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  1. The Making of IL2 - DVD Release
  2. Comparing a flight sim to Arma is not a great comparison.
  3. Yeah I was a bit surprised as well with the date selection, but I'm sure there are many reasons for the decision.
  4. The career will be starting in April, 1944 and will end in August. As far as the difficulty in plane sets, it will definitely depend on theater for sure.
  5. I do agree with you, I was more talking to the fact of Normandy still being able to have a 5/5 split. I definitely see it becoming more difficult to have a balanced split after this module.
  6. They aren't forcing another 190/109 combo, they fit perfectly within the Normandy time period. I still am unsure how people would react if the 5 Allied and 5 Axis planes changed to either more on the Axis side or more on the Allied side. I can't see a scanario where people don't find issue with that.
  7. We have to remember that not everyone is buying every module like you or I might do. Normandy may be their only purchase so the G-6 Late and 190 A6 would be their first and only German fighter aircraft. Let's also remember that the 109 and 190 were the Luftwaffe staple fighters, so of course we are going to see some planes with minimal changes to them, I wouldn't necessarily call them "copy paste" nor say that they are "wasting airplane slots". What would we rather have seen when it comes to German fighter aircraft during this time period? If they were replaced with Allied planes, there would
  8. Probably not going to see one until next Friday or the one after that, which is fine, gives us more time to gush over the A-6 and other improvements from the update!
  9. Absolutely agree with this, this latest update has definitely seen improvement in the gunnery of the AI, which was a huge step forward. Looking forward to continuing improvements, that AI programmer has certainly been putting in hard work!
  10. They are currently working on updating the fuel management and they have said drop tanks are coming.
  11. They are active in Career mode. I have seen them during night missions in my current bomber career.
  12. Flying Circus Volume 1 does have scripted campaigns though... If you are talking about features like Career, they said that it will be coming in Volume 2.
  13. I have seen them during night time missions in some bomber careers.
  14. They stated in their 2020 Year Review that they are working on battlefield infantry for TC, which will of course carry over to all of Great Battles.
  15. Last week's DD said the 190 A6 is planned to come with the next update.
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