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  1. "So try, with TARGET, set Warthog paddle lever button (#4) for press, e.g. LShift and in game controls options assigment window press - with keyboard, not paddle lever*, LShift + joy button." i don't exactly understand the above.... i bind my lever to l-shift via TARGET. I make sure I choose l-shift + another joystick command in IL2 assignment. When I push the lever and press the particular joystick button I give the right command, right? Does left shift Button work or not in il2? also I have no R-win button on my keyboard.....il2 uses that button quite a few times.. thanks alot!! jozeff
  2. Thanks a lot guys! A target script or layout would be very welcome! I fly in VR exclusively so all the camera movement assignments are not necessary for me. I'm really, really struggling with my controller setup. I used joy2key and joystick gremlin also but somehow it just doesn't do exactly what I want in il2. I decided to stick to TARGET because I pretty much got the hang of that after many hours trying stuff it just seems impossible to bind a shift or Ctrl key exclusively in TARGET so I can use the hat switch on my joystick for pitch, radiator and inlet flaps. thanks for your input!! jozeff
  3. Hi guys, thanks for all your input. so I have assigned the following for the ju52....can you check if it is complete or not normal axis pitch trim (same key as stabilizer trim) yaw trim stabilizer trim flaps canopy oil radiators cowling flaps all lights mixture engine 1 and 3 combined engine 2 Am I missing something?? thanks a lot! Jozeff
  4. Wow thanks a lot! Is this a general profile or is it plane specific? I want to fly the ju52 in particular. Thanks again. Cheers Jozeff
  5. Hi truegray, that would be awesome!! Looking forward to your profile! Cheers Jozeff
  6. Thanks a lot!! So the normal pitch trim is different from the stabilizer trim? If I trim normally it will trim some flap on the elevator I guess and when I enable flap switch I can trim the flaps is that correct? Tnx! Jozeff
  7. Hi scgboo, Thanks a lot! Davjack also. I configured quite a few thins in the ju52 using TARGET this afternoon. A bit complicated but working now. The problem I have now is I don't understand how you link/unlink the flaps to the grey flap lever on my throttle! What is the command in il2 that causes this link/unlink? Can I use trim pitch even when I pitch trim not connected to flaps? I mean, I assigned hay switch to trim and have no idea if this alters my flaps or not. Thanks again!! Cheers Jozeff
  8. Thanks a lot guys! I'll try some of your settings in the weekend. I asked you for help because I have little time to fly. Maybe an hour or two in the weekend. Most of my time last year I spent trying to bind controls in dcs using TARGET, joy2key and joystick gremlin. Each time I was ready to fly my time was up...... The next week I forgot all my settings and had to start all over. Cheers Jozeff
  9. Wow, thanks! So if I sum this correctly: Left throttle on warthog = engine 1+3 Right throttle on warthog = engine 2 Select engine 1/3 = z Select engine 2 = x Mixture = lever on warthog to adjust selected engine. Cowl flaps = some joystick button (are these on/off switched or also a lever)? Flaps toggle = f (are these in steps or continuously)? Pitch trim = hat switch on joystick Some more questions: Is there roll trim or yaw trim for this aircraft? What do you mean by "link/unlink flaps"? Is the flaps setting equal to trim? How can I steer to the left/right on ground if left and right engine are linked together? Thanks a lot!!! Appreciated! Jozeff
  10. Thanks so much guys! For your information I have thrustmaster warthog/ throttle and a t16000 joystick and also a CH pro yoke + some pedals. This gives an endless amount of possible bindings and that's what makes it more confusing to me..... So, should I set up the engines separately or stick them to one lever? How do I do that? Thanks again! Great community!! Jozeff
  11. Hi Guys, Just bought the JU52 and love it! I'm setting up my controls and I find it hard to find all available functions to master this plane. I mean, there are so many engine settings and I just dont know which to assign to my joystick and throttle. is there a manual or something that helps me bind the necessary functions? Is it possible to bind shifted buttons in IL2? I'd like to use my lever as a shift button but IL2 only takes one single keypress? thanks in advance! Jozeff
  12. You are correct, I had that too. So I need kuban for this?
  13. Hi namhee, What do you mean by "changed the file"? Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, Just bought the ju52 and battle of Moscow. Tried to install the himmelfahrtkommando campaign but it doesn't work. I copied the folder in the campaign folder in il2. I opened the separate mission files in the mission editor and resaved them in the same location. I opened the himmelfahrtkommando in il2 game but the folder is empty! No matter what I do there are no files visible in the game. Any help would be appreciated. I followed the readme file but that didn't do the trick for me.. Thanks in advance! Jozeff
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