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  1. I have a VKB, in a box. One of the three pins jammed stuck when transferring a different stick (second time) and although they sent me a conversion kick to swap to the new pins they used I could not see how to change it and the guy in Russia that new how to do it never responded to my e-mails. For the amount of money I spent I would expect better but oh well. I hope quality control has improved. Enjoy flying with your new setup as it looks like a beauty!
  2. JG27_Targ +BoN Thank you for your generosity and good luck to everyone!
  3. Yes, JG27.org Not much happens there though. What times do you prefer to fly? I am home most nights 6PM EST and can fly after that time.
  4. It's a known issue with plenty of people and has been for some time. To mitigate this for myself I leave a random folder open in the taskbar and that really helps.
  5. https://vkbcontrollers.com/?p=14589 " MCG and MCG PRO stand-alone grips are finally back in stock at VKB’s warehouse, ready to ship starting next week. Here’s the current MCG series lineup available again now: MCG for Gunfighter Mk.I (RUS label only) MCG for Gunfighter Mk.II (RUS label only) MCG for Gladiator Pro Mk.II (RUS label only) MCG PRO for Gunfighter Mk.I (ENG label only) MCG PRO for Gunfighter Mk.II (ENG label only) MCG PRO for Gladiator Pro Mk.II (ENG label only)" Just an FYI.
  6. I have noticed a sharp decrease in the number of people flying CloD. It used to be at least 50 plus people would be flying most of the time. Right now there are three people flying online in CloD and 91 flying BoX. It's a shame as CloD is a great flight sim, BoX is a great flight sim as well. I flew both but CloD seems dead to me.
  7. Wo0t! Amazing work and dedication Patrick! Thank you very much.
  8. Thanks for the new settings for the Odyssey! I tried them out and I was seeing the targets clear as day 5KM out and I could see the dot at around 7KM plus it looked great! Thanks so much!
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