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  1. Bummer Is there still an offline mode to run quick missions? I hate games that require me to Ben on the net. If il2 servers ever get shut down, I want to have a playable game.
  2. Does the career still need an internet connection? Not a fan of having to be connected to play. Also, trust issues with developers stopping support for games.
  3. So, I was gutted when I read about th PT, and am here to help in any way I can (probably won’t be much). We have a few stellar air museums in Oregon, and from what I gather, we’re lacking in information on the Japanese side? One of our museums works to created 360 degree images of the cockpits, and while they only have an Oscar, there are Press this hat do this too and contribute to a larger overall library. http://www.ericksoncollection.com/nakajima-ki-43-oscar-cockpit-360 I’m willing to reach out and shake a few trees ignore we need information and would like access to some of the birds? I know nothing about planes, but I’m an architect by trade and know how to get scale and documents exisitng conditions.
  4. I know a lot of people are excited, but im not one of them. I’m wildly disappointed about the delay for th Pacific Theatre. We’ve got Europe in spades right now, I’m staving for air to ship battles. Was really looking forward to Midway , will likely sit this one out.
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