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  1. thanks for the tips. Ryzen looks interesting. Ryzen 3800x+mobo delivers about the same performance and is about the same price as 9700k+mobo. Think I will wait for a while to see which way prices are going.
  2. I have a i5-4670k. Thinking of pulling the plug on the i7-9700KF (without integrated graphics)/ASUS Z390-E strix gaming motherboards(I have had different MBs in the past, many are cheaper than ASUS, but I find ASUS are more stable and user friendly). But I am also holding back at least until Black Friday. Intel just announced a price cut and the 10th generation is coming out, so you might see some interesting bargains before Xmas. Just keep checking prices regularly. Any recommendations on memory? There seems to be so many options.
  3. which pretty much matches my experience.(spec: original RIFT/steam VR:100%/2xAA). I can usually spot and track targets from 0-6 km and track them usually once spotted. You can see something at 5-6 km in 1:1, usually a faint smoke trail, use the 2x zoom to see the bogey, then track it at 1:1 with occasional 2x zoom use. The smoke trails and new sun reflections help. Planes are also easier to track when below. This is actually a big improvement from pre-patch. I have not noticed a difference between alternate and realistic below 6km. Being unable to spot targets was my biggest peeve about VR, glad to see that problem is being addressed.
  4. I have been spending a lot of time with the P-38 and am also amazed at how nimble and maneuverable it is, you really have to push it hard to get into a high speed stall. The P-47 OTOH seems to go into a stall a lot easier and without much warning if you try to turn aggresively.
  5. it is what it is. You take for example a P-38/P-47/P-51 with a 15 min military + 5 min combat limit + normally a plus or minus 50% time cushion, I use combat power whenever I need it, never check the time and have never blown an engine.
  6. not necessarily want to restart the argument, especially after Petrovich's excellent post that fighter size ACs should be very difficult to see past 5-6 km, but from QMB testing in VR with "realistic view", it is possible to track ACs out to 5-6 km which is good enough for me. Even when a plane is below, I find they are easier to track now that "sun reflections" are modeled. The AC will switch from black to grey/white which shows up more easily against the ground.
  7. So retested some of my old AG missions on the BOM map. FPS is the same with same settings after the update.
  8. so far, I like the Tempest more than the P-51. I find the P-51 too twitchy, but that may be due to my piloting style. Personally, I like the P-38 the best so far, smooth, fast, lovely engine sound, great visibility from the cockpit. Great for air-to-ground which is my primary focus.
  9. on my system: rift/i5-4670k/amd vega 56/win 10, clarity/FPS is the same as before. No issues here.
  10. considering the Nazis murdered around 2,500,000 Soviet POWs in 1941-42, they are hardly in a position to be claiming the moral high ground....
  11. That is a MP server issue, not a Dev issue.
  12. Not too hard to figure out why. 9th AF never used 150 octane fuel and P47s -P-38s were mostly just used on air-to-ground role in 44-45. 2ndTAF did use 150 octane fuel from jan.45 on which is why the Spit IX has it. I am guessing the 150 octane P-51 is supposed to represent 8th AF escorts, since 9th AF P-51s never used it. I have no problem with the choices the Devs made.
  13. I dont agree with forcing one view system only, not everything revolves around MP players. I only play VR and SP. More options are good for us SP players. With "alternate", I can actually see planes at a reasonable distance.
  14. I was not sure about this when it was announced, but yes it is a game changer and cuts down on unrealistic maneuvers. You now have to think of G-resistance like ammo and use the hard maneuvers sparingly.
  15. Had a chance to play some QMBs. In VR, the difference is subtle but noticeable. With "alternate", you can see a noticeable black dot at 8-10 km. With "regular", it is smaller and hard to spot farther than around 5 km. In the 0-5 km range though, it looks the same.
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