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  1. I feel like career mode still needs some tweaking. Hopefully, night missions are a top priority considering they're the more common type of mission for certain planes. Giving the G2 night sorties would just make sense as well.
  2. yeah, I get what you mean, but the unit existed in career mode before night missions were added, and it seems that the G2 unit don't do night missions yet. My current career with that unit has been day missions only.
  3. just reread the entire thread, do the devs know about this? Seems to me like career mode is off limit for certain planes due to night missions being unfun and unfair. Also, glad I entertained someone with my questions? Reading Sublime's gave me the impression G2 units in Kuban had night missions, guess he just said that without actually testing it.
  4. Thank you for your response. I didn't want to be too critical as I know you put a lof of heart and effort into your campaign module and honestly, we tried it again last week and compared to a few other generators and found yours to be superior (ironically, we were outnumbered 3 german fighters vs 8 russian fighters and 4 bombers, so there was definitely action). We'll probably give a solid go next week once my 2 friends with whom I play with are back. One thing I should have pointed out is that I didn't feel like we gave your module a good enough try. Btw, how much ground action is offered in PWCG? I like how in career mode there's a lot of ground units firing at each other, it just reinforces immersion by a lot, and that's why I always use the high density setting on the front line in my careers. And of course, flak cannons....
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but which planes have night sorties in the game right now? I have 4-5 different careers going on but no night sorties.
  6. wait. You guys are getting night sorties? I'm currently doing a BF-110 run in the Kuban campaign and got 0 night sorties. Is it because I started the campaign before night sorties were added in the game? I need to start a new career?
  7. Thx for the reply. We might try PWCG again. The few times we did we ran into weird missions with extremely long routes and no enemy flying in our own flight path. As for the MP servers, why do they keep having weird rules? I remember getting on a server and getting kicked because I got in a plane I wasn't supposed to. Can't they just let people do their thing? Spawn missions, the rest will follow? If you want to restrict the number of "better planes", make it a first come first serve rule and spawn them only occasionally? Sorry for the rant, it's just that my first MP experience with IL-2 wasn't that great. I'll look into ACG and TAW. It's been a while since I tried MP.
  8. well I just took out 5 HS-111 with the Mig-3 and its historical loadout.... the goal is just to cripple them enough!
  9. do you guys get many kills with the historical loadout (2 machine guns + single 12.7mm) ? Best I could get is 3 light fighters...
  10. It would be nice if our allies and our own pilots in the game would say "Engaging fighter 9 o clock Low" instead of just saying "engaging fighter to the east". First, this way I know if the enemy is above or below, then, I also know more precisely where it is! Plus, I thought that's what fighters used as a system for callouts....
  11. Is there still talk to implement a career mode in MP? My friends and I play DCS online mostly, but we would like to play IL-2 as well. We usually play against the AI, so going on servers is not really our priority. We gave Patwilson's campaign editor a shot, but unfortunately, while it's great, we still prefer how the standard career mode is done in SP. Anyway, we felt like it would be a nice feature to have. Plus, because the system is already implemented, I wonder how hard it is to make it go MP.
  12. So, a quick question to pilots using the Mig-3: Do you go with the dual 12.7mm, or with the 2 machine guns and the single 12.7mm??
  13. I too don't fly at Hard difficulty setting... for the same reason you describe. I don't mind skillful AI, but being overrun 3-1 in every engagement is no fun. Moderate difficulty is just fine in that regard, but I agree the AI sucks a bit at that level... in my Kuban campaign, I have over 100 kills... the AI planes don't really provide much of a challenge.
  14. learned it the hard way myself... I had a track where I downed 5 bombers and 1 fighter in a 109... when I engaged the bombers, you can see all the tracer fire at my allied planes. It was super epic. Now it's all lost because I didn't record it in time....
  15. Hey, I wondered if there was any priority given to the bug that forces the firing of the machine guns with the 30mm cannon? Makes strafing tank more difficult for no reason. In the plane you could actually select the 30mm cannon only, so I was wondering if 1C had any plans on correcting that bug soon?
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