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  1. A pilot never die, he just fly away. RIP Pilot. See you in the blue sky.
  2. I have recieved my Set of throttles and the MJ16 card and i have now finished the transformation of my simpit. After an electronic problem solved verry professionally by Vitaly i can now enjoy my new simpit.
  3. I've updated my Tir software from 5.2.000 to 5.2.200, and its working correctly now. I also set my "Default" profile on "exclusive".
  4. Hi all. Recently in an airshow a pilot of Fiesler storch showed me the effect of full flaps on the ailerons of a Storch. At Full flaps the ailerons go both a few degrees down. The purpose is to increase ailerons effectiveness at low speed. The he said me the 109 has the same feature. I've searched a bit and i found these on the "Flying heritage" facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/flyingheritagecollection/photos/a.10152016899248666.1073741833.13883518665/10152095603113666/?type=3&theater And on this video of the Messerschmitt foundation you can see @ 8min10 the plane wit flaps fully extended. http://youtu.be/pS1pp6DtOAk IMHO if the developpers implement this feature in the simulator it will be great for the historical accuracy of the simulator ant they, probably, be the first to do that.
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