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  1. DCS runs 1.25 times better in VR in my PC than IL2 does. Also looks (slightly) better. p.s. - that is not to say DCS is a better game. Il-2 is an actual complete game and more fun, still have trouble figuring out what DCS actually is...
  2. Those are all old threads. The initial issues with "deferred shading" in DCS were fixed and VR performance is now actually quite good. I would expect the same VR improvements in IL-2.
  3. mirrors are your friend. also occasionally turn your plane right and left to check your six.
  4. personally not seeing a difference. If anything, performance seems to have improved a bit on my system.
  5. VR here, I notice the same thing when in the landing pattern, FPS dips below 45 fps which induces stutter with ASW on(Rift 1). However, I only see this in career mode, not QMB. I think it is tied to the large number of AI units. If you use icons, you will see there are always a lot of ground AI units around the airfield which I presume are the AA guns. Those are not there in QMBs.
  6. There were a lot of variations, by mid late war, most LW fighters were using a "loose deuce" formation of 2 ships with leader/wingman alternating attacking/covering depending on the tactical situation. These could then be stacked into 4 or 8 ship formation with for example, one 2 ship element providing cover for another 2 ship element, etc. BTW, this has become the normal formation postwar for most air forces. This was against fighters, when attacking bombers, they would use more mass formations. The standard US formation was the finger four formation as explained above, but the USAAF was never a stickler for imposing doctrine, pilots had a lot of leeway to experiment, as long as it worked. Many US flights used formations similar to the German "loose deuce" formation.
  7. On the Allied side, I would say the SPAD with the SE5 a close second. German, I would say DR1, not the best performer, but love its quirks and it is a blast to fly.
  8. and just as obviously, you have no idea what you are talking about. that is my experience also, currently VR works better on DCS.
  9. On my system, VR in DCS is noticeably smoother with equivalent graphic settings to Il-2, so the DCS team does seem to be on the right path.That is not to say there is anything wrong with Il-2, VR performance has noticeably improved over the past year, but obviously, any improvement is welcome.
  10. You have a lot of projections of where VR might go, but no one can predict the future. Right now, it is still a niche early-adopter product. For VR to grow and gain max acceptance, you will need: 1) reasonably priced headsets; and 2) similar performance to 2d monitor. Valve is certainly going all in, the next version of Half Life, "Alyx" will be VR only. Looking forward to see how well it plays.
  11. I have been playing a lot with the 190-A5/A8 lately against a variety of allied planes. The current BoX 190 performs closer to RL pilot accounts IMHO. It was already more maneuverable than the old il-2 1946 version and the new physiology tends to nerf the turning ability of turn fighters like the Yak. (Plus the cockpit is awesome in VR). That said, it is not a turn fighter, I have read combat reports of 190s vs Yaks in late 43-44. Whenever the 190s got into turning fights with Yaks, they would lose. 190s won when they did a surprise bounce since with their heavy firepower, they could take out multiple ACs in one pass. (note however that most 190s on the Eastern front at that time were the heavier JABO version). In game, you don't want to get into an equal fight, you will lose. My rules: 1.You want to be higher where you can decide if and how you want to attack. If the Yak is below you, try to maneuver into an attack position, if not extend away and live to fight another day. 2. If the Yak is at the same or higher distance, only attack if you think you can surprise him, otherwise extend away and live to fight another day; 3. If all else fails, try to attack head on, you have a better chance of winning/survival.
  12. as a free map, Marianas actually makes sense, easy to build, FPS friendly, but doubtful this has anything to do with WW2. The current main DCS project (to the extent there is a focus) is on modern carrier ops with the F-18. Not everyone is prepared to buy the Persian Gulf map, so a free map is needed. Guam is the principal USN and USAF base in the western pacific and the closest one to China, so would be the focus of air and or naval activity in the event of a hypothetical (non nuclear) war between USA and China and/or Russia. The modern Marianas map will be perfect for carrier ops, training and attacking Chinese/Russian naval/air assets.
  13. I don't have access to the game at the moment, but there should be individual sound files for each sound, you could delete or rename the one for the "wind hiss" and the game will no longer play it.
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