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  1. Delete the matching * .svc file in .. \ IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad \ data \ LuaScripts \ snapviews. In your case, the spitfiremkixe. The game creates a new file with the default settings.
  2. Sorry, I can hardly keep myself from laughing. Chutekilling and groundkilling are the order of the day with the friendly support of the Devs. The II./JG51 cited by Olbi has a large part in this, but it is not the only JG with this behavior.
  3. Not only ships. Many other ground objekts too. Especially dugouts.
  4. No, the game works perfectly with the X56. Something you do wrong.
  5. https://support.logi.com/hc/de/articles/360024844133--Downloads-X56-Space-Flight-H-O-T-A-S-
  6. Why didnt you display the "current mission" on your webside, like other Server?
  7. I like the new sounds, except for a few exceptions, very well. I think it's just a pity that there are no improvements for the LA5 and Yak engines ASh-82 and Klimow M-105. The LA5 should sound pretty much like other radial engines as well. And the same goes for the Yaks. It should sound like a 12-cylinder V engine sounded in WW2. For example, like the sound of the P51. Outstanding!
  8. I know that. But there are quickly several hundred. Again thank you for your great work!
  9. Hi Pat, Unfortunately PCWG does not delete the mission.txt files. I have set the corresponding setting in the configuration to "1" (delete all files). What else can I do?
  10. Yes, in a dive Lagg 3 flaps jams. Not in level flight with full throttle. In a Bf 109 F you can bring down flaps at 600 kph without damage. Landing gear covers rip off at both planes. But the landing gears are not damaged.
  11. I also had the same thought. But there is not even a simple damage to the landing gear or flaps implemented when you down them at high speed. That was a part in every Flight Sims DM I know. So imho devs should start with that and other fundamental parts of DM.
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