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  1. Great news, like always. We can never have to much type of BF or Me or even better Sptfire's in the game. We can never have enough planes of all types in the game. Great work.
  2. No VR for me and the addition the on-canopy reflections are a nice addition. No problem for me!
  3. he Typhoon is the next plane from this constructor or builder (Hawker) after the Hurricane and the Tempest the next step in the evolution in the aviation history. Yes, there were other prototypes, but how never reached their full potentials. Second remark, the Typhoon only lost their tails units because of a engineering problem how could have been resolved but at the cost of a complete redesign of the tail section of the plane and so a delay in production. The Normady module is a great addition to the game.
  4. The Hurriciane Ilove this plane not the worse, not the best, but a great plane to fly. Thanks to the team.
  5. All good news. Yes, it is. especially the news about the Tempest drop tanks. One more promise from the developers do intend to keep. Thanks.
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