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  1. Yes, I deleted al spanish missions (00.spa , 01.spa...) and copied the same files with .eng changing their names into .spa. But unfortunately nothing happens. Just a black zone ( the bottom of the hangar in fact) when I hit the campaign (because the campaign does appear under static campaigns section). I'm really looking forward to playing it, it has a fantastic appaerance. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'd like to ask about a great improvement that has... maybe 10 years? I have noticed that when I pass through a cloud, with cowl flaps (or radiator) full open, the temp of both oil and coolant liquid descend slightly. I'm not sure if this is a real implement or it was just my imagination. Could any of you confirm that? At this moment i'm flying il2 194 stock version (4.07). In case my observations were right, It is a fantastic feature that I have not seen in other sims. The closest effect I remember is tthe pass across a cloud in Il2 Wings of Prey, with the awesome effect of wet canopy. Thanks to all.
  3. Hi, I'm not able to see any mission. I see your campaign under "campañas estáticas" section in game, but when I attempo to opeen it i see nothing. I tried the deleting 00.spa option, but nothing happened. No idea about what to do, can you help please? Your campaign seems to be spectacular. Thanks!!
  4. Hi, I understand the point, and of.course i can see that maybe this link will improve our experience as users, as someone stated above we all love planes and are 'in love' with this fantastic sim and the work of devs, ours and ours behind such a great piece of art. But i'm a bit amazed that noone is concerned (or had stated) about the DCS situation with steam and non steam users. Maybe it's not nice to mention another company in this forum, but my big concern is to buy things here, as I plan to do, and not.being able to fly on steam due to any kind of disagreement between steam and this company. Thats all my concern.
  5. This is not a problem for me, especially if i'm in risk of losing content i bought. Steam offers BOM as a DLC, so i bought it after buying BOS. Now, i prepurchased BOBP. If I don't link accounts, i guess i'll have two versions of the same game. If i want to fly a ME 262 over Stalingrad, i won't be able to. In my opinion this is not what i was told when i prepurchased BOBP. I just want to migrate to web launcher, buying things direclty here and having nothing to do with steam. What if any kind of disagreement occurs betwenen this fantastic company and Steam? Or no more future projects from il2 are offered on Steam? Rebuying everithing here in order to play new addons? Maybe is unlikely to happen (i hope) but i like to have clear informations before buying a game, or buying whatever. So, please, id like some help to: Migrate from my steam version to web version. Why? Because i'd like to fly Bodenplatte in this web version, not through Steam. And of course my intention is to keep on buying new content, new addos. Supporting this great developers. I think is a quite sensible demand, after all i am, like most of you, a customer.
  6. Excuse me if this is clear for everyone but me but, what's the point of all this process? I mean, bodenplatte is not going to be offered in steam? I puchased it in here (the only possible option) and of course i don't want to have two il2 working separately, one with steam and one with web launcher. As I mentioned in another post recently my big concern is not being able to "mix" this two platforms like happens with DCS.
  7. That's good news Gordon200 and onlyforbrian, i first bought BOS and BOM from steam as it is first place where i saw it, but i'd like to fly this fantastics sim from their stand alone launcher. Steam is a good platform but i prefer (always did) the game company itself. Steam is good for maybe older software, or software no longer developed (FSX SE), for software under developement i always prefer betting for the company. I have in mind the issue in DCS about keys purchased in steam, wich are not compatible with keys purchased in their own site. Do you think this will happen here?
  8. Hi to all, good luck to all of you as well. I asked some weeks ago if its possible to buy Bodenplate and play it through my steam version. The answer was a big yes, so i bought it. Now i see some confusing info about link accounts and the loss of integration between stand-alone version (web version) and steam version. I'm not a fortune teller but i see a dark future here, maybe with bad consequences for me and my money. If i download you game installer, can I install my games and play all of them directly through your platform (i mean, out f steam)? I was never told that steam and this platform had some kind of disagreement, what i was told was just the opposite. And of course I trust in you, the developers, and i prefer paying you directly. Thanks
  9. Got it. Fantastic planes. I'm really looking forard to flying on the Ardennes, I hope It will be as good as than Jane's WWII Fighters (I mean, my memories of it). It'll be difficult, I spent hours and hours on that simulator, my favourite at that time in spite of the lack of realism on the planes (radiators, pitch, mixture...). Thanks to all of you for your help!
  10. Thanks to all of you, that's good news to me. I dunno why, I supposed there was some kind of incompatibility between steam and this platform (like in DCS). So that's perfect. I will go buying it in a while.
  11. Thanks, EAF_T_Therion and thanks, BOO Of course I don't want to have two accounts, not at all. It's just that I really want to fly Bodenplatte, and I cannot see it on Steam. So here my question, if I preorder it, could I fly it on Steam? To me was weird seeing this new content here and not on Steam. If you are stating (as I understand, please correct me if not) that it's perfecly possible buying and playing Bodenplatte AND my Steam versions of BoS and BoM (in a merged install, I guess), I will pre order it immediately. Of course, in the future, i will boy everything here. Developers deserve all the benefits of their work.
  12. Excuse me, I bought IL2 BoS and BoM through Steam. Can I pe-order This brand new add? I mean, of course I can, but can I merge it with my steam Version? Thanks
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