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  1. yes, looks right to me. 150 octane was gradually introduced, but yes feb.1, 1945 would a good date to have it as the default setting.
  2. Hey Luke, There was a thread about this. Consensus seems to be that the clipped wing version was more or less standard by early 1945.
  3. look right in front of you between the two MGs
  4. if I read the screenshots correctly the RPMs were at 8700? i.e. 100% throttle. There is a 15 minute time limit at that setting and you see that the engine temp was hitting the max of 650 celsius. You might have just blown the engine by keeping them at max for too long. I just did a practice 1 hour navigation flight with the ME-262 a few days ago with no issues. Personally, out of combat, I keep RPM at 8000-8200 and engine temps at around 600 celsius.
  5. No you don't. I turned off the HUD/technocrat for over a year. It does not take long until glancing/checking gauges becomes second nature. You quickly realise that the HUD/technocrat is a useless crutch and IMHO actually makes it harder to properly fly the planes since you don't get the "feel" that you get from checking the actual gauges. For planes with a timer and when dealing with 5 minutes timers or less, you can use the in cockpit clock if time is critical. I actually have not had any problem blowing an engine in a long time. Interestingly, the planes I had the most problems with initially were the YAK -1/-1b/-7s. You can run them at 100% with no time limits, but overheating will quickly destroy the engine. Again however, it is just question of learning the max water/oil temperatures, checking the gauges every 30-60 seconds and taking appropriate actions.
  6. So the Devs have decided on two models: +9 and +11lbs. I have been trying to find out when the change occurred in 2nd TAF on the continent, but like a lot of WW2 subjects, the answer is blurry. This post by Glen seems to match what I have gleaned from other sources, i.e. the +9 lbs version was the most common version until the end of 1944. The +11 lbs version started appearing in substantial numbers in early 1945 and was the most prevalent version towards the end of the war. Is that the consensus or is there other evidence floating around?
  7. No problem. Once you buy BOS on Steam, you can buy everything else here and it will all play together. Big advantage of going that route is that Steam takes care of all the updates.
  8. ok, I am not seeing anything that stark even when I specifically look for it. Again, try "blurred" landscape filter. The various landscape filters: "sharp", "blurred" do not have much of a visual impact at close range and do not affect spotting IMHO. However, "Blurred" and 2x distant landscape detail got rid of long range terrain shimmering and aliasing on my system and improved the overall look of the terrain.
  9. The Devs have never really explained what the presets really do. The simple explanation is that it increases the tree rendering line "bubble", but I have played enough with Balanced/High/Ultra to notice it is more than that. The cloud rendering on the horizon is one example, but there is also an improvement with textures which is noticeable when you look at the wing of your plane from inside the cockpit.
  10. You probably need to tweak your settings. I just played a few QMBs on the Rheinland and Moscow maps, the tree rendering line or colour transition is not noticeable under normal playing conditions on my system. Even when I really look hard for it, the colour transition is only noticeable under certain light conditions and even then it is subtle and easy to miss. try these settings to see if it helps: -graphic preset: high or ultra -landscape filter: blurred -distant landscape detail: 2x
  11. it is not a graphical issue, it is a cpu computation issue. It has been there since BoS and has been in every game since then. You limit the distance at which trees and other objects are drawn, so you can have decent frame rates. The Devs can easily fix it, by having the program draw every tree out to the horizon, but no one will have a computer able to play the game. 😎
  12. The LW had around 500 ACs in France on D-Day, but that number went up to around 1,000 in a few days. The German plan was to use bombers to attack the ships unloading the troops since that seemed the most cost effective method. They had a new type of secret magnetic mine ready to go, but they were unable to break through the Allied air cover . Total score was 4 ships, 2 warships including a DD and 2 transport ships, 2 sunk, 2 damaged, although one of the transport took down several hundred Allied troops with her. As I recall, one ship was sunk by a mine, one by remote controlled glide bomb. One of the "secret" mines was dropped in shallow water 2-3 weeks after D-Day where it was recovered at low tide by British engineers. They had counter measures worked out and starting to be deployed within two weeks.
  13. you only notice it if you really look for it. In normal flight from in cockpit, you will not notice it.
  14. Newegg has the Ryzen 3800x at can $449 down from can $489. good deal. Picked up a 3700x last week on sale. Still tweaking, but already seeing a healthy bump over my old overclocked i5-4670k.
  15. unless you want to do air starts or have a fictional island like in 1946, you need southern england so you have bases to take off from and land back on.
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