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  1. Thank you, outstanding as usual Pat.
  2. I'm glad I learned where these damn stripes came from. I might have an another angle of #32 as I had to skin it for an another game. You'll have to give me till next Sunday when I go home. Keep up being awesome.
  3. Hoss, thank you indeed! Pat, you are my new best friend. Joyeux Noel a moi! Did you forgot the yellow stripes on #32 or did you elected to represent an another time period?
  4. Worked with Chrome instead of Explorer. Bummer, It's a .rar file. and I don't want to download the reader for trialpay. Thank you still
  5. When I try to download it, after the 'behavior warning', a page opens filled with characters. Do I need to be registered?
  6. Dear God Pat ... where is this beauty? :D
  7. The French had some pretty grungy looking ones since their P47s were second hands from the US. Picture for inspiration. :)
  8. Fellahz, how do I change my name. In TAW I see both on the top of each other. The one I want says locked, the other unlocked. When I try to login with the one I don't want it says 'email already taken'.
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