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  1. FYI, I recently took the VR plunge and OMG the immersion is unparalleled. I used three monitors for years with trackIR and it is good but, it just can't compete. That being said, until VR doubles the resolution, the low resolution of VR almost offsets the immersion factor that is gained; and I have to say, imho, until the resolution is upped to an acceptable level, three/four monitors, if you have them, is the slightly better option.
  2. OMG does this company need a PR department...
  3. But, seriously, what does WT get modeled correctly anyway....amirite? 😉
  4. almost my exact sentiment. Only difference is, I don't actively dislike the Spitfire. I am more indifferent to it
  5. Mouse over tooltips anyone......
  6. I have tried the "having both open" thing several months ago and, unless something has changed, this is nothing more than a work around that mostly works. It is NOT the way it is designed to work and doesn't always work correctly.
  7. The problem with it isn't that it is powerful or complex. The fact that it is complex could be a stumbling block to a portion of users but would not be insurmountable to even most of those. The problem with the ME is: It is clunky in some ways (no undo option, no option to select objects in the tree the same as on the screen, an easy/straightforward way to ungroup things, no way to reorder the tree (that I know of) are just some examples of this) and, holy crap, testing missions is such a pain as you can't have both the ME and the game open at the same time.....so much time spent opening, closing, opening, closing.....just to learn how to do something new properly. There are options that are broken, or not implemented, or not implemented in a way that makes sense The documentation is incomplete and not up to date. The fact that most of us that have learned what we do know about how to use it comes from user based tutorials and a cobbled together user guide updated from ROF is testament to this. If there was an up to date, comprehensive user manual was available, the "complex" part of the issue wouldn't even be so much of an issue.
  8. Why do some users get in these threads, whine about how they "have" to suffer another discussion on a topic that has been done to death; then hang around the thread being rude and trolling? It kills me, these are the people that are found of saying something to the effect "if you don't like it, go play something else", yet don't take their own advise when it comes to threads that they don't think should exist.....um, if you don't want to participate/read a thread about a topic you feel has been beat to death in far too many other threads then, by all means, you are free to go read other threads.
  9. I guess I always just assumed that, as long as this franchise is still being developed, the "B" and "C" would be forthcoming; and in the not too distant future. It was always my impression that they just haven't got to them yet.
  10. Same problem here. Been playing the game for years, and have the problem on different systems and different O/S's (W7-64 and W10-64) Not a big deal really, I just open the task manager and shut it down but it is a persistent issue with the launcher and should be addressed.
  11. It would be nice to have the AI radio language "settable". I don't speak Russian, or German, and because, for whatever reason after 5 years of development, we still can't resize, change text size, opacity, etc, of the various on-screen prompts, I can't move the subtitles to where they are conveniently read by me during a dogfight, or mission, all the AI radio chatter is worthless to me. An option like: AI Radio chatter: "AI Native Language" (for authenticity) or "English/Spanish/French/Etc" (for those that would like to know what the AI is on about)
  12. Sorry to hijack the thread but, While the "combat tactics" routine of the AI could certainly use some attention, I would love to see the "decision making" and "own side player interaction" routines see some more love first. I would love to be able to communicate in a more robust fashion to the AI on my side, especially my own flight...um, I'm out of fuel, going home, I need help, form up you morons, return to base the stupid mission is over let that loan bandit that is trying to rtb go, etc..... I would love to see my own team and the enemy team AI make better RTB decisions. Why does one loan enemy hound me over 10-20km to my base only to be shot down by my anti-aircraft batteries?....Why does my flight stay on station just because there is an enemy hanging around, when the mission is complete....PLEASE try to extricate yourself so we can complete the mission as a flight!!!! (A lot of the time, they aren't even actively engaging because neither the AI on my side nor the enemy AI has ammunition left - they are just flying around each other.)
  13. hahaha It is when you already have the monitors....
  14. Once more: (obligatory "I don't really care one way or the other about click-pits" statement even though this is supposed to be a "manual startup" thread and not a "click-pit" thread) 1. Saying a manual start up procedure is way to labor intensive and there are myriad other, better ways to spend valuable time and resources is a valid, reasonable and even, to most people, acceptable argument. 2. Saying, "I don't like manual start up so it shouldn't be there" is pretty much not a good, valid, or reasonable argument. I honestly don't get this point of view. If you don't like them, there could easily be a setting for "realistic start up procedures" in the game. I am NOT advocating for "manual startup". I like it. I wish that it could be. But, I don't like it so much as to prioritize it over a BUNCH of other stuff I'd rather see. I am just commenting on the attitude of those that employ arguments similar to "point 2".
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