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  1. I was compensating for the reticle appearing off center and it was making me shoot lower all the time. *shrug* It works now, so.
  2. Hey all, Many thanks for all the help. I did plenty of research, and still something was just not working out for me. Like I had said, this was not my first combat sim, nor the fist time I've practiced deflection, and types of pursuit. However, it WAS the first time I had been using Track IR on IL-2 after using it on DCS World, and that was a mistake. The profile I had set up for DCS was incredibly inappropriate for IL-2, so I modified a profile for IL-2 and BAM. Problem is solved. It looks like the gunsight tends to go into a misalignment if the Track Ir profile is too sensitive and twi
  3. I can't mate. I have to shoot so high I can't even see the target. I don't know if it's because the 109 has such a long nose, but it's not working out for me. I don't have xray vision to see what a plane under my nose is doing.
  4. 350 meters. I was just in a match where an IL-2 filled my reticle and the shells still did not hit it as I was diving on it. This game cannot be this hard, it's not my first rodeo, but I don't get how people do it so easily and I just can't even land shots on planes that are not parked.
  5. Yeah I get what you mean. It's impossible for me to get a kill on the 109. I was just in a sustained climb at 600kph chasing 2 MiG-3s, one of them stalled and I kept chasing the one with more energy. The one who stalled took 5 seconds to 180, get energy catch on to me and shot me out with a short burst from over 600 meters away. That doesn't make any sense.
  6. Heya, What are some tips to fly against Russian planes? I know they are superior to Germans at low altitudes, but even if I am clocking 600 MPH and go for the clouds they still catch up to me, outclimb, and perform at any altitude be it 2k or even 6k. I thought Russians underperformed at high altitudes? Also, I noticed when I was chasing a level flight plane that even in level flight my guns fall way too short even if I am at 300m from the target, I feel the shells fall way too short when I am in any kind of persuit and no amount of lead helps as there is a point I need to give so much l
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