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  1. Stangely, now that I have a new PC and some 75fps on a 2560 x1440 pixel screen on my last mission over Belgium in the Reinland campaign I had a brief moments of sutter but also at take off has lastplane of the squadron, pilots flying from outside of their cockpits?! Strange is it not?
  2. The Hurricane MK II any version is good news and can be used until very late into the war on many fronts, even on the western Europe. Thanks for this good news.
  3. Thanks, for this beautifull skins of a great tank.
  4. I thank you, more is always better, not always like in case of punishment, but in this game it is. And I thank the dev team for their great and continuous job. More airfields equal more chances to survival. This game\simulation is phenomenal. Thanks for all your efforts. 😄
  5. Thanks for the answer. Yes, it was, but I found the problem! I have a M2 drive for my system and an SSD for my games and I did not know that by default Steam does install part of the game on the (C drive M2 drive) and part on the SSD like asked it to-do. There for when I tried to copy my skins on one of the two drives it never worked. Now I did order steam to install all off IL2 on my M2 drive and all is OK! A little note the M-2 drive is really faster than the SSD one.
  6. I tried many times to reinstall all my collection of custom skins after the build of my new PC and I have a new problem! No custom skins do appear in the game, the official’s skins are there but all those I downloaded from the forum are not visible and they all were perfectly visible in the previous installation of my previous pc. The installation in done by Steam each time so should be neutral. After the installation is done, I simply copy the entire skin folder that I did save on another driver into the graphic/skin directory, before this did work each time but now in the game it is like there are no extra skin present. I even did enable the modifications in the game to no avail. Has someone encountered the same problem and found a solution?!
  7. News and improvements are Always Great and good news, let us wait and see.
  8. A factor that the game does not reproduce is the fact, well know to the Russian, is that not all pilots are equal NOT equal in this matter and that training helps... I know that some individuals, like for sight or muscular force and reflexes, some are better than other and can naturally support more g-force than others. Plus our bodies when facing a challenge adapts, and with experience a human body can learn to react in a better way facing the same challenges. It also why the Allies where superior to the Axes forces by the fact that their pilots did go on leave in a regular manner and pull out of combat after a set number of combat missions.Making them also more alert when in combat. The Allies where maybe not better pilots individually but a lot better in general.
  9. After attacking a airfield tried to land in between 15 other Tempest, this is important! 3 Bf109k4 did attack those landing planes but shot at one plane only. What plane should you ask? I suppose you have all ready guest witch one, mine, no other??? It this happen more than once with other type of planes and other type of mission's. Strange is it not?!
  10. Great idea, I hope many "skinner's" shall follow it. I love the idea of a complete squadron of planes with the historical or nearly historical skins, Many thanks, great job.
  11. You forgot the Attack airfields Missions? And free Hunt could be renamed Patrol air or ground if you want. Yes the live of a fighter pilot was very monotonous. But they risked their live with each mission, you do not. Same with each take off and landing. And if the pilots you encounter are not very good try to give them a better quality in the setting of you campaign. Try also to remove the markers of planes this makes game more challenging I think and in my experience. One last remark try some multiplayer missions, human opponents should be more challenging Have fun. It is a game.
  12. I have every game of the series installed and a lot of skins for the planes and I am at 65 GB in total on my hard drive that is an SSD. Fast and solide. *All have an Nice Christmas. 🎅
  13. All could be real in my country. 😌
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