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  1. you're not wrong, I'll try to do some convincing.
  2. I was talking to friends about IL-2 and how it would be neat to try some coop action (either through PWCG or Vander's MG), and surprisingly, one said he felt IL-2 is starting to look dated. Can't say I disagree, though I'm not really bothered by it. But, come to think of it, would a engine upgrade be possible? Something that would make IL-2 look a bit more sharp and clean?
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    what changed?
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    Sad this is transferred to the complaints bin.
  5. Was there any improvements brought to AI target selections in ground attack missions? I've been bugging devs with this lately, made bug reports and sent tracks to show that AI wingmen will too often prioritize soft targets such as AA with their bombs before engaging hard targets with their guns, making the attack run a complete failure. Was this corrected in any way? I don't see anything in the patch notes. Makes me hesitant to buy the IL-2 campaign.
  6. I'm a bit late to the party... does this generator let us respawn during a mission? That's the feature we miss with pwcg. Sometimes my friends mess up their take offs...
  7. keep in mind that the AI like to cut the throttle, put it back to max, cut it again, instead of just letting to a normal setting. That makes keeping formation a bit more difficult.
  8. I've had missions where I needed to escort Stukas and they would come back home with their bombs still on their racks. I've also had similar behavior with my own flights of IL-2s. There seems to be bugs and bad AI scripts altogether on how and if your teammates use their bombs. The other issue is how AI prioritize targets: AA will always be targeted first and therefore be the first targets of your flight when they drop their bombs, while the "hard" targets like tanks and buildings will get strafed by guns and therefore take no damage. So, you can be stuck in a mission if enough AA units are around, because your flight will drop their bombs on AA units and won't be able to damage the mission targets, making it impossible to complete it (the game will tell you to return to base after a while though).
  9. I have a full virpil setup (throttle, grip and pedals) but started with something a bit (lot) more affordable like a x52. But, nothing comes really close to virpil except for vkb.
  10. @Hanwould you mind elaborating a bit on what that means? I've been bugging devs a lot about target selection for ground attack planes (currently: dropping bombs on AA units, shooting guns on tanks, while it should be the opposite). So I'm wondering if this will be fixed in the next patch?
  11. You're right about the 109s in BoBP, I don't think I've ever seen any if I play allies. And I sure hope devs will still work on career mode. This game has a strong SP community and career mode is our bread and butter.
  12. In career mode, several planes are never seen, or have a very low spawn rate, as mentioned in this thread (ignore the part where people start asking for some planes that aren't in-game to be added) Some of the planes that people haven't seen at all in their careers (some tested myself): - Ju-88s (apparently they show up during Moscow career, but never seen them myself) - Ju-52s - HE-111s. I've seen them in BoM, but never anywhere else. - P-38s - P-51s - MC 202 (apparently they can show up occasionally) Is it possible to make these planes appear more often?
  13. Planes I have never seen in career mode: Macchi 202 Ju52 Ju88 P38 P51 Not sure if I've seen all the yaks in game. I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting. Has anyone seen Me262s? Would it be hard to program their appearance? Feels a bit weird to not utilize these assets.
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