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  1. I think I’m good now. I updated pitool and everything I could.
  2. That’s pretty sweet. I’d much prefer the new one to the old. Maybe (when bigger problems are handled/no rush) in the future there can be a max zoom option or another button that does “half zoom”. Most certainly, I don’t want this new feature to go away!
  3. Did this update remove the need for parallel projection with pimax headsets? I have always needed pp to prevent weird cross eyed zooming.
  4. G6 late = tall wood tail and the option for mw50 ..... so basically a g14 with the old canopy is what we will get.
  5. Anyone else have seizure like flickering while loading in VR? It is fine when it finishes, but I have to close my eyes or look away. O+ on 2080. We always have had some weird things before (flicker, shift, etc.) , but not constantly while loading.
  6. Knuckles work just fine with 1.0. The second generation lighthouses only work with 2.0 tracking. 1.0 lighthouses work with 1.0 and 2.0.
  7. Yes, the corner. The edge of the screen, not the center of it. The „check six“ position on the vertical is looking along your lift vector. It is more up than aft. At Hollmann you do this at 6 gs for the T38 and normal forward position at 7.5. You can simulate this in a chair without moving your body. Aircraft with roomy cockpits at lower g forces the pilot could turn around in his seat, so they could even model those factors in. A 109e will be a bit different than a p47.
  8. Not really. They just hit a realistic end stop and that’s it. Check six becomes more of 5:30 or 6:30 instead of dead 6.
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