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  1. I did some experiments with; BF109k4, FW190A8 and the FW190D9 and the results are the same has for the allied planes. The major difference is for me that the German planes are more rudder directed and for the FW I cannot pull enough G's without going into a spin, a fast speed one or a slow speed one. Luckily easy to recover from. So I think that each side is equally handicapped by this new feature but the German tactics and planes characteristics make acrobatics that are less prone to black outs. Try by yourself and give your own conclusions, mine are not very scientific.
  2. I should try the German side planes to feel if the black outs are the same before giving any opinion about it? At least it is what I shall do ...
  3. I downloaded the file... And it is all I need and much more, Thanks.
  4. Thanks a lot, a great help for all.
  5. This is the most beautiful of all and I had the chance to see and hear it fly at Duxford some years ago...
  6. This is the old simulation or game battle. No? Thanks for this information, i hope like nearly always this becomes reality. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Due to the size of the new Bodenplatte map, I feel the need for drop tanks for the planes that used them during this period of the war. Why? The best and not only reason is because without those drop thanks for extra fuel the Germans cannot reproduce the battle for witch the game get is name. Any fighter on the German side cannot fly from a Germany situated airfield to Brussels then to the north of Holland on the intern fuel capacity alone. Same but in the other direction for the English fighters. One positive point to the addition of drop tanks is in preparation of the Pacific and next additions to the battle series.
  8. Thanks for the speedy reply.
  9. Great Update, with some strange things like the trim on certain planes that are inverted, I cannot remember if it is the P-38J or the P-51D, i have not the problem with the Tempest so it is not a problem with my keys attributions. Otherwise a perfect installation, beautiful maps, marvelous planes, blackout effects that are very realistic the only grey note is that with the new map I have a drop of fps to 30fps above the big cities! Now i am waiting for the same map but under the snow. Never happy, always waiting for something more. Thanks to the developers team once again for this great effort and wonderful team work !
  10. There are no problems with updates if one use Steam, in any case I do not have any.
  11. It is better to have a "nice" upgrade than a "rushed" one! No? This game is is so wonderful, let keep it this way, we can wait a week or two more for a upgrade that is more complete and perfect.
  12. Great news? No Fantastic news! Thanks for this great effort in realism and playability. This is a simulation going forward. Once again, thanks.
  13. We all hope for the end of the year but it is only a wish not an announcement. Let us hope for the best.
  14. I should say this is a logical choice; C47/DC3/LI2 one plane Yak-9 many variants possible and a big gap stopped. Typhoon, why not ? other versions of the Spitfire, there are never enough Spitfires. And still none with a bubble canopy. Hs219 ??? Mosquito in his many versions even marauder. Ta-152 ? and many other are possible if time frame is not a restrain like; I153 MC200 IAR80 He112 Fokker DXXI Gloster Gladiator Dornier last bombers etc...
  15. I do not see how to use the support to change my account e-mail?! Am I stupid or blind? I see only support and this bring me to nothing ? ???
  16. Do you know this profiles of the Po*2 of the Scale Aircraft Modelling of the 3 may 1996 volume 18 number 3
  17. Nice and great news like always, thanks.
  18. The bubble top version also should be included in Bodenplatte. It was in service in 1945 and the non-bubble top Spitfire XIV in 8/1944. Why no Griffon Spitfires?
  19. No D Day today, we shall wait until the 6th of June?! Or for the 23rd of June for Operation Bagration? And this is also a great Idea for a great Battle Game in the IL2 series.
  20. Great work, I cannot wait and fly in it, Thanks.
  21. Always good news, this is a nice place to be. Thanks to the team, all the team.
  22. Very fine news, at last the Tempest is in production pipeline , thanks for this very good news, this is my favorite plane of WW2 planes... Maybe because my early (first) war pilot book was Pierre Closterman "the Big Show" that some 50 years later I still read extracts with great pleasure. I so thanks thanks the developers team even if they are restricted and only do reproduce a very limited part of the models of the allied aircraft's of this period. Thanks.
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