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  1. HOW CAN CREATE HUMAN GROUND VEHICLES? (Tank, AAA) The Planes are NICE. Thanks for udate.
  2. Thank you hopefully soon (not in 3 months)
  3. Hello coconut a question, will you get player tanks back? I like to drive tanks in your Kampange. S!
  4. I need for "Blitz" campaign statistics tool. Does anyone make something new? It is important that also ground attack be counted.
  5. Even if I have little time, it also fun server Question, what is the level of aaa ? Depot,Factory,Airfield,Tank Bases Have aaa Limmit Ammo? Thank you S!
  6. Now where I have a few days freeh is the server down. Admin, or is the Kamange over?
  7. The Bf109 Bf110 slides on the ground as on ice. This is also the reason why nobody flies from my squadron Clod
  8. Hello coconut, There is no Ju 87 in the Moskau Campaign?
  9. Server crashed ? Which means if someone attacks target. Is smoke thereafter?
  10. Update has brought nothing, graphics errors are not gone. I have with no game such problem with my RX 460 4GB as with IL2 BoS. Il2 CoD is running. Il2 1946. DCS is running. Arma 3 runs & many others Crimson v16.9.2 to v16.12.2
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