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  1. G6 late = tall wood tail and the option for mw50 ..... so basically a g14 with the old canopy is what we will get.
  2. Anyone else have seizure like flickering while loading in VR? It is fine when it finishes, but I have to close my eyes or look away. O+ on 2080. We always have had some weird things before (flicker, shift, etc.) , but not constantly while loading.
  3. Knuckles work just fine with 1.0. The second generation lighthouses only work with 2.0 tracking. 1.0 lighthouses work with 1.0 and 2.0.
  4. Yes, the corner. The edge of the screen, not the center of it. The „check six“ position on the vertical is looking along your lift vector. It is more up than aft. At Hollmann you do this at 6 gs for the T38 and normal forward position at 7.5. You can simulate this in a chair without moving your body. Aircraft with roomy cockpits at lower g forces the pilot could turn around in his seat, so they could even model those factors in. A 109e will be a bit different than a p47.
  5. Not really. They just hit a realistic end stop and that’s it. Check six becomes more of 5:30 or 6:30 instead of dead 6.
  6. the 262 had a slower approach speed..... i understand the engines are closer to the ground, but this is war and they are only good for 25-50 hours anyway...
  7. I know. I'll pull the trigger when that bit is ready.
  8. Hopefully the damage model for tanks gets some love. I know this is all early access, but the video I fly central put out showing the effects of a tiger shooting at a t34 from point blank range was heavily disconcerting.
  9. I wonder what the max sitting height is. I think that is more important that how tall you are. I think the legs can be a bit longer. I’m 96cm from the bottom of my butt to the top of my head when I sit bolt upright. However, I am 183cm tall. With the seat all the way down and with a parachute, would I fit? I think so, but I don’t think i will ever know.
  10. I picked up most of my stuff on the big sales. However, bok and bobp were pre orders. The sales remain the best way to cleanup. I like contributing to the team. However, I think bos and bom could be combined with their respective collector aircraft and scripted campaigns and repriced at the standard price. I feel this would make it easier to get people in the door to generate future sales.
  11. Apologies if this has been commented on before. I believe the aircraft selection process for things like quick missions needs to be overhauled. It is just a sea of aircraft from all eras now. I'm sure this is already planned, as our monitors physically won't be able to fit everything soon. Would we be able to condense aircraft to their base types? That would then open a submenu where we would pick a variant. After bobp we are looking at 8 bf109 variants. The variants would then be in chronological order. The master list of aircraft would be in alpha numeric order. A master tab at the top for the different eras would be nice. WWI, WWII, Korea....
  12. All I do is vr. However, I don't play multiplayer. I'll do that after I get a pimax 8k or equivalent.
  13. They could practice with an Italian theater with seafires.
  14. From my research, it is apparent that the earlier Emil models lacked a lock for the tailwheel. I believe the e7 was the first to use it as standard. Im sure quite a few restorations have added it for earlier Emil models. The e4 and e7 being nearly identical, we have an easy way to simulate this! Go do some pattern work with the tailwheel lock off for the entire flight. You will find that differential braking is mandatory for takeoff and some engine power is required on rollout for the rudder to remain effective. Besides it being a fun challenge, it makes you wonder about how the tailwheel mechanics are modeled for the 109. Is it true to life? Report you findings here.
  15. I read that. How do you know this only a boost increase? Is it in the airplane's description? That is why I said I haven't read what the game interface says and that the behavior is consistent with da boost.
  16. The a8 had mw50. I haven't played the pre-order content yet, so I don't know what the interface tells you at max power. The behavior is consistent with methanol/water injection.
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