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  1. If I am not mistaken the French airplanes had their throtle on the rigth side of the plane. There is still hope for left handed people. And let us not forget a lot of bombers and transport aircrafts (most planes with two pilots) have the stick in front and the throtle on the rigth side of the pilot but on the left side of the co-pilot.
  2. Thanks, the Tempest's are so rare that one more is a wonderful gift.
  3. Very good news. And, maybe, a possibility of a prolonged campaign from BON to BOBP?!
  4. Yes, why not redo BOB with the Great Battles standards (keys mapping, weather, etc...) it seems a good idea?!
  5. I am happy about all this updates but I have noticed a strange bug with my favorite plane the Tempest: The pilots of the other planes get outside of the plane when in full flight (but not in a ejecting way) see picture...
  6. Good news and an open possibility for a monster map later?! Thanks once again and again , even if all those new products make a big hole in my end of year 2019 budget.
  7. Nice job! Very nicely done and very practical.
  8. With the announcement of the two Yak9 and Yak9T it should be logical to have a scripted campaign(s) for the Prokorovka map! I find this logical in sight that all the planes shall be there and the map also why not develop campaigns for each side and each type of plane that did fly in it.
  9. I do not have the visual effect of the blackouts only the sounds ?! Strange is it not?!
  10. Now I have a second issue with the update, when my pilot goes into a blackout it is not shown on screen. The view stay normal only the sound is there to remind me that my pilot can and then goes into an blackout....strange....
  11. I start a campaign on the new Reinland map and at the 3rd mission I got a strange graphic error and it forced me to abort the mission, there was no graphic representation of the interior of the plane, in this case he Tempest MK II impossible to do a mission without flight instruments or gun sight....look at the pcture for a better understanding of my predicament, strange and not the first time this happens, I tried to reload the mission but to no avail (no change), is there a solution?!
  12. Happens with any planes, not only P51's. and is visible from far away. 😣
  13. I did try the career in Bodenplatte it is really very realistic! My previous tentative was the Moscow campaign and I say this one is even more addictive. Try this and you shall be hooked by the realism and play-ability of this campaign. Great realism and immersion.
  14. I have a difficulty with this last update! There are not enough or strong enough superlatives to say how administrative I am. This is a wonderful work on all fronts. The game is more and more an accomplished simulation for those how like this and still stays a game for the rest, thanks to the team that developed this.
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