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  1. I've updated the engine spec sheet with missing planes from Bodenplatte. I have not included the Me-262 since I don't think it fits this sheet due to totally different operation of jet engines.
  2. I have this on github with MIT license, anyone can use it. It's javascript (inside the index.html page), you'll probably just need the calculate_heading function. Cheers!
  3. Hehe. So in fact wind speed does not do anything. I left it there for two reasons: 1 - to have everything you need at the result section (even if it is not changed) 2 - I like knobs
  4. Simple one page sheet with the engine management specs for all the engines in IL-2. Info taken from IL-2’s plane technical specifications, provided here in a printer friendly format. Download PDF file Sample:
  5. Try checking your settings in Point Tracker Settings->Camera->Point extraction Play around with the threshold slider and min/max sizes, if those are not correctly set you will not see anything in OpenTrack.
  6. A quick update: I've tried to make it more smartphone friendly and now if your screen is under a certain width (in pixels) it will only show one knob (plane hdg, wind hdg, wind speed) and you can switch between them with left/right arrows. If you have problems let me know.
  7. Hi all, Made a very simple wind heading calculator for use in bombsight mode. It is a simple web page with javascript, so it runs well on mobile phones or tablets (at least android). https://spiff.ddns.net/il2bcalc/ Github project (relevant code is Javascript inside index.html) https://github.com/nunoi/il2bcalc Some screenshots below Normal mode for regular screens Small mode for mobile Cheers!
  8. Captain Spiff has become totally obsessed with the Spitfire Mk IX. He takes it for some spins.
  9. Captain Spiff takes his brand new Spitfire Mk IX to the skies over DED EU server. Chaos and mayhem ensues.
  10. [Pb]Spiff_


    Fooling around with the Spitfire VB in portuguese livery.
  11. Nice video with great explanation of what and why is done by you. Good job.
  12. A battle weary pilot ferries his plane to the new base at Kerch, and reflects on previous months events during the trip.
  13. [Pb]Spiff_

    The Duel

    A replay that I had forgotten for a month or so. I'm lousy at spotting, so in multiplayer I fly mostly attackers/bombers. To celebrate my surviving contact with the enemy in a fighter I decided to make this video "Out on patrol in a Yak-7B around Opuk, I am informed that our airfield in Kerch-2 is under attack. When I get there, the enemy has done his business and is about to leave."
  14. Update: upon popular requests from FFS guys I've updated the video. - added the third part of our secret moto - removed plane bouncing on water - added more fighter stuff instead of IL2 fest
  15. That cracks me up every time I watch it. It's the same pilot of the last attack (Kappa), so you can say he's an adrenaline junkie
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