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  1. A new update for the near future...the 4.005! Great! Keep your health and the good news coming, thanks.
  2. The developers think about this and shall add it in the future or so they say. But in this case you may believe them and this only because they speak again about a pacific front game in witch the drop thanks are a necessity. We shall get drop tanks when the time is ripe or right.
  3. Like so many times great, good and nice news. Thanks.
  4. It is always worth to buy when the price is low and the quality is high like always in this series of games/simulations. Buy it and enjoy the trickle of good news that the development of the new game brings each month.
  5. If we listen to most of this type of video, we can ask our self how the German did manage to lose the war?! Yes, this is bad news, they did. Stop thinking the Germans had the best planes or tanks or soldiers or even that they lost because they were alone. This are all lies, the allies, all of them adapted when the Germans did not. The Allies Spitfires, Typhoons, Tempest, P51, P47, P38 adapted to the flow of the war so did the Yaks or Lagg's, and any plane of the war was never perfect! And a lot of German planes were built by "slaves" and how more the war advanced in time how more the quality of those produced planes worsened. And one last little detail...this is a GAME and I hope it stay so. And a very nice game...
  6. Better damage is better and better is more damage. Thank for this update with great/more and better news.
  7. This is the good way to go and never forget this is "only" a game even if it is fantastical realistic.
  8. Each week great news, when shall this stop?! Never I hope. Thanks.
  9. Great work, but this time I have a worry! Are the non 4k old skins still usable? Or are all this collected with patience skin good for the bin?!
  10. Yes, it is a important and beter Yak figther. And yes the Yak 3 is even a beter all metal figther. But this is not the last module of the Great battles, I hope or the last planes that are piblishet out of any module.
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