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  1. I still want 4 engine bombers. I’d be happy with AI and used on certain career missions and instant action. and maybe a special intercept mode where one side can play as gunners and the other interceptors. Would having 16 B-24s being intercepted by 4-8 fighters really be that taxiing with modern CPUs?
  2. Any word on the P51B/C? I would think that one would come before spring.
  3. This aircraft was needed for this package, get over it. I would rather they give the 1/10th effort and have the plane than not. The effort saved on “light workload” aircraft is obviously made up for in aircraft that are complex and brand new. Every installment has had some amount of this. Even BOS had the F4 and G2 that are at least half similar. Yes, with the G6 and G14 we already have, the G6 late is pretty much 99% already made. I think if anything this makes the g6 collector plane almost useless. I do agree that the AS modification should be included. They add little additions
  4. I’d take some Spanish civil war action.
  5. The post read like a massive reply to the post I had in the other thread. Outstanding. I either had my post read or a bunch of people were saying the same thing I was saying. (Most likely the latter)
  6. We pulled Gs in the T37, but I don’t think we regularly did more than about 4. I remember going out to the MOA and just pulling 5 or so for fun. (No g suit) on a solo flight. As I said, my experience was more modern. AGSM was developed in WWII. I’m not sure of the differences. Our training for g strain wasn’t very long during phase I. It basically was an enlisted guy talking us through what to squeeze and how to breathe. I think some used to grunt and growl (back in the day) more than the modern short breaths. With the g suit you have to start straining as you go north of 4 gs, bu
  7. It is hard for me to put myself in everyone’s shoes. Everyone is different. We had thanksgiving with commissioned officers in their “homes” at Maxwell AFB during OTS. I got partnered with an engineer that was sent to the centrifuge. She played us her tape. She was a g monster. She could talk while pulling (I think) 9 gs. (This is very very rare) I believe the g force ex maneuvers we did were to prepare our form, mind, and get our body ready to fight. Your body does everything to try and keep the brain working. Sloppy control of your abs or poor breathing technique can all cause you
  8. We never really pushed negative Gs. The T38 (and most modern fighters) have insane roll rates. In most circumstances, you would just roll and then pull positive. I remember hearing Sean Tucker (acro pilot) talk about positive to negative to positive g transitions. The chance of blacking out quickly was quite high. The transition and onset values can be just brutal.
  9. I'm sorry I'm so late to this topic. However, I think it may be somewhat insightful. First, a few points: 1. I don't know everything 2. Your mileage may vary. 3. My experience was more modern I'm a former USAF pilot. I was a couple months from graduating in T-38s at Sheppard. My dad's health got real bad following a stroke and I ended up getting a hardship out. (became a FAA controller and now I'm an airline pilot / long story for another time) First off, my overall impression is that the G tolerance of pilots is a bit low. I see quite a few peo
  10. I also seem to find that APCR is worthless.
  11. You bind a button to nestle in. You can also bind a button to take and leave the gun. Try it in the Sherman in the TC position. Your default view is your right eye down the iron sights. You can nestle the gun back and forth to get what you described. You can also leave the gun all together to just free look around. (Separate binding)
  12. Quite appropriate. I actually can’t think of a better scenario than this, given that Afrika is off limits.
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