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  1. But isn't the AI programmed to go super slow so they keep formations better? There's already a thread about this in the "complaints" section. Flights don't respect their expected speeds. Formations supposed to go at 450km/h when you look at the flightpath will go at 300km/h.
  2. Sybreed


    But, can we respawn in MP servers? I thought we could....
  3. Sybreed


    well, I wouldn't be against being able to take the place of an AI pilot.
  4. Is there any guide on the internet that compares the planes between them? Say, I want to use a K-4 and know I'll face tempests and p-51s. Is there a page that says what are my advantages and disadvantages vs said planes? I know people on the internet often talk about "use the strength of your plane", but if I don't know what said strengths are, how can I use them?
  5. okay if there's an actual explanation for it I guess it is fine?
  6. Sybreed


    I was wondering if PWCG would one day allow respawns, if only for the sake of not having to reload an entire mission when someone messes up take off. I play PWCG mostly MP with friends because we like co-op campaigns and sometimes one of us just messes up the take off part of the game (like, my friend thinks he's in front, but he's not and collides with another plane). Also, if you get shot down, being able to go back up would be nice, instead of having to wait that your friends are done with the mission.
  7. like the post before Mobile_BBQ mentioned, I find it interesting how I can spot planes when completely unzoomed, but as soon as I zoom in to see a bit more what I'm looking at, the planes completely disappears. It's reverse visibility!
  8. the patch notes mentioned something about formations again, did anyone test career mode to see if the slow formations problem was still there?? I doubt it because everyone is probably trying the new toys, but I might as well ask xD. I'll try to hop in this weekend otherwise.
  9. well, I hope they also fixed career mode where planes are going wayyyy too slow to actually keep the formation? Otherwise, career mode is still a dud for many ground attack planes (FW190, HS-129, etc). Otherwise, can't wait to try it.
  10. yes, and the squadron commander must give you the plane. In my case, the plane was often assigned to AI teammates, but I managed to get promoted to commander. Guess who's flying the brand new G6 now?
  11. I can confirm the same thing happen in PWCG. AI will go fast if they need to climb, but once they reach the required altitude, they'll slow down to 320-330 km/h. That's for a BF-109 squadron in a patrol mission.
  12. (Uploaded the video in the wrong section first, sorry about that). My first serious video, so feel free to comment/critic!
  13. ahh fair enough, I won't disturb you further then.
  14. Made a 2nd file. This time, the Fabian Walter campaign has a pretty long railroad attack mission as well. I wouldn't be surprised if you get ambushed before reaching the site. IL-2 Mission file 2.zip You could actually just pick the 2nd file, as the rest is identical. Only the new railroad mission for my 1st FW campaign is added.
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