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  1. Looks like you guys had an awesome time, thanks for sharing
  2. I've never seen a password other than the password to enter your server. Are you running your map from within Sturmovik or an external Server? It might be worth trying to load in with all server passwords removed just to rule that out. You could always try opening your map in the Map Editor then saving it as a different name - that might resolve your issue.
  3. That's correct you just have to direct the generator to the main directory of Sturmovik, then the generator will place the mission you want to create into the Cooperative Folder.
  4. Thank you Netscape and I appreciate the invitation to your hosted maps, though I fear that Saturday's are no fly zone's, we normally hit the sky's during the week after work. We'll definitely keep it in mind if we find ourselves flying on weekend tho From what you've said i get the impression you don't rate the single player stock campaign maps, i've not played them and probably won't quite simply because we enjoy flying together not alone. Hands down this is the best WW2 flight sim out there for VR players, we're just a bit disappointed that it's not game ready for Cooperative gaming, lots of faffing around downloading maps and tweaking maps etc.
  5. Hello there My group of gaming friends recently got into playing Sturmovik, we like to play as a squad against the A.I. Firstly i'd like to say that the engine and game is brilliant fun, but I don't think it's particularly friendly towards Cooperative game play, the base game only has 1 Cooperative map and there is no other means to play with friends unless you join someone else's map or are prepared to create your own. Could the single player campaign be modified in some way to make it playable for a group of say up to 4 coop players? It seems a shame as there are hours of wonderful missions made that we are unlikely to experience as we don't play single player. Is there anything that can be done? even if it's just to play with maps without the stats and story in between.
  6. Haha brilliant, we also prefer playing COOP against A.I , Vander's generator is god send!
  7. Thanks Vander, I have a pretty good rig so possibly why I've not noticed an impact, the only issue I have are VR graphics settings (especially with clouds) but it seems to be the case regardless of what mission i'm playing and how many planes are around. That mission I spoke of with the 10x A20's was something to behold watching them fly in formation and carpet bomb the hell out of an airfield. I did have to put quite a few AA guns and Search lights to make the resisting force have a chance to repel us, so that is something I'd be pleased to see in a future update (Ground force density Low, Med, High) Always excited to hear about each new update you release, keep up the fantastic work 😄
  8. Excellent i'm really pleased about the increased Max plane, will you be doing the same for Blue flight? (Fancy pushing it up to 8?) You mentioned performance I modified one of the missions it created so that Red Squad had 8x Spitfires and Blue Squad had 10x A20's, I also added a ton of AA guns and more planes at the target zone, Should I be noticing an impact on performance,? I play in VR and for some reason your generated maps run better than anything else i've played on Sturmovik, even the SP quick missions.
  9. Again thank you for the support chaps, you've all been very welcoming
  10. I recently installed Afterburner (new to Over clocking) I ran the OC scan like in the video, it took about 8 minutes and now have Curve written next to the Core Clock. Do you think I should consider upping anything like Core Voltage and Power Limit?
  11. Thank you Tips, It was in fact one of your maps that I read that it had to be DServer so honoured that your actually the one responding to me personally So check zones work in Cooperative but not in Dogfight unless running a DServer (I wonder why they made it that way). As for obtaining a Dserver one has to request this from the Sturmovik technical support I believe?
  12. Within Sturmovik, I'm clicking Mulitplayer then Dogfight then selecting the Dogfight Example provided with the game. Do you have to run through a DServer for Dogfights?
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