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  1. I think for a better pilot it may not be an issue seeing numbers like that, but I don't consider myself a pro and would really prefer, given the straight line performance difference seen early war in favor of the Axis, seeing some numbers approaching 1:1
  2. I always check the website before login. Tonight I saw this and didn't bother logging in.
  3. The very end of my track shows me just North of Chaltemir heading west. My guess is I wound up at Alibay since I remember flying close to the city. I can't see if that is the proper airfield or not currently on the server. But I did go back and rewatch the track a few times and the P47 hit me more than once. Not sure why that's missing from the log. @Alonzo Thanks for map Haza
  4. I didn't film the landing, no sense eating up the hard drive space. I don't care about the shootdown, just curious about why it says I didn't landed there. Also curious if you saw the p47-28 doing damage to me in the log file. I've included a screen of the instant it hit me.
  5. Can you check the server logs @Alonzo. I landed this sortie: http://il2na.com/en/sortie/log/18007/?tour=5 at the airfield took off from I think. I also got shot at and hit by a P47-28 but that's not reflected in the log. I didn't film to the end of the mission, but I can upload the 300meg track file if it'd help troubleshoot.
  6. Can't seem to connect tonight. Not getting a banned message or anything. Don't remember being a jerk to anybody. Any tips?
  7. Oh, I read it as meters per second, not milliseconds. My bad.
  8. 12m/sec is really slow, Joe. Your stuff should be whizzing around at near light speed.
  9. Kinda looks like it disappeared as soon as the cirrus clouds became behind the target. I've seen this behavior with other clouds. Agree, most likely a bug.
  10. The he-111 kill is pretty Lawls as well http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/4087601/?tour=46
  11. Was 3 to 1 ratio last night at Pacific us prime time. I went to WoL instead
  12. Amen. I have a squaddie who doesn't have a throttle on his joystick, so he only flies the G2. Full power on takeoff and never touches the power again the whole sortie.
  13. Agreed. Just enjoy and thank denlarik for running the server.
  14. Well if he broke the rules then ban him. But there's not enough information in the parsed data to make a determination that he did. Why anybody would care about shooting AA that can't hit the broadside of a stationary barn(ju88) is beyond me. I went LW because during PST hours, it's a red horde...but the time zones are like you said, a big issue.
  15. Do we have evidence he was shooting people while pooping?
  16. Who said anything about defending him? If you gotta poop, you gotta poop.
  17. You're avoiding answering the question. Why can't just answer the question?
  18. Don't change the subject, just answer the question. If he was dropping a deuce, would that be okay to you?
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