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  1. Thank you for this giveaway, I hope the video above will amuse you.
  2. I hope the update comes tomorrow... the wait's been so long 😅 I know the sale will still be on, but that hasn't stopped the devs from saying the update would come in late September the last few weeks
  3. Well, tomorrow comes the last day of September.
  4. Maybe something nice tomorrow? Edit: Forgot what day it is tomorrow...
  5. I wouldn't mind some creative license regarding the maps as long as I'd get the chance to fly the Sea Fury, Sea Fire Fr Mk.47, Sabre. Mig-15, P-51H, Skyraider and P-80 in Il-2. Really cool planes and not merely just jet combat. If the team is still having trouble and needs more time with WW2 Pacific, Korea would be a great option to have carriers but no Japanese aircraft that lack documentation. When it comes to expanding the planeset jet-wise, Arado would be a great collector plane for Bodenplatte but beyond that, I'd rather have Korea than a 1945/1946 full of Wunderwaffle me
  6. What do you think guys, any chance of a last DD for 2018 today?
  7. I think a big reason is also the flight sim genre's obscurity. Marketing for new Il-2 expansions is mostly newsletters to exisiting customers and word of mouth between simmers. Barely any articles by gaming journalism sites, either. Just Tim Stone from Rock Paper Shotgun mentioning this game maybe twice a year. Video games in general have a huge media built around them these days (think of large conventions like E3 and Gamescom where all the big developers showcase their upcoming games), while flight sims exist in this little office down a badly-lit corridor where few people happen to wander b
  8. I'm not an expert on that. But I would imagine yes, given the different factories building the same plane type, wear and tear of missions, individual tinkering by the pilots and their mechanics etc. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. In real life the Pfalz was considered very sturdy and reliable, good for trench-strafing and balloon busting missions. It doesn't appear to have been that much inferior to the Albatros D.Va (in my opinion, I like it a lot), but most pilots still preferred the Albatros. The Pfalz did have a few notable defenders who liked it, such as Max Holzem. From Pfalz Scout Aces of World War 1 by Greg VanWyngarden: Page 45-46: "Uniquely, Holzem recalled that the Pfalz D.III was a delight to fly. 'You flew this little bird. It was a real pilot's aeroplane.' He remembered that its abi
  10. Recorded most of it, though had to break it into two recordings due to length. Might use them to get some nice pics. Here's some screenshots taken right during the event:
  11. Spanish Civil War expansion might not be first on my wishlist, but I'd certainly be all for it if the devs announced they're making one. But Korean war interests me personally more for its fascinating planes, everything from Sabre jets to beautiful superprops like the Sea Fury and Seafire. I would love to fly them, even if it required creative license for the map-making (since the required distances would apparently be too great otherwise). I mean, just look at this thing:
  12. We're going to guess it right sooner or later, not that many weeks left in this year. But tomorrow would be nice...wololo Can't wait for our talented skinners to get their hands on the template.
  13. From what I heard, he said this already back in September, soon after the last update came out. So it shouldn't be long now, even if they've run into some obstacles. Assuming this isn't some new info said this week?
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