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  1. Like always, when there is news it is good news, thanks.
  2. The game is more and more complete and this is a very good thing, thanks!
  3. This is annoying, always good news, no I should write fantastic news. Let us ask this continues for many many years with for each new module progress on all front. This to enjoy a better more realistic game. Thanks, and let us hope many more years of the same. The Typhoon is a nice addition to the game, better I should write a obligatory addition to the game, only by the fact that this plane was a pillar of the ground offensive capability of the RAF. Thanks for this addition and I hope that the armament of this plane get the same attention than that of the Hurricane. Thanks. 😍
  4. There could also be more flags on the ally side, like France, Poland, Belgium, Dutch, Brazilian, and many many others if you count the nationalities of the pilots how served in the depicted planes and those how flew them in/on the fronts in the game. So be happy and use the skins of pilots you find interesting.
  5. I did try all that the only thing that did correct the problem was to launch the game under Steam and then to try it again without Steam. now all is OK! I do not understand the problem because the two games are even not on the same driver. Misterioso! But thanks for the help and happy Year 2021...🌟
  6. I download and installed the last updated and did try a mission and... no sound! Nothing, no engine sounds, no game sounds, no music nothing. Outside the game everything is normal?! I did not change enything in my game so it is not the game settings, I did verify. Is there a problem or am I the only one?!
  7. It is the most important choise You make and it is a personal one. If you like the East front, I should consider the Kuban front. But front the Western front there only one choise in the WW2 serie, Bodenplatte. 😍
  8. A fantastic job, nicely done. Many thanks.
  9. I tried a single mission on my loved map "Brussels 1944 or 1945" any random season and the new patch makes a big difference when flying at low and medium altitudes the easy and small rolling hills of those regions are now present. Were before it was all flatland, now there is volume and diversity. Thanks, the team of this patch how does not impact the performance of the game and make it a lor more immersive. Thanks once again for your formidable work.
  10. Great news! This is more and more a simulation.
  11. Great news, like always. We can never have to much type of BF or Me or even better Sptfire's in the game. We can never have enough planes of all types in the game. Great work.
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