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  1. I must have missed the change. What are the conditions for AI SPAA to spawn at the temp airfield? Ty
  2. Wait, the 202 is an axis airplane? When did the Czechs join the axis?
  3. Weird scoring bug. Shot a guy down, then did some baiting at an enemy airfield, lifted again, and shot another guy down. If my engine is still running, why count it as a ditch? http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/log/1138088/?tour=40
  4. Glad they stood behind it enough to take it back. How much time were you spending in it?
  5. CV1 here, was trying to level bomb at 4.5K per the video somebody posted about it. Couldn't find the target, the objects wouldn't load in. What setting controls object load in distance?
  6. Actually the attack shut down the airfield completely and relieved all the pressure on the friendly tank positions. Other than being counter to how some people think others should have fun, it was a complete success. Exactly. And it needs to be spawn-able at friendly airfields. People attacking things generates content. People defending things generates content. Content is why people play online games.
  7. I ran it through Sony Vegas with some gun camera grain added, this more to your liking?
  8. Log: http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/928250/?tour=40
  9. Is anybody else's frame rate low on this server only? Other servers are fine, 80-90fps, this one I seem to be in the mid 40s usually. Sucks with VR. Love the server, curious if others see this issue.
  10. I think for a better pilot it may not be an issue seeing numbers like that, but I don't consider myself a pro and would really prefer, given the straight line performance difference seen early war in favor of the Axis, seeing some numbers approaching 1:1
  11. I always check the website before login. Tonight I saw this and didn't bother logging in.
  12. The very end of my track shows me just North of Chaltemir heading west. My guess is I wound up at Alibay since I remember flying close to the city. I can't see if that is the proper airfield or not currently on the server. But I did go back and rewatch the track a few times and the P47 hit me more than once. Not sure why that's missing from the log. @Alonzo Thanks for map Haza
  13. I didn't film the landing, no sense eating up the hard drive space. I don't care about the shootdown, just curious about why it says I didn't landed there. Also curious if you saw the p47-28 doing damage to me in the log file. I've included a screen of the instant it hit me.
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