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  1. probably fixed... I had to delete what was inside the input folder and redo all my bindings again. It sucks, but at least things work now....
  2. I had the reinstall the Virpil software in order to make it detect the pedals I just received, and now, the game no longer recognizes my Virpil gear. Throttle, grip, joystick, pedal. But, DCS recognizes them just fine? Anyone else had that issue? Is there a work around? Already took me an hour to make the damn pedals work because the software is an atrocity. I have the december 18th version of the software.... oh and ironically, when I launch the game I have a message that says "we detected new hardware - MT50 CM throttle" ........
  3. Or the way the gyro gunsight adjustments are programmed don't work nicely with e1-e3
  4. really? Without modifying anything in the software?
  5. I honestly thought E1-E2-E3 would work like a mouse wheel. It would make our life so easier if it did.
  6. Indeed, I remember a time when my teammates would attack the objective. As it stands, I'll have 4-7 targets destroyed and all my AI teammates will have a single AA battery dead and we'll get the Return to your base prompt.
  7. yes. That, I am aware. But, the E1-3 encoders on the MT-50 don't seem to work properly. Or, IL-2 seems to believe when I turn one, it doesn't press any button (although it lets me bind it to that rotation for some reason)
  8. that explains why they don't work correctly, but does that mean they're useless for IL-2 or other games for that matter? Is there way to make them work as intended?
  9. Hey, I've been trying to set new bindings for the gyro sights in BoBP planes and I thought the 3 knobs on the MT50 Throttle would be perfect for that. For some reason though, they aren't working at all in game. Same for the rotary knob on the right throttle. Seems like the game is detecting multiple presses in multiple directions at the same time and can't make up its mind. The VPC tester seems to prove they work normally though. Anyone found a way to make them work?
  10. one thing AI related I wouldn't mind see improved is the AI logic during ground attack missions. As it stands, you'll have a mission to attack a railway junction and your AI teammates will only attack the AA units and call it good enough. I wouldn't mind them focusing a bit more on the objective. Right now, only I am doing the actual mission of bombing the train xD
  11. haven't tried the A8, so that's good to know. I don't know when they'll patch it, but an improvement across the board will be more than welcome.
  12. Apparently, all aircraft could be affected. So expect the change to affect all future ground attack missions for all aircraft. Possibly. I don't want to draw too many conclusions.
  13. Good news everyone, ViKs saw the file that showed the A5 bug and found what the problem was. It should be fix in the next patch or so!
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