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  1. What are the tactical codes though?
  2. I'm currently waiting for the devs to fix the ground attack AI behaviors before doing any more ground attack campaigns. It was already ruining the P-38 one.
  3. Hi guys, I just completed Ten days of automn and was wondering which campaign I should do next. I own most of them except the il-2, A-20 and P-47 one. Thanks!
  4. I know @-DED-Rapidus is supposed to be working on this. I just hope we'll see fixes coming soon. This behaviour really ruins career mode for ground attackers and well... most careers have ground attack scenarios. (sorry to tag you rapidus)
  5. Doing a HS-129 career right now, I thought the problem with AI focusing on AAA units was only with fighters doing ground attack missions like the FW-190 or Mig-3, but it seems all the ground attack planes have the same problem. I haven't tested bombers now, but perhaps someone else can help with that. Here's a screenshot of a mission recap. We had to attack a railway junction. Notice how my teammates only killed AAA units while I actually destroyed the target? It can become a big problem if I don't destroy all objectives with my bombs, which is what happened on that mis
  6. Understood, although the t-34 also took those shoots like nothing happened. The other video I posted from Military aviation history still prove my point that the mk-101 should have a decent enough chance to penetrate a target at close range. And the data is from the germans testing the gun itself.
  7. Have you watched my video? I feel like I went there as well.
  8. if you watch my video (it's about 3 minutes on youtube), you would see that both tanks I shoot at continue running without any issue. No kill whatsoever. I tried going both for the engine and for ammo explosions by shooting at the turret, but I'm not sure ammo explosions are modeled in-game. Edit : oh and Bismarck explained he had to use more clickbait titles because of YouTube's algorithm. He hates it as well.
  9. Did you attack from the side or the rear? Can't open your track.
  10. Hmm then perhaps devs should look at 30mm penetration's capabilities...
  11. German pilots were taught to attack kvs and t34s from the side with the 30mm...
  12. My HS-129 career in Stalingrad has had plentyyy of action so far. I highly recommend it. Sometimes I barely have time to regroup with the escort that a flight of Yaks jump us. So far, 4 missions in, all 4 have been action packed and 4 felt completely different. Here's one track I saved and posted on youtube. I targeted 2 specific tanks. Really expected to damage one enough to stop it, but nope. Am I doing something super wrong? Il-2 Sturmovik - Invincible tanks - YouTube
  13. Tried again, almost all hits on the tanks, no kills this time. I'll try to upload it to youtube tomorrow so I can show you guys...
  14. Bumping this thread again. I started a HS-129 career and it's a very fun plane to fly. But, shooting your 30mm along with your machine guns is still very annoying and makes it hard to see if your shots hit correctly. Would it be possible to program a button in-game so that it is strickly related to the 30mm on the hs-129? A bit like how some planes have dedicated buttons for radiators and whatnot?
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