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  1. Get ride of them if you can’t tone them down. And give the players a few extra flares; 4-5 of each should be enough. It’s annoying to see how the nav lights are abused. Also ridiculous that they are much brighter during the day than night. They kind of look good at night.
  2. I’d like to see more detailed damage due to over heating your radiator/cylinders/oil as well. I feel the heat buildup is not really an issue in IL2. I wish there was more to managing heat buildup in this game. Run your engine as hard as you want as long as you manage your heat. I think the heat build up is not quick enough in this game. You literally leave the radiator % on a specific number and never touch it again. Also, coolant leaks due to damage is of no concern to anyone in this game. I’ve had hundreds of leaks with no issues getting home. Seems like planes have an infinite am
  3. Awesome job with Finnish. I liked TAW but numbers were always so low (When I get to play) because of all the rules and complicated life/plane system in place. Finnish gives the moving front lines and shifting targets that other servers don’t offer. I get bored of always bombing/covering the same areas every few map rotations. I would not mind seeing US vs Germany on other maps besides Rheinland, a change of scenery is always welcome.
  4. Another server! Good news! Will the new server ever have the bodenplatte map? I’ve never seen it on Finnish. How about Germany vs Russia or Germany vs America/British campaigns only? I understand the reason (player numbers) for Germany vs everyone, but now that there are two servers any chance of historical campaigns?
  5. Someday?....🤞 Enjoy!
  6. Nice! Would be nice if they made the bomber version as well. While your at it add the bombsight to the P-38 “Droopsnoot”! Since they get an Arado, it would be nice to get some kind of late war fast level bomber.
  7. Since they are creating the cannons for AA vehicles; I wonder if they will eventually take the cannons off the trucks and let us take control of the stationary cannons to defend the objectives? Or... take control of the AA guns on AI vehicles! Jump onto the cannon of an AI vehicle in a convoy. Go along for the ride on the top of the train to defend it from attacks. Imagine being able to take control of the guns on AI ships! If the Pacific ever comes along, how awesome would it be to take control of a gun on the AI ships and defend them from dive bombers, torpedo planes, an
  8. Will you be able to spawn into an AI truck which is part of a convoy that hasn’t been destroyed and take control of the guns and steering? Would be nice for the servers that have convoys that actually move deeper into enemy territory from the start of the map.
  9. Nice if they did axis for flaps or radiator for the planes that had that set up. Like the flaps of the P-51 and radiator for the SpitV.
  10. I recently got two 1070’s running in SLI. I get random black screens that last for about two seconds while the game is running. The symptoms looks like the monitor was losing signal. It only happens to IL2, DCS runs fine. Is this a know issue with SLI? Any fix?
  11. Would it be possible to make it that your G tolerance increases over time for your current virtual life? It would make your virtual life more valuable! It would be nice if it was a gradual increase to Ace status. Make it something that takes a few day/+40 hours (of fighting not straight and level flying) to accomplish. Instead of based on time flown make it based on total amount of G’s pulled in that current virtual life (In order to avoid people pressing auto level and going afk to time build. Make it something difficult to accomplish! Only those who mak
  12. I think positive G’s are just fine. Like others said negative G’s need to be increased. I’ve been able to do a negative 180 degree loop and not red out. Make better breathing sounds to give people a better sound indication of when they will black out. With better sounds and visuals the g meter would not be needed.
  13. Any changes required FM changes, including 150 octane. I know plenty of guys who would gladly trade their guns to lead a flight (in a Droop Snoot) of P-38s with guns and bombs to a target at high alt. I would gladly lead the bomb drop. This would have a huge impact on gameplay because it gives players the ability to bomb from high alts with a late war plane (some people do not own Kuban for an A-20) This plane will force the Germans to go up high where the American planes perform better. I assume the weight of the bomber plus bombsight is roughly similar to the weight of the guns and ammo whic
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