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  1. Thanks, currently have: Ryzen 7 3700 + RX Vega 56 + Rift CV1. I am planning to upgrade to a 3070/3080/6800 when they are available.
  2. So what is the visuals like in index vs G2 in actual gameplay in IL-2? still hesitating which one to get.
  3. its not just Caldwell, Dietmar Herrman also details the operational rollout of the D9 and also details that many did not have a functioning MW50 system: * Dietmar Hermann, Focke-Wulf Fw 190 "Long Nose", (Schiffer, Atglen, PA, 2003) FW 190 D-9 Flight Trials (wwiiaircraftperformance.org) again according to Herrman, the tank was supposed to be used for MW50 only: FW 190 D-9 Flight Trials (wwiiaircraftperformance.org)
  4. well again: 1. There was a shortage of MW50 equipment, many G14s were built without MW50 equipement, as shown from documents listed above. 2. Many D9s flew without MW50 as shown from documents listed above. 3. There was a "very short supply" of Methanol from mid 44, as shown from documents listed above. I am not sure why you have such a problem understanding what are basic facts.
  5. what? of course it is, that is taken directly from JG 26 war diary, first hand account from German pilots, they would know what was going on much better than you. As I said before do your own research, it is not my fault if you choose to show your lack of knowledge of what you are talking about to everyone here. Methanol was in very short supply from mid-44 onwards. USSBS has a whole chapter just on that. Methanol was a priority target and production and stocks fell drastically throughout 1944, especially after mid 44. Oil Division, Methanol (wwiiaircraftper
  6. I have been spending a lot of time in the P-47 and was also initially disappointed with the FM. It seemed to stall all the time, much like the IL-2 1946 FW190. A big issue is that the P47 loses speed very quickly in a turn and is prone to stall when the speed gets too low. However, this is what I have been working on and it makes the P47 much more maneuverable: 1. do not do a horizontal turn, instead do a shallow diving turn (i.e. 30-45 degree angle from the horizon) so gravity increases your speed and then use the extra energy to climb back to your original altitude;
  7. This is from the same thread. G14s were produced late in 44 and in 45 without MW50 tanks: Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum - View Single Post - What is a 109 G14 without MW 50? (12oclockhigh.net) Well if the MW50 was in "very short supply" when production ramped up and there was not even enough to instal on production 109 G-14s and FW-190 D9's which were supposed to have them as standard equipment, it stands to reason that there would have been very few available to retrofit to older G-6s which was the whole point of this thread to be
  8. Do your own research. Many ACs were built without MW50, even G-14s: What is a 109 G14 without MW 50? - Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum (12oclockhigh.net)
  9. FW 190 D-9 Flight Trials (wwiiaircraftperformance.org)
  10. What I had read, although I would have to track down the source, is that it was not uncommon for ACs to take off with empty MW50 tanks.
  11. what tends to be lost in these discussions is that you don't need B-17s. We already have A-20s, B-25s and getting B-26s. Those ACs were involved in all sorts of bombing raids over the BON and BOBP map, so you can easily model attacking or defending different types of bombing raids. When you are charging a bunch of enemy bombers, you don't care if they have 2 or 4 engines, you just care how many MGs are being fired at YOU...😉
  12. idle speculation post. assuming the HP 400 and Gotha are in, that leaves 8 spots. I assume all will be ports of ROF planes and that following the usual pattern, FC2 will be designed as stand alone so a player is not obliged to buy FC1. so here is my fearless prediction of ACs in FC2: Alb D.III Pflaz D.XII Fokker D.VIII Dfw. CV Nieuport 17 Sopwith Pup Nieuport 28 R.E. 8
  13. They removed all AC crash animations in a patch in 2001 and from all future editions.
  14. As I recall, the damage model and effects were removed right after september 11th when it turned out some of the hijackers had used MFS to train on. I am guessing Microsoft does not want to revisit that decision.
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