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  1. Will engines be more resistant as well? Sometimes a single machine gun bullet is enough to shut down one. I'm not asking for terminator levels resistance, but perhaps a bit more...?
  2. Huh... what? The problem is with the AI doing bad, not frames per seconds. I'm getting a constant 65 to 80 fps so I'm fine there
  3. Moderate difficulty, high density My theory is that most fights start with the ai being at the same alt or with an altitude advantage. 109s and 190s won't really compete with spitfires and mustangs in these conditions. They like to turn fight and nothing outurns a spit. Perhaps boom and zoom tactics should be introduced for German planes?
  4. I believe you! I wish I could help more because I don't understand either. Thank you for fixing ground attack behaviors!
  5. What could explain the poor performance of friendlies in career mode though? Could it only be AI level? I'll post a few screenshots of post battle summaries to explain my point. Bombing missions aren't really better either. I haven't taken screenshots of those, but I'm usually only the one attacking the target. My friendlies will attack a few AA units and leave.
  6. Do changes to the AI include our friendly AI? Seems like only enemy AI got improved and our friendlies are getting shot down a lot more easily than before. In SP, I often end up alone against a whole squad of spitfires.
  7. Turning alternate visibility off will fix the issue but planes will be harder to spot.
  8. I know currently there isn't much work done on career mode, but I still think we can constructively make a list of things we wish were added in the future when resources can be allocated to it. Let's be civil and not turn this thread into a negative debate. Here goes: 1- Better friendly AI. Enemy AI has been updated to the enjoyment of all, but friendly AI seems to be stuck in a rut. In most of my missions, I'll end up being the sole survivor and the only pilot with kills. There is a clear discrepancy on how the AI behaves on my side vs the enemy. Breaks immersion in a way and makes some missions very difficult because you end up against 5-6 planes at a time. I will try to post a screenshot of a mission recap to show my point. 2- Some planes never appear in career mode: Especially some collector planes. I understand why the FW-190 doesn't appear in Stalingrad and I'm fine with it, but I never see P-38 in BobP or HE-129 in BoK. I don't think I've seen a single LA-5FN in BoK as well. JU-88s are also a very rare sight. It would be nice to add variety to the planes we face in Career mode. 3- More mission types. Boat bombing runs, train interception. I'm sure the community has more ideas than I do. But being able to do more stuff would make careers more interesting. My P-38 campaign only has ground attack missions and it gets uninteresting after a while... Post your ideas and I'll try to edit the first post to add them for more visibility. And that's what I mean by bad friendly AI...
  9. Playing career mode tonight when I noticed my frames were a lot lower than usual. The counter would say 40, but I'd say it felt like 15 and I usually get around 70-80 at 2k resolutions. Not knowing what was happening, I opened the task bar and noticed I had a lot of Chrome windows opened. I closed them all, and my frames literally doubled. Never have I had a game that much affected by chrome eating RAM. Game was running much more smoothly as soon as I closed all chrome tabs. And I got 32 gigs of RAM, so my computer isn't necessarily the problem... So, people, always close chrome before playing this game and you'll see a nice jump in FPS and smoothness!!
  10. annnnnd to the complaints bin...
  11. I wouldn't mind having extra mission types. Magztv stopped playing IL-2 because the BoBP career never took off and offered the same thing day after day. Intercepting rocket trucks on the ground, boat bombing runs, these would be neat. And, adding variety to the planes we encounter in career mode as well. In BoBP I haven't seen a single P-38.
  12. hmm well I believe you then, because I haven't taken the time to test these planes. I wish there was a way to report AI issues directly to the devs without being jettisoned to the complaints forum....
  13. They did keep 440km/h once they reached altitude in the 2nd mission. Unless you have different results, I think they're fine. As for the ME262.... I think the issue is that cruise speeds are the same for most aircrafts (450km/h). I don't know if devs can change it for specific airplanes.
  14. the problem is the "return to base" prompt, which happens too soon. I didn't want to combine 2 different problems into a single thread, but in my 2nd mission, when we were near the waypoint, an enemy plane was shot down by another squad which gave us the "return to base" prompt. We were still flying to the waypoint in formation, so having that made no sense at all, considering we haven't shot a single round. I believe there should perhaps be a revision of what constitutes a "mission accomplished" prompt that makes the squad go back to base?
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