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  1. I too, must admit having difficulty spotting with my 2k screen... yet I refuse to use the easy visibility setting.
  2. I meant for a smaller DLC that can be released on a bi-annual basis. (something like that)
  3. Last year, I played a small indie game called "Battle brothers", and while it's completely different from IL-2, the devs (a small team of 4-5 guys I believe) realized they had kind of a cult following going and while they wanted to improve the game, they were aware money was needed. So, they released a small DLC called "Support the devs DLC", which basically cost 10$ and gave you a small cosmetic item. That DLC was just to give the devs some money as a way to support further development of the game. The devs were very honest about it and said "we know it's not worth 10$, but if you want to support us in some way, buying this will help". For IL-2, something similar could be done easily. Have your artists work on a small "skin package" for various aircraft and sell it for a set price! Nothing too expensive, but something that will help you hire people and work on the game! Being honest about it is also important. I felt more inclined to give the Battle Brothers devs my money when they acknowledged the DLC wasn't worth the asked price and that it was to simply help them financially. In the end, they kept on working on the game and we had ton of more content! Anyway, it might be a crazy idea, but, simmers are people who already spent hundreds on IL-2, DCS, joysticks and HOTAS kits. A little 10$ to support a smaller team like you guys is nothing and we'd be glad to back you up some more. At least, I'm speaking for myself xD.
  4. well I hope Air Combat Tutorial will make a video on this new thing. Will probably start a JU-87 or 88 career because of this!
  5. wow, I have yet to see german fighters intercept me on my own P-38 missions. I think you just got super unlucky.
  6. are you referring to me? I was mostly talking about how I feel about combat in general. I play mostly SP, and I often feel like combat is over too soon when I shoot someone down. A few hits and boom, there goes the wing. I feel like I should work a bit more for it.
  7. a bit off topic but also kind of interesting: I'm getting the "misson completed - return to base" message much sooner in BoBP than in the other theaters. Is it related to the P-38 only? We'll have to test it out. The message appears so fast that my AI teammates don't even have the time to drop their 2nd bomb.
  8. So, I decided to fly the P-38 in career mode. Interestingly, it goes at about 280mph or 448km/h for fighter bomber missions. After noticing that, I decided to give my A-5 another shot. It still goes at 290-310 km/h. Why do P-38s go faster? Is the AI coded to go at "280" and doesn't take into account if it's mph or km/h? I don't get it.
  9. Do people with dual throttles have the left one bound to RPM and right one bound to throttle? I was thinking about changing my setup, because right now both throttles are bound to "throttle" and the lever on the right of the Virpil throttle is bound to RPM. It works fine, but I was thinking about binding that lever to mixture or flaps, so I wondered if people tried the "left throttle --­ rpm. right throttle -- throttle" bind setup
  10. that also explains why so many people posts "ace in flight" videos on youtube. Shooting someone down requires so little ammo you can down an entire squadron by yourself xD
  11. they did change the name to battle of Rheinland after all
  12. you saying this based on something or just based on hope?
  13. I'm guessing that when Jason said they still had work to do on BoBP, improving career mode was part of it? At least I hope...
  14. I just watched 15 minutes of footage of FW-190 A8 firing at B-17s and B-25s and it was interesting to see how much the bombers could "take" shots. We all know the FW fires 20mm ammunition and in IL-2, a few well placed burst usually means a wing off or even the tail off. But, the footage I saw showed the pilots placing many well placed bursts and while you could see debris flying, parts were rarely completely dislocated from the plane. At one point, I even saw a Lagg-5 taking FW-190 shots and while it looked to be shot down, the plane still remained in one piece. So, I wonder if damage isn't a bit exaggerated? Should wings and tails stick a bit more to the aircraft?
  15. Not much is mentioned about career mode. Are there any new features or mission types related to career mode?
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