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  1. Thank you very much. This campaign sounds awesome!!!
  2. Please put my name in for both. Thank you.
  3. JU-52 It would be interesting to try some paratrooper drops.
  4. Agree! It’s my favorite plane in the game. Historically, shouldn’t the E model be present for all the battles covered on all maps? If it was, I don’t see how the P-40 would unbalance the map when compared to late axis aircrafts. Either way can’t wait to start. Hopefully NA time zones will have balanced teams this go around.
  5. I agree. The only reason I play WoL is because they have the P40 and spit. If the P-40 stayed on the lineup since it’s introduction to the campaign, TAW would be the only server I would play. I really don’t get excited to play TAW when the P-40 or spit are not available.
  6. Great! Thanks for all that detailed info.
  7. I am thinking about updating my graphics card. Before I commit I would like to know how many frames per sec the Ti is pushing at 1080, 2k and 4K on maximum settings on a widescreen monitor? This info will help me choose what monitor to upgrade as well. I would like my monitor to be able to support the max framerates dependent on what resolution I decide from the results. If you play DCS I would also like to know the same info as well. Thanks
  8. Thanks Tzigy!!! Do you every play on the Official BOS team speak? If not let me know where I can find you if want to play, I can be your wingman.
  9. I'll gladly put that Yak-1b to good use! If still available. Thanks
  10. Thank you just figured it out. first time looking at forums today.
  11. I purchase the game back in 7 AUG 12. All I have done is purchase the game nothing else. Did I miss steps to activate my Founders Tag and status? I hope I do not miss out on anything that was promised. I am not able to post anything on the Founders forum so I am worried I did something wrong and will not get the early access anymore.
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