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  1. Thanks you so much :) im sorry for bother you
  2. Sir, im sorry for bother you with other question but I think you know a lot more about this game than me. we want to use skins, but is possible to use the same skins and see them in-game? or the skins are only for the local client?
  3. Hii! thank you so much for the help! Another question, about the ports, only the host must open that ports? or the other person too?
  4. Hello everyone, first of all im sorry if this is the wrong place in the forum to ask about this... My friend and I have this game and we want to play a coop multiplayer campaign or something like that. Just he and me. Could you guys explain me how can I host? is possible to host, for example the Moscow campaign? or we only can play random generate games? Can I create map and campaigns like in Il2 1946? Thank you so much and sorry for all that questions..
  5. Hello everyone, thanks for come to try to help me. I just bought CoD Blitz. I like with but I would like that you tell me your tips, toughts, opinions about the game. I would like to play the german campaign but I see that you only can be a bf109.. also is bugged cuase in the first mission you must scort Dorniers and when you are in the middle way they are already dead and you lost the mission lol. To be clear, just tell me how you play this game. Tips, mods, opinions.. etc thank you so much
  6. Hey guys, first of all, thanks a lot for this great forum!I'm creating a dedicated server to do missions with my friends. We plan to do a campaign and different missions.We are using the SAS MOD + BAT and I would like to know how I can install these mods in the dedicated server. When I try to open a map of the mods, it doesn't recognize it.For example, I try to open Gibraltar and it fails to load the mapERROR mission: FBDj/Gibraltar prueba.mis NOT loaded [java.lang.RuntimeException: Landscape 'Sur_Spain_Jir/load_spr.ini' loading error]54>mission BEGINERROR mission: Mission NOT loadedCould
  7. saving my kills and rank? really? and should I use any mod?
  8. Hello everyone! I hope that you all are safe and stay safe during this hard weeks. Im about to begin a new campaign in BoS. The question is, should I use any mod? Is there a mod worth using? Which ones do you use? Second question, Im finishing a BoM campaign, is there any posibility that I can use the same pilot in the Stalingrad campaign? Im lieutenant with +100 kills and I wouldnt like to start from the bottom again.. hahha thanks guys Thank you all!
  9. Thank you so much for your answer! Ok so, I just need to buy Il2 Blitz. But I saw that they are still updating TeamFussion for "Tobruk Raid" or something like that. So, If I buy Blitz, im going to have that "tobruk raid" too? I mean, I buy il2 Blitz and thats all? thanks I also saw that in steam is at 5euros and here 24 euros. What happen if I buy it in steam? Im really sorry for my questions, maybe are so newbies but Im new in this simulator games..
  10. Hello everyone, first of all thanks for join the topic and your help! secondly, english is no my motherlanguage so im sorry if I have mistakes. first question: Guys, I want to play il2 Sturmovik Cliif of dover. I saw that in steam, there are 3 games, one form ubisoft and other from 1C guys and other named Blitz Where and which should I buy? second question: I searched a lot info about the game and I saw that I should ise a mod named TeamFussion or something like that. But, that mod is for which of the 3 games? thanks for your help guys.. I searche
  11. Thank for your answer! So I have a photo, I have to conver it to DDs archive and then? I have to resize it to a special size?
  12. Hello everyone! First of all I dont know if this is the correct forum to ask it. as you can see I dont have a lot of messages here... If im wrong please just say me and I will post it in other forum. QUESTION: I saw that in the cockpit, you have your wife's photo. I would like to know if I can change it with a personal photo or something like that. Thank you so much and again sorry if isnt the correct place for my question. Have a great day guys!
  13. Man literally first time I see this... Now I know that karma exist... I hard to explain but I have done things like this in different games but is the first time someone do it for me.... 😍 I just buy BoM Thank you so much:)
  14. is that a joke for newbies? haha I cant see a message in my profile but thanks you make me a smile for a second edit: OMG did I just check my Gmail reallyyy?? did you gift me BoK!!!!?? Omg man thank you so much buut whyy how wtf omg
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