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  1. The bubble top version also should be included in Bodenplatte. It was in service in 1945 and the non-bubble top Spitfire XIV in 8/1944. Why no Griffon Spitfires?
  2. No D Day today, we shall wait until the 6th of June?! Or for the 23rd of June for Operation Bagration? And this is also a great Idea for a great Battle Game in the IL2 series.
  3. Great work, I cannot wait and fly in it, Thanks.
  4. Always good news, this is a nice place to be. Thanks to the team, all the team.
  5. Very fine news, at last the Tempest is in production pipeline , thanks for this very good news, this is my favorite plane of WW2 planes... Maybe because my early (first) war pilot book was Pierre Closterman "the Big Show" that some 50 years later I still read extracts with great pleasure. I so thanks thanks the developers team even if they are restricted and only do reproduce a very limited part of the models of the allied aircraft's of this period. Thanks.
  6. senseispcc

    Spit XIV

    Not only the most advanced types of Spitfires are missing in the game but even if the Gloster Meteor did not see combat against the 262's the first Squadron was deployed in Belgium by the end of the war...true fact. Let us hope that inn the future Griffon Spitfires with bubble canopies shall be part of the game...why not?! Plus one fact that the game does NOT reproduce is that the German air-force could not place in the air every day or in most day more than 10% of the total strength available to it. And 90% of the planes in the air were fighters. The air superiority of the allies over Europe skies was nearly total even if their losses where still quiet numerous but far less than in summer 1944. Enjoy the game, it is after all only a game. And a great whit that and this thanks to the wonderful developers team.
  7. Great news, great job, still a lot to do, keep the good news coming, thank you very much.
  8. Great work. But I have a question that may seem stupid: You all know the map of Stalingrad and the petroleum fires that are always burning, ok, with the new Dolphin WW1 plane I did a flyover (at a very low altitude) in one of these fires and look at the picture. Do you see as I the damage to my plane and I can assure you that there was no enemy ground or air force present? Do these fires now cause damages?!
  9. Thanks, great job like always, hoping for the Tempest also... but I am never satisfied. Thanks.
  10. Lucasfilm, 1942 Battlehawks 1988 on a Amstrad 286 20mb hdd 1mb memory. vga display.
  11. Nice pictures and the multiplayers announcements are really good news, continue the good work.
  12. I should say all the problems you depict are due to hardware problems or outdated hardware so can we have some precisions about your hardware?! Thank You.
  13. with the U2/Po2, landings on roads does work but taking off is another matter because you may not deviate from the road at all or you are stuck immediately or loose important parts of the planes, like ailerons or wheels.
  14. Great work maybe I shall buy the tank game, maybe. Only for the map.
  15. All of them even the WW1 planes are fun to fly, otherwise the Spitfire is the Queen of the sky, so beautiful, not perfect, not vicious, a lady delicate like a Feather, Dangerous like a Tiger, Feline!
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