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  1. I would suggest that they finish Normandy and then make Italy their next Battle. I think this would round out the Western Front so that we would have three Eastern and then another three Western Front battles. They should then have a late war battle to round out the series, possibly a late Eastern Front scenario (Bagration) or maybe a Berlin scenario.
  2. He is saying that he is most looking forward to the 410. He is not saying that "most everyone" is looking forward to it.
  3. I've got room in my hangar too if there is still another waiting to leave the factory
  4. How long will the Normandy Career be? Will it be as long as some of the other careers that we have?
  5. Says that your Discord link is invalid...
  6. Agreed @HerrBree, I would also like to see something that may not be as important, but I want to see dynamic weather. I want missions to have different random weather depending on the season. One other thing I'd like to see is the ability to request leave for a certain amount of time. But, of course it is all up to the devs, already impressed with the Career, especially with the recent updates to AI making them far more dangerous.
  7. Are there any plans to make more additions to the Career Mode besides mission types?
  8. Looks wonderful. Eagerly awaiting the release, especially the new Rhineland Career!
  9. Can we just talk about the OP's topic, don't need another discussion to derail
  10. I definitely agree with the log book, that was great in RoF. I also liked the mission ideas you all came up with. Some I would like to see added are just simple patrol missions. Patrol the frontlines, patrol behind friendly lines and patrol behind enemy lines.
  11. As we draw closer to the final release of Bodenplatte, my excitement for it's Career grows. Are there going to be additional missions specific to Bodenplatte? If there are added mission types, will they be implemented into the other Careers? Edit: Will there be anything new added to the Career mode itself, excluding new mission types and what not?
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