keep us up in the Sky's so I was very pleased to see the progress you have made.
  15. I've been looking at the news updates longingly for months...……… we're happily enjoying BOS in VR, eagerly awaiting the ability to fly from the town I live in and across the channel.
  16. Imagine you've only played your favourite Aircraft flying game with a mouse and keyboard and then one day you buy yourself a Joystick, you plug it in and play your game and suddenly it no longer feels like just a computer game, it feels like a Flight Simulation. The movement of the aircraft feels more natural, the emersion is far greater and you think to yourself "this is how it was meant to be played". There's no way your going back to Mouse and Keyboard. That's how I feel about playing flight sims in VR.... I just can't bring myself to play CLOD until it's implemented
  17. Hello Pilots! Does anyone know of a Mod or a setting that enables an icon above planes that are being controlled by Friends? @LordGeorgie
  18. Hi Thad have you managed to get this working? i'm experiencing the same issue with a friend. We have ports open as described even entered onto our firewalls, and still we cannot join each other. We can see each others games but fail to join - it just times out.
  19. Hi US103_Baer we've managed to get past the error by going to Game Settings and Resetting Interface. As soon as we did that my friend was able to log into games. (We're still having issues connecting mind you, but that stupid error has gone / feels a little like progress)
  20. I've tried 28000 and 28100 and 25000 and 25100, but still nothing. My friend can see my game but cannot join - it just crashes for him. When he tries hosting I can join him but I can only Spectate (in a blank room) We're both getting very frustrated with it.
  21. Me and a friend have been away from Sturmovik for a few months, we've just returned and we cannot host or join each others sessions any more. We've been following the advice above but cannot get it working. Has anything changed that we should be aware of?
  22. We are from UK and we're experiencing the same issue but only on 1 Pc
  23. Looks like you guys had an awesome time, thanks for sharing
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