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  1. For the extra awesome US of A air power coming our way! AMERICA!!!🇺🇸🍔🍟🍺 https://youtu.be/5-AGnxKYZ3M
  2. Esco

    P38J Droop Snoot

    I bet those that solely fly bombers would be thankful. Might not feel so left out of Bodenplatte anymore. It gives them a fast late war plane to use for what they enjoy.
  3. Esco

    P38J Droop Snoot

    I’m surprised no one has brought it up before. I know you can use an A-20 as the formation leader but it is so much slower in speed and climb rate than the 38s. Imagine a flight of 38s with one of these leading the drop and escorts. After the drop they can fight their way back home or strafe targets of opportunity. This would give the Axis a reason to come up high and give us the high altitude fights a lot of us want! Another perfect reason for the P-38 to be a collectors plane!
  4. Esco

    P38J Droop Snoot

    I assume the only differences would be the weight removal of the guns/ ammo and the weight addition of the bombsight/bombardier. Not sure if it had dive flaps? A bombsight in feet and mph would be nice? http://www.historyofwar.org/articles/weapons_P-38_droop_snoot.html
  5. Devs please consider this for a P-38J mod! Gives Bodenplatte owners level bombing capabilities! http://www.historyofwar.org/articles/weapons_P-38_droop_snoot.html
  6. Tried both suggestions. Seems like they both help! I’ll leave both saved. Thanks!
  7. I hope the external fuel tanks can catch fire/explode when hit. You see it take place on old combat footage.
  8. I believe the open/close oil shutter for the HE111 control the P51 shutter. It wasn’t labeled in the keybindings. I got it to work last night. I can verify when I get home. If it’s not the 111 try the oil keys for the 110.
  9. I hope the Air Marshall can dictate the flight plan, routes, course, alt and airspeeds of AI bomber formations. Especially since we are getting the B-25. If servers add bomber formations which travel the same route, same alt every time, finding bombers will be no challenge. If the Marshall can create a plan prior to the bombers spawning in or change their direction during flight and communicate that info to the escorts, it will make it much more interesting for escorts and hunters.
  10. Thank you very much. This campaign sounds awesome!!!
  11. Please put my name in for both. Thank you.
  12. JU-52 It would be interesting to try some paratrooper drops.
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