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  1. Hi everyone, I am using reshade and it works well. BUT, I just experienced a weired thing. If my Anti Alliasing is not set to X4 in the game sttings, each time I hit the start mission (be it in single mission, carreer) or whatever, the mission will stop loading and the game crashes... Can it be caused by reshade? Has anyone already experienced that? If not due to reshade what can be the problem... Thanks
  2. Big Thank to Magnum who helped me solve my problem. This wasn't an app problem at all! Magnum thanks again for your patience and help! I am enjoying this app on my tablet now!! Hammer
  3. Hi Magnum, The app doesn't work even with IL2 Integrator installed. The app never connects to the IP adresse given by IL2 Integrator? Can you fix it or make a tutorial to explain how it works. Thank you for your time and your app!
  4. Hi 5tuka, I installed Reshade Framework1.1.0+Mediator, but no way to have your presets working for me... I am sure I am messing up something but... Would you please explain again (for an idiot like me ) where to put the sweetfx.cfg file in order to have it work and applied? I edit my post because I realized in fcat that I nerver managed to have Il-2 Sturmovik appearing as in the pic bellow (in the right part of it where you have "delete" "update" and "browse")... The only thing I have there is a white surface, or Lazynet... No Il2 Sturmovik... Nonetheless when I go to my mediator files I have in fact a profile called Il-2 Sturmovik... And yes I created the profile in Direct 3D 9 for Il2 BOS.... I am lost Thanks for your help...
  5. Tried to start the campaign in December and it does not changed much... Overcast is still too white and snow too... Anything else to try? Thanks
  6. PWCG is working fine so far except one thing... It is more a graphic issue... Is there any bloom or shine effect embeded in here? Everything is so white... The overcast is too brigth and too white, I have the same issue with snow... I can't see any detail over it, it is desperatly so white and shiny.. I've tried in single mission, or in multiplayer and the game looks juste ok... It happens only with PWCG... Is someone experiencing the same thing? It is a known issue and is there something to change somwhere in order not to have this too shiny/bloomy effect? Thx for any help
  7. Ok Thanks SNIV it works... Would you please give me your settings that I can use? Another question is that me or this version of SweetFX is much more FPS consuming than the previous one? I barely go above 30 FPS... How to desinstall it and revert back to normal BOS? PS: Merci pour ta réponse en tout cas!!!
  8. Can, please, someone explain how and where edti the keyboard key enabling and desabeling the SweetFX effects in order to see the difference between the normal BOS and BOS with Sweet fx? I personnaly prefer using this method rather than the splitscreen, that by the way I do not know how to configure neither.. If someone can explain one or the other method or even better both that would be great!! Thanks in advance
  9. Thx for the very quick answer Veteran 66 Even with no icons... I have a slide show.. What is strange is that my FPS counter does not show too bas FPS.. I stay around 45-50 FPS... but the game is in slow motion... I assume I have reached the limits of my rig... Very nice work anyway!!!
  10. Hi Everyone, I tried the Veteran 66 missions and it works. Amazing job. Nevertheless I noticed something very strange in mission 2. Even if my rig is not very powerfull (i7920 + GTX570) when I play mission 2 and the stukas and other Yaks are coming the game is a pure slide show... What is strange is that during the slide show the FPS are not so bad (I mean for my rig) they are around 40-45 fps... What I mean is that the number of FPS does not match at all the in game experience which is like if I had less than 10 fps... Can someone explain this? Is my CPU bottlemecking something or is is something else? I do not understand... Another question I have and it is related to all other missions, if you want to play in full real and deactivate all the icons, technochat and all other things by pressin the H... You can no longer read the radio messages on the screen which is quite annoying... Is there any way to deactivate everything except the radio messages?? Thanks for your help! And last the Veteran 66 missions give a good idea of what the FMB will allow and I am even more waiting for it.. It's impressive
  11. Yes ​ I struggled with it but no way, a Hotas conflict, now solved !!! These sessions are just amazing and really, really interesting… You get to know each plane peculiarities and the most important and exciting thing is that once in the air you can really feel them…For sure this is something very unique to BOS!! The immersion is absolutely total and impressive! But on the other side this is also very frustrating because you even more realize that BOS is a pure diamond but a diamond that needs quite some huge polishing yet (FMB, and Dservers)… I would say that today we are as close of heaven than we are from hell… If the Dserver and FMB come soon Heaven will be reality and I have no doubt the community will massively adopt BOS… If not….. I am quite confident devs already realized that… and that they are working hard in order to give us the proper tools that will let the diamond shine...
  12. DracVador

    Video by MK.Mr.X

    THIS IS DEFLECTION SHOOTING!!!!! Your vid is impressive thanks for sharing!! That sort of vids plus a lot of practice help us to improve our skills!!! Thanks again!
  13. J'espère que vous avez raison Messieurs et que c'est bien un typo.... mais la phrase "We plan to keep presets only in the final version" est tout à fait anglaise.... En fait tout est une question de césure et de virgule, En effet si vous lisez cette phrase: "We plan to keep presets, only in the final version"... on se dit il s'est loupé car les presets sont déjà présents.... Mais, si vous lisez cette phrase: "We plan to keep presets only, in the final version" bein là ça veut bien dire qu'ils ont l'intention de ne garder que les presets dans la version finale.... Bref, désolé de jouer les rabat-joie et j'espère moi aussi mille fois que c'est une typo!!!
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