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    Anti virus issue with Patch 4.54

    It is a false positiv. Nevertheless you can report a suspected FP (File/Website) here to avast https://www.avast.com/false-positive-file-form.php and wait for an answer- or use an online virusscanner: https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/url
  2. RFG_Hisl

    Conf.ini best settings

  3. RFG_Hisl

    Conf.ini best settings

    A foreign config.ini actually makes no sense. Here are the important things: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=50919.0 Especially the additional required entries. The config. file was my last in vanilla install. conf.zip
  4. RFG_Hisl

    Adjusted navigation lights Mod

    Pretty nice! Thank you!
  5. Me neither, but it will happen. The customer wants it that way. ๐Ÿ˜‘
  6. RFG_Hisl

    Airplane FM after being damaged.

    Very interesting! I also had three hits (even 37 mm). The Bf seems to have something in common with the Yak.
  7. RFG_Hisl

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    You can not do it fully historically correct, without saying exactly which fight period the map is supposed to represent. If it means Kuban spring, then there is no LA5 FN and no Bf G6. Apart from the FW A5 (II./SG1) Jabos there was also no FW 190. But the map looks good anyway. Thank you for the effort.
  8. RFG_Hisl

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    I think after about 2 weeks I can rule out premature to judge. Unfortunately I have to say that the game feels wrong to me for the first time. Even if one takes into account all eventualities already discussed here.The fights last ridiculously long, although your opponent has actually been done long ago. The heavily armed FW 190 pilot will certainly have little or no cause for complaint, but if you're in a lightly armed fighter like a Yak1 or a default armed Mig 3, the fun is over quickly. But a fighter is always a very vulnerable entity- regardless of the armament of its opponents. It can be destroyed more or less very quickly and in many cases it burns easily. That are facts and that, in my opinion, should not be falsified by a patch, for whatever reason. Actually, evrything in version 3.007 were already too resistant. I think of massive shots from behind or heavy hits directly into the cockpit, the pilot survived. That did not exist IRL. I could still mention heavy explosions of fuel tanks that have no consequences for the pilot, or planes that can remain offensive flight for minutes with obviously serious engine damage, where IRL's engine dies in seconds.The list of improvements and corrections is still long. But I wanted to say that. In my opinion, the changes of the DM model must be completely withdrawn and replaced by a 3.007 improved on certain parts. S!
  9. Everything is fine here.
  10. RFG_Hisl

    Dissociate sound levels

    Can you be a little bit more specific, please?
  11. RFG_Hisl

    P-38 Lightning Manual

    Very good! Thx๐Ÿค—
  12. RFG_Hisl

    Tactical Air War

    Well, no response from the admins. Then I'll enlighten you. For all 109 and Macci there are no restrictions of any kind. Gun Pods 20mm; 15mm; all headrest options. The Stuka has everything except the 1800KG bomb, so Machine Gun Pods + 2X 37mm BK Gunpods. The Henschel 20mm Gunpods; 4X 7.92 Gun Pod; 30mm MK 101. I think that's it.
  13. RFG_Hisl

    Tactical Air War

    If that was really a coordinated mission, it was great. I spawned by chance at the right time. Maybe some others. Great show, followed by a good fight over the blue factory. ๐Ÿ‘ Never saw more than one. ๐Ÿ˜
  14. RFG_Hisl


    I know that, and would like to take a gray skin if it were available. Look at the screenshot above in my first post. All locked except the standard green. Thank you for that. ๐Ÿ‘
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    Yes OK for Kuban. But Saving Private 43 is a wintermap.Why are there no white skins? Somehow stupid for me.
  16. RFG_Hisl


    Yes, I knew that. But they all have official skins locked. OK, do not bother me. I was just curious why they did that.
  17. RFG_Hisl


    Why are the skins for LA5 FN locked on WOL Maps (Kuban Summer 44 / and Wintermap Saving Private 43)?
  18. Thanks to all developers for the fantastic performance. Above all, I hope the improvements in Net Traffic are successful!
  19. RFG_Hisl

    Cockpit/Engine noise way too loud

    The gunfire sounds have been intentionally changed to version V2.003 (August 2016). Until then, everything was fine and in my opinion correctly implemented.
  20. RFG_Hisl

    Gunsight sun filter

    Under weapon contrlols "LAlt+F"
  21. RFG_Hisl

    STEREO SOUND, does not work!

    In my opinion, the sound needs to be reworked. He is partly just bad, wrong and does not fit the otherwise good quality of the game.
  22. RFG_Hisl

    Engine-Sound Mods and official sounds

    +1 The new gunfire sounds added with V2.003 (August 2016) are horrible. Unfortunately there is no switch to reduce the volume, which is much too high compared to the enginesound volume.
  23. RFG_Hisl

    Developer Diary, Part 182 - Discussion

    Very very nice. Much better than the Bocage that looked more like Flanders. Thank you!
  24. Not really a reason to apologize. Best regards to the team and happy holidays!