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  1. Thank for your answer! So I have a photo, I have to conver it to DDs archive and then? I have to resize it to a special size?
  2. Hello everyone! First of all I dont know if this is the correct forum to ask it. as you can see I dont have a lot of messages here... If im wrong please just say me and I will post it in other forum. QUESTION: I saw that in the cockpit, you have your wife's photo. I would like to know if I can change it with a personal photo or something like that. Thank you so much and again sorry if isnt the correct place for my question. Have a great day guys!
  3. Man literally first time I see this... Now I know that karma exist... I hard to explain but I have done things like this in different games but is the first time someone do it for me.... 😍 I just buy BoM Thank you so much:)
  4. is that a joke for newbies? haha I cant see a message in my profile but thanks you make me a smile for a second edit: OMG did I just check my Gmail reallyyy?? did you gift me BoK!!!!?? Omg man thank you so much buut whyy how wtf omg
  5. Hello guys! both Dlcs are are 12$ so im thinking about buy one of them but, which one is the most worth? I like the Moscow battle (I mean the context) but BoK was released after BoM so maybe is more developed? please help! and have a nice new year!
  6. oye chicos de que estais hablando? me he comprado el juego hace poco y no se que decis jajaj multijugador me imagino
  7. Fixed! thanks for help. I just installed the game again
  8. since my last message, only 1,72gb downloaded lel
  9. Im doing a clean install of the game, right now downloading at 120mbs ... I will write if this fix the problem later
  10. I have 2-3 hours updating the launcher. It is stoped at 8.01Gb and is downloading at 0,1kbs Is not about my internet, I have 300mbs. I dont understand nothng https://gyazo.com/1d9f0f11e530785b3fccdc1dad643bf9
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