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  1. I don't want to detail the thread, but did they fix the AI dropping bombs on AA and firing guns on tanks?
  2. Agreed. I can't do scissors anymore. Or, I can do one or 2, but then the pilot blacks out constantly.
  3. Hi guys, how are the loading times for you guys when using PWCG? We've tried using it for a coop campaign, but we're a bit discouraged at how long it takes to setup the server and load the game. My friend is using a separate server to host. Should he use his own computer?
  4. oh btw, with the addition of the C-47, does this mean we'll see Ju-52s and C-47s as AI piloted aircraft in career mode in the future?
  5. oh the BoBP career will probably be more interesting now! Will probably launch a Hurricane career just to check
  6. No offense, but the grouping thing is a bit more important than this visual discrepancy.
  7. Still haven't used the plane for this reason to this day! (Exaggerating a bit, always found new planes to try first but this grouping thing is quite the turn off)
  8. Well the TV show follows a real, functional airline! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Airways
  9. There was a TV show on history Channel about the airline that still flew those old planes in the northwest territories. Forgot the name of the show, but one of the interns was a girl I went to college with.
  10. Btw, did the dev team know Canada still has flying C47s?
  11. Thx for the update @Han Can you talk about the career mode improvements in the next update? This has got me excited!
  12. meh, that's what I thought. I think our mistake was to slowly approach the bombers from low altitude. I usually have an altitude advantage.
  13. I was wondering if there was a way to change the gunner's AI with PWCG, or what was its default setting? In the 2 missions we made, the bombers' gunners tear us to shred and seemed to be better than their career mode counterpart.
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